Monday, April 30, 2007

Not today

With apologies to Lolly I have to tell this little story....and complain a little.
This year my daughter and a few of her friends are doing the dinner theater for our schools drama. All money they make will go to the schools relay for life cancer fund. Our little school raises a lot of money every year for cancer research and this is just one thing they are doing. The complaint part? My daughters group decided by themselves to do dinner theater. They got all excited, made plans, made flyers....but never asked an adult(other than the drama coach). They priced the tickets 5.00 less than normal.....and didn't think about the part that even if the parents had time to cook for them, all but a couple of the kids are involved in the show so who is going to serve? I love these kids and I am so very proud of their contribution to cancer research, but I am on my way to town to price caterers and stuff(to see if thats in our price range if we don't have time to cook) and then help them make a final decision. I am all for letting kid learn their lessons and see what a job they got themselves into, but this is different. People are paying 20.00 a plate to eat and watch a show. We can't let it get done half way when people expect something for their money...sigh..Tomorrow Lolly!

Sunday, April 29, 2007


I went over early this morning to visit Lolly at and noticed she has a neat challenge on her site. Twenty-one days complaint free. For the entire story go read Lollys site. Twenty-one days. Five hundred and four hours. Thirty thousand, two hundred and forty minutes. I guess you get the picture. Each time you find yourself complaining you start all over on day 1. I think I may try it but I have a feeling it will be like the movie Groundhog day for me....over and over and over. I guess that even though I'm probably doomed to never get to twenty-one days it would be worth the effort to try, at least I'll be thinking about it and maybe cut way down on complaining. Since this is day one I'm going to go ahead and mess this one up because I'm having a bad morning. My son was up half the night and kept waking me up. I didn't get to bed until 1AM because superhubby was awake. The puppies got me up at 5:30 (on a Sunday morning) because they had to go. Two puppies went on their peepee pad and one went in the middle of the floor. The biggest puppy can get out of the kitchen and out of their box, which he does when I'm not around to go hide puppy poo in fun places all over the house. When I get up its like an Easter Egg hunt every day to hunt down the new puppy poo spot. A few days ago the spot was beside my bed and I stepped in it when I got up. Today or tomorrow I am going to Wal Mart and buying a new cage with a door for the things so I can get them trained. I can't train them when they can get out when they want and go where they want. Ok now that all of that is out of my system, plan on day 1 tomorrow. I am going to make a much better attempt tomorrow morning to start all over and no complaints. I think I need to go pray for a much needed nap and for some super human strength for tomorrow;-)

