Monday, February 23, 2009

Only one more to go....

Saturday night was the winter homecoming at my daughters school. It was the last homecoming for DD and, according to her group of friends, it sucked. New DJ that did not understand dance music. They decided, after an hour and a half of the Eagles greatest hits, that they would be better off just going out to eat and coming home. Now we only have ONE MORE DANCE to go, the PROM. When DD gets home from school we are planning to go to the jewelry shop and find the right jewelry for the prom. Last week we went to the jewelry shop and they didn't have prom stuff in yet, but promised it for today.
The next few months are going to be extremely busy for my daughter. The day after prom we fly out to this place. This is where the scholarship foundation for the big scholarship she won is flying us to for their meeting/scholarship award dinner. We come home a few days later and she has about a week and a half before senior trip, which takes her back to Florida. Then there are the dozens of graduation of the class etc. and then the week after graduation we head to the beach.
Superhubby is working out of town until at least Wed. night. I have to get used to that. I would be fine if someone in this area didn't have a gun last night. Someone, I have no idea who, decided about 11 last night to just sit outside and shoot a gun over and over for a couple of hours. There is one house I can see from my house and it wasn't them. I think it was up the hill through the woods somewhere. Someone new moved in up the road last week and it could have been them. I don't think it would be a great idea to go ask someone you don't know to quit shooting their guns. They may not be happy with someone else making suggestions.
Now I must go, not because I need to clean (no..not that) I need to go back to facebook. I have become a word challenge junkie.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

The doggies

So, I have these two dogs. I love my dogs. They are, in most ways, good dogs. This one actually belongs to my son. He is the surviving dog of two my son bought almost a year ago. The other died of parvo in November. This one survived but is going to be an expensive, high maintenance dog. His name is Roscoe. I call Roscoe a nerd dog. He has allergies, acne, and a sensitive stomach. He is part german shephard and part pit bull. There is nothing sensitive about either of those breeds but if Roscoe wore clothes I'm pretty sure he would have a pocket protector in his white stained shirt. Roscoe also sheds enough in one day to to make a full body wig for a chihuahua. Most of what he sheds goes on my couch and my clothes. He is very clumsy. He doesn't watch where he is going and tends to get hurt. He always has sores on his head because he chases the cat and when the cat runs under things, like a car in the driveway, he forgets to stop, or dunk down and runs smack into the car. Roscoe spent two days this past week in the "hospital" because he had a very upset stomach. So upset that he couldn't eat for days and nasty stuff was running out of both ends faster than I could clean it up.
Roscoe also loves you more than most dogs love his person. When you lay down on the couch he wants to lay on top of with you. He will haul all 75 or 80 pounds of his puppy body up to lay on your head. If he can't get on you he will just lay against you. If he can lay against you he will sigh this completely contented sigh and slip away to dream land. If you must go to the bathroom and shut the door he will chew up your shoes lay outside the bathroom door until you come out.

Then there is Koko. She doesn't even realize anymore that she is a dog. This mess she is on in the picture is our clothes. If we leave the house she rummages around until she finds all of our clothes that have been worn and not washed yet and lays on them until we return. She will not chew anything up, she just needs the clothes to lay on. When I need pajama's at night I have to go to the dining room to get them because when I get in the shower she drags them to the dining room to lay on.
Koko has some favorite words. She absolutely goes crazy when she hears the words eat, treat or byebye. She loves all 3 things and to just whisper the words makes her crazy with excitement. If I want to be completely honest those are some of my favorite words also. I especially love it if superhubby uses the words byebye and eat in the same sentence. I know that means no cooking and no mess to clean up.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend. The temperature is supposed to be near 70 today and after all of that ice and snow of the last few weeks I am ready for it. Have a great week.

Monday, February 02, 2009

It's that time again

Tomorrow is the day, the most dreaded day of the year. It's time to get my taxes done. I thought that since my appointment is tomorrow I should probably go through my tax stuff and get it together. There's nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Tomorrow I will either be in a really good mood, or a really bad one. Not sure yet which way it will go.