Saturday, June 02, 2007

And then there were two

Today someone stopped and wanted Leiko, the biggest puppy and the one that bullies the smallest one. I gladly gave him away since that means I can train the other two. They are pretty easy to read and I can usually get them outside in time but Leiko was a bed wetter and he could get out of the kitchen and potty in various places through the house. He has been gone for a couple of hours and the training is going great for the other two. They took a nap in the cage and then went outside and did their business and then they got to run around the house with us and play for a little while. They haven't been getting much of a chance to play with us in the living room because I couldn't keep Leiko contained to one area and he kept sneaking off to use the bathroom somewhere. Three puppies without much play time = three puppies with too much energy and nothing to do with it.

This is buddy, the littlest one that I can't stand to get rid of. He is so sweet and small. He is also ugly as can be. The camera doesn't show it but he has a layer of blond hair under the black hair that makes him look bald in places. I hope to get a good picture of him outside if I can get him to sit still long enough. Daisy wasn't having any of the picture taking today and every shot I got of her was the back of her head. I guess the girl is a little picky about who gets to take her picture.
Well superhubby is home and wanting to spend some time together. I guess I had better get off of here and smooch on him a little. Oh well scratch that he just found a show called 25 best swimsuit moments of all time....and when that happens he has no idea I'm in the house.

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kim said...

HAHAHA--darn those swimsuit moments anyway! And also, I can't help but wonder if "super-turd" belonged to Leiko? HA! I love the little homely guy--so sweet! I was so happy to see this picture. At the risk of sounding strange, I've been missing seeing those puppies!