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

I am your future part two

Just a few more things that have come to mind since I started this post..
6. Zits and gray hair. What is that anyway? I think there should be some law that states if you are starting to get gray hairs you should be exempt from zits. Call your congressmen and maybe by the time you are my age something will be done about this.
7. I am now to the point where I am so happy to see my monthly "little visitor" every month. I can't take any type of birth control pills because of a medical condition so most of the time I am happy to see it. I love my kids but to start again when my kids are almost grown just makes me tired even to think about.
8. Forget about any metabolism. I can't even spell it well more or less have any of my own. Superhubby loves me and I thank God for that every day. His eyes are starting to get weak but I'm thinking I will not chance getting the man glasses.
9. Forgetfulness is a way of life. One example: each night that I have to get up early I take tylenol PM. It doesn't knock me out but when I get to sleep I sleep right through supperhubby coming home from work at 1 AM banging around the house. I have always been a fairly light sleeper but with the Tylenol I can sleep through anything. I went to the kitchen 10 minutes ago to take my nightly dose, came back in here and looked at my computer screen and thought "did I actually take it or did I just get a drink and forget to take it." I truthfully have no freakin idea if I took it. I went back and took 2 more just in case. I am the poster child for overdosers everywhere. It's a good thing I don't take any medication regularly because I would have to get one of those weekly pill dose boxes and then I wouldn't be able to remember if I refilled for this week. If I could take birth control I would take the entire months worth in a week so it wouldn't do any good anyway.
10. Since when did I start snoring like a chain saw. I never really snored much until the last year or so and all of the sudden I snore so loud I wake myself up. Superhubby and I sleep in different areas half of the time because both of us snore and the first one to sleep is the only one to sleep. I do have an unfair advantage with this one because I work days and he works evenings. I can be asleep and snoring when he gets home. I fall asleep on the couch quite a bit so he can have the bed and sleep late after we all leave in the morning but I snore loud enough that he can't hear the tv;)
11. Watching your children DRIVE away in a car, in my opinion, is the main cause of gray hair and heart disease. You don't read in the bible of people needing triple bypass or dropping dead from a heart attack....Their kids didn't drive! It seems like one day you are buckling them in their cute little car seats and then next minute you are watching them careen towards the ditch down the road and barely miss sideswiping a tree. Next thing you know they want you to believe they don't need you any more. Wait until the gas tank is on E and they need you again, if only temporarily.
12. One of the worst is watching your childrens heart break. There are different reasons for this. In my house both of my children were in "love" with someone and it came to an end. The grief was almost as bad for me just watching their hearts break and I sometimes wondered if my son would make it through this ok. He is much better now, but a year later still gets sad over her sometimes. Being older and having memories of my teen years I knew it would be better eventually, but of course they think at the time it will never feel better. The other kind of heartache is when a friend dies. All children go through older family members passing away and that is so hard, but when someone their own age dies it is so wrong. It isn't supposed to happen at their age and their life is turned upside down. Two years ago boy that lives with me but isn't mine wrecked his car into a creek with one of his and my sons friends in the car. He got out but couldn't get the friend out and the friend drowned. He told me afterwards that he pulled on the boys arm to try to get him loose and could feel the boy pulling back for a few minutes but that stopped and he ran for help. We are very rural and help doesn't get there fast and it was too late. That kind of thing doesn't leave their mind very easily. My son still goes to the cemetery and visits, but boy that isn't mine acts like it never happened and I think that is his way of coping. For months after the funeral he would be at our house on weekends and I would wake up at 4AM and he would be sitting in a chair with headphones on listening to music and rocking back and forth but he seems to have moved on. I will never ever forget the deceased boys mother at the funeral coming up to boy that isn't mine and saying "Don't let this ruin your life, you can do something with your life and you need to get out there and do it." I don't know that I would have that much forgiveness in me. I think I would later but that soon after the fact I think I would still be angry. My point in this long story young parents is to be prepared for rough spots that children will need help through. Some of them make you uncomfortable, some you will think silly, but in their mind it is the end of the world no matter what so be prepared.

I am your future

One thing I have noticed about most of the mommy blogs I read is that the writers have young children. They are worried about whether their child will drool all over their new dress or dirty themselves in church. I am completely on the other end of the child cycle. When I go somewhere with my kids they worry about whether I will drool on myself or sneeze and wet myself. The others kids are worried about Dora the explorer, my kids are more MTV age, though no one in my house actually watches MTV unless its my husband hoping for a show with a girl in a bikini. He doesn't care what the show is about , but he will watch any show that has girls in small outfits and they are usually making out with guys and by guys I mean more than one. There are so many of these so called "dating" shows and he watches every one he can find. Anyway, there has to be some tips here that we mothers of older children can give you mothers of younger children that may help you in the future. Let me give it a whirl here. This may be an ongoing project because I learn new things every day.
1. Start phasing yourself out of minivans early. I didn't buy one until my kids were 13 and 15. We never went anywhere without friends and even my minivan wasn't quite big enough at times. Now 3 years later I am driving a minivan that gets the same gas mileage as a hummer to work everyday and no where else because the kids have small fuel efficient cars that we take in the evenings. The back of my van looks like a storage unit. I never take anything out I just keep adding stuff. I could live a few weeks on the clothes, snacks and pepsi in my van.
2. Everyone tells you to start saving for college when your kids are young. That is a great idea if you can do it. The real problem no one mentioned to me was to start saving for cars and car INSURANCE while they are in diapers. We used to pay car insurance every 6 months but now we pay the same per month as we used to every 6 months. We have no claims in the 21 years we have been married, but that makes no difference.
3. Though you may think at some point it will get better, the parents of those "special" kids that walked at 2 weeks, could count to 100 at a month and order their own clothes off the internet at 3 months old (with their own credit card) and will win every little miss I have a freckle on my butt contest they enter just gets worse. I will never forget listening to little miss Special K's mom tell me early in their senior year of high school that her daughter is being fought over by different medical schools because they all want her so bad. I have seen little miss Special K's grades in the past and while they aren't horrible, a B- average does not make people fight over you. That and the fact that the only chemical equation little K can figure out has to do with the bleach she smears on her black roots once every few months. Last I heard a few months ago was that little K was fearing an unwanted pregnancy and contemplating marriage to her 18 year old beau. Don't get me wrong, I wish the best for Special K and hope she does go to medical school. She may be the one to cure cancer for all I know.
4. If at all possible talk to your doctor about the possibility of a partial lobotomy. Not for the kids, for yourself. If you have any memory of yourself from the ages of 15 to about 21 you do not need to remember the things you did when your kids are headed out for the evening...enough said.
5. Be careful what you wish for. When I was younger I wished and wished for a bigger chest. I finally got what I wanted but my butt grew twice as fast and now nothing is right anymore. I also wished for my hair to grow. My hair will only get to about shoulder length and then it won't get any longer. I guess it breaks off as fast as it grows. My aunt once said you know when you are getting older when your hair finally slows down growing on your legs and starts on your chin. I'm not quite there yet but I have noticed a few starting. Middle age is cruel.
More on this topic later!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

