Saturday, October 23, 2010


I decided to come and check my blog....I couldn't remember what it was called. I am just lucky that when I typed in it came up on its own. I haven't updated for 9 months and truthfully...the last 9 months have been very calm. Superhubby got transferred temporarily to a shop a few hours away. He is gone all week and just home on weekends. I truly miss him but have been trying to sneak up there once a week and spend the night with him. I think we are starting to see the light at the end of that tunnel. We are hearing some talk that they found someone else to take that over so he can come home. It will probably still be 4 or 5 weeks, but thats ok.
Today is football day. I worked all day but managed to keep an eye on OSU, who kicked Purdue's butt! Now its Marshall, who will probably get their butt kicked.....again. Those are the only two schools I care about and thats because those are where my children go to school. The kids aren't excited about football, but their mamma sure is.
Now I must go rest a bit before tackling this mess I call a house. I'm not sure what happened but it looks like no one has cleaned for a month or two. Who's job is that anyway? They should be fired. Oh...wait.....NEVER MIND.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 anyone out there?

It's me....remember me? The person who used to write a blog here, at least once in a while.

I kind of miss blogging and hope to get back to it at least some. I know there is probably no one still checking in but if I keep at it a few may show back up.
A few changes that have been made since the last time I talked to you...

My daughter decided to try to slide drive in the snow........
My old kitchen /dining room color (which for some reason I liked a few years ago) has been changed. I know this isn't a very good picture but it is the same room as below, just a different wall.
Now its this color, which I love. I also love my little table that superhubby built me. He built me the shelf a few years ago and I saw a table that matched....took a picture and voila....he built me one.

I hope to be back in a few days....Have a great week.