Thursday, March 29, 2007

shania and me

Ok, I get off of work today and realize it is Thursday. Thursday is one of the days I get home before my husband has to leave for work and we can spend a little time together. I drove by my parents house and my son's car was there, he was resting between classes because her house is only a few minutes from the college. I start home and pass M, a friend of my sons that has been staying at our house some since his parents up and moved away without giving him a chance to find a place to stay. I drive a little farther and meet J, (who has lived with us for a year and a half) headed toward town. At this point I am getting really excited because I know my daughter is at school and that means my DH is HOME ALONE. All alone, waiting on me and he has almost 2 hours until time to leave for work. We never get to be home alone. I'm not complaining and I will miss my kids like crazy when they are gone, but HOME ALONE, is nice once in a while. I was so excited I put in my Shania Twain CD and starting singing at the top of my lungs. By the time I get home I am so happy I am almost dancing. We can talk without wondering if J or M is listening about stuff that is no ones business but our families. We can hug each other and even kiss (gasp) without wondering if these teenagers that aren't ours are watching and telling people what J and K's parents do. We can do whatever we want as loud as we want and not worry about who is listening and watching ( Well other than the dog who seems to have some weird obsession with following us around). I can turn up my music and dance around the house as I am fixing lunch and pinch my DH's hiney when he walks by. I get out of the car, run up to my DH and give him a big kiss and I hear a car...pull in....the driveway. J had only went to town to drop something off and came right back so he could lie down on the couch and nap until he left for work, 3 hours later.........It was a nice thought while it lasted.

Monday, March 26, 2007

home again home again jiggity jig

Amish country was wonderful....relaxing and more "white food" to eat than anyone should have eaten. I love that comfort white food. My poor husband ate himself silly and swears he is still bloated from all the goodies. We walked around the little towns and shopped until our legs were sore, but we loved it. The little Amish kids peeking out of their parents buggies and the evenings were full of teenagers out in their courting buggies riding their sweethearts around. We would drive by the hundreds of farms in the area and little amish children out playing in the was so peaceful.
I am getting ready to clean my dining room from top to bottom so I can redecorate with some of the stuff I bought....nothing helps me clean like new stuff to put out. The carpet has to be cleaned and I do dread that...but it will be worth it in the end.
When we were leaving Sunday morning it was super foggy outside and we saw two ambulances and a fire truck fly through town. I always hate to see stuff like that because it was church day for the Amish and I am afraid someone hit a buggy. It was so foggy you couldn't see much at all. I had just mentioned to by DH the night before when we went out at 10 and walked to the store that I hadn't seen a policeman all weekend. They are about nonexistant around those parts and I guess they need them less than most places. It was probably something different but you can't help but wonder. I remember once we were at the beach and the night before we left for home a big storm came up and caused all kinds of damage. As we were loading our cars to leave we could see a search team on the ocean looking for something or someone. They had dozens of personal water craft and were all searching in squares. Each persons square was about as big as a football field and they were going around the outside of their square and moving toward the middle. I never knew what happened, though I heard someone say something about a small tour boat sinking. I hate not knowing but there isn't anything I can do to help.
I started this post two days ago and just had a minute to finish between puppy feedings. I'm trying to start some house training so the new owners will have a head start and that isn't easy unless you can watch them any time they are awake. I still haven't cleaned my dining room but I did go get a storm door my husband put up today. I'm going to get that dining room and the kitchen clean by the weekend if it kills me, and it very well could!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Weekend getaway

The bags are about packed and the teenage boys are giddy at being alone all weekend in the house. I'm nervous about leaving my puppies and my dog has to go to the vet tomorrow because she is sick. I think she is in heat, but the vet says that isn't possible this soon after having puppies. If she isn't in heat she sure acts like it.
I'm really looking forward to some time away from home. I love my home but a weekend away sometimes makes it better. I love Amish country and can't wait to shop around. This Saturday the flea market in Holmes county is trying to break the Guiness book of World records for the largest husband favorite things, buffet food and flea markets! I'll be sure to post all about my weekend when I get home. Until then Stay happy and Healthy!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Spring has sprung....for now!

Rumspringer - Amish age of running around......I was too lazy to look that up on my last post so this will have to do.
I do not think I was pushing it like I said yesterday with the capri's......It is now 81 degrees here and Sunny!
Now for a few new puppy pictures....

Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring along the Ohio River

I may be pushing it a little but I wore capri's and a t-shirt to town today to help my DH work on one of his little old ladies houses. After school my DD and friend went to play tennis across the river in Ky. They figured out quickly they weren't very good at it but they sure looked cute;) which I think is the whole idea behind tennis skirts anyway.
I stopped by my mom and dad's house and mom mentioned she would like to take DH and me up to Amish country for a few days soon. I LOVE Amish country. I love the little stores and auctions and watching the Amish children walking to school. The last time we were there a few years ago I witnessed some things that confused me for awhile. We went to the Der Dutchman restaurant where all these nice women dressed like Amish wait on you and then we went out back behind the restaurant to look at some Amishmen working a field and saw quite a few of these "Amish" getting off of work from the restaurant. They jumped in their mustangs and on the back of their boyfriends motorcycles and headed off in a cloud of dust. I guess they hire locals to dress like Amish. It is interesting to see the Amish farms because once in a while you will see a car hid behind a barn because the teenagers have their "running around years." I know how to pronounce the word for the teenagers wild years but I sure can't spell it. I have always been interested in the Amish way of life. I know I could never live it, but to have those values and live without the "extra's" would be wonderful, if I wasn't already spoiled with my electricity and stuff. We went without electricity for 8 days during a big ice storm a few years back and that was enough for me, though I got through it better than I thought. I think I would probably be skinny if I was Amish because I can not imagine having to grow all my own food. I would start out with a bang but I'm sure I would grow more weeds than food;-)
Kim....I will be sending you some new pics of the puppies soon. They are growing so fast and are amazing. The first born that my son wants to keep is the bully of the bunch. He growls and tries to tackle the others, but ends up rolling over on his back and not being able to get back up. The black one I love is the lovey dovey one. I put him on my husbands tummy last night and he curled up and went to sleep on his flannel shirt. He is also the one
that cried and tries to get you to pick him up. I am trying to get them to eat soft food and they get the idea, they just walk into the middle of it and then fall down and smear it all over everything...they are so cute!

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood

OK.....very short post. The temperature today is supposed to be 60 degrees. Yes I said 60 DEGREES. It happens to be my long day at work, but that is ok......I may never come back in the house again, or at least until tonight when It gets 25 again!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

hair care tips and more

Yeah I am just kidding with that title. I did actually go to and graduate from Cosmetology school and did very well, but was expecting my son at that time and never got my license. I just wanted to be a mommy and stay at home and I did that until my kids were in school and even then I only worked hours that would allow me to take them to school and pick them up. I now work a little later a few days, but am home no later than an hour after my daughter gets home. I know they are old enough to take care of themselves but I have a very strong momma instinct and want to be there even if they don't need me. Poor kids they probably wish I would stay at work.
I have been trying for weeks to get a haircut. I mean literally weeks and weeks.Why haven't I gotten my hair cut? I keep waiting on my daughter to go with me and something always comes up. Monday we went to a revival and I am glad I did. Great preaching with a great message about churches and how we get comfortable with our everyday church and don't reach out to those "troubled" people that might mess up our happy little church. Why invite drug users and alchoholics when our church goes along fine with who we have and no one causes any trouble. Interesting talk starting with the "fishers of man" message that went in to fishing nets and what they are. They are just holes, tied together with string. He talked about how some churches were guilty of not mending their nets and throwing them out. We are letting people fall through the holes that we don't want to deal with. I see that in a lot of churches and I am just as guilty. I used to invite people all the time and bring the kids friends with me and now I can't get to church myself. I'm working on that one.
Last night I thought we may make it to town for a hair cut and no one of my DD "boy" friends she talks to wanted to come out if he got off of work in time. I can't leave her here alone with him so I stayed home. So you think he got off of work early enough............NO. I fell asleep at 10 with long messy hair in knots. Tonight is the teens and kids talent show at church. I didn't think I would go but got an interesting email from my Uncle the youth leader talking about singing "Great Balls of fire" at church and playing the piano. That man can play some mean piano and it should be interesting to see what the older people think of his performance. If I could hold out a few more months I could probably donate to locks of love which I would LOVE to do but my hair breaks off so bad and gets so frizzy I figure no one would want it......

Saturday, March 03, 2007


I have spent the last few days between work and puppies watching the horror on tv from tornados and bus crashes. I just can not imagine the terror those kids and their parents must have felt. Too many young lives lost way too young.
Today is going to be a stay at home and try to clean up the kitchen day. I was going to get a haircut and shop a little, but my DD got a better offer from prom date boy to go watch him get a tattoo. A TATTOO! I remember when people with tattoos were either ex-servicemen or punks....At least thats the way we thought in our rural little area. Now the Senior class President has to wear long sleeves to cover his for graduation. I'm getting old ! I watched a high school basketball game few months back that a third of the players had tattoos. I've seen some pretty tattoo's I just don't want one. I thought about getting a butterfly once, but realized at the rate I was gaining weight and with gravity starting to kick in I would have a pterodactyl one day ;) My future grandchildren would be scared of the Grandma with the dinosaur on her back, so I just decided to leave my skin as it was. I am guessing that one day I can just connect the liver spots and make my own.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

teenagers (who would a thunk it)

Sorry couldn't help that weird title. Sitting here thinking and thats all that came to my mind. I do have a funny little story for you though...
Tuesday my DD went to Wal mart with a boy she is talking to. He has asked her a few times lately to be his "girlfriend" and date no one other than him. She tells him that right now she doesn't want to be anyones girlfriend and just wants to date....sooo, when they left Wal mart he took her back to her car and told her he would call her in a little while. She got home at 5:30 and waited....and waited.........and waited...... Don't get me wrong, she talked to friends on the internet, talked on the phone, did homework etc, but he never called. Last night she saw him in town and asked him why he didn't call......his excuse........He had to burn the garbage and there was a lot of it. Her complaint wasn't that he didn't call....she says if he had another date that was great, but DON'T FREAKIN LIE TO HER ABOUT IT AND MAKE HER WAIT BY THE PHONE. It doesn't take 5 hours to burn garbage. She kind of hopes he does talk to other girls so he will find someone to be his "girl" if thats what he wants but don't LIE. She hates liars. He is supposed to come over tonight and I hope he does, because this could be funny to watch. Every seen a 16 year girl old that is totally p****d off?