12 step programs

Ok I admit it...I have a problem. I am addicted to Blogs. I love them, I love to link from one to the read back posts I might have missed about people I don't know....Oh help me please. (come on just leave me one link....please I won't tell anyone and I will get help after that one...I PROMISE) I will get help. I only spend about an hour a day on the computer all together, maybe two on weekends and I have dial up internet service so I sometimes don't get my fix and then I get cranky. I used to want high speed internet, which is almost impossible to get where I live and very expensive if you do so I would have to sell something like a liver or something equally useful to someone else to get it. I guess I need to come up with a twelve step program for blogs. I need some help here so send me some suggestions.
Step 1. Admit you have a problem and you are powerless over it. (which I already did, but the word powerless scares me a little because we lose our electric quite a bit and being powerless means being computerless....and blogless.)
Step 2. Believe that a power greater than ours can restore us to sanity. (I may have to skip this one because I believe in a power greater than me but I enjoy my little insane world and I think God understands that)
Step 3. Make a decision to hand over our keyboards (not likely)..
Step 4. Make a fearless and searching inventory of ourselves. (umm Yea I am nosy and love seeing what others are doing...thats about as searching as I get.)
Step 5. Admit to God and another human being our wrongs. (ok people I have a problem I think we have already decided that one.)
Step 6.

This will have to wait until another day...I can't figure out 12 entire steps when I haven't looked today to see if Not without my coffee or lifeafter or Not quite what I had planned or dad gone mad have updated...What if I miss something important....What if Lolly found someone with an even funnier name?
Please remember this is only me being silly. I know quite a few people that the 12 step program has helped and I am in no way making fun of it.

Let the sunshine

Today is a beautiful day.....warm, sunny, and breezy. I am so excited about hanging clothes on the clothesline, which means I need to get a life.
DD is starting her 4th year as a docent at the local historical society museum today. She loves doing this job and enjoys learning about the different exhibits. My son is working today, other non child of mine is off on an overnight trip and hubby is working....I'M HOME ALONE! I guess you would consider it alone there are 4 dogs in the house watching every move I make in case I accidentally drop a piece of this pasta I'm eating. I can still turn the music up and sing as loud as I want to, the puppies haven't figured out how to howl yet so I should be good there. I'm opening all the doors and windows so the birds and the deer can hear me too. The neighbors are a little far away to hear me, though they used to be able to hear my sons band when they practiced in the basement. They said from their house it was just a dull roar that they couldn't hear unless they were outside. Lucky them, the boys practiced right under my bed room. Drum set, 2 crate half stack amps and guitars, one bass guitar and lots of "singing." I don't know if I have ever mentioned that my son is a good singer. He didn't sing for their band, but he was Conrad birdie in Bye bye birdie at the high school and was the scarecrow in the Wizard of oz. This week he started piano lessons. Next week he adds voice. It was just something he always wanted to do and now he is going to try it for awhile. I think it will be great over the summer when he has no classes.
This may shock you (Kim) but after months of planning, weeks of trying on prom dresses and finally finding the right one. Shopping endlessly for shoes and finally having to order them, getting the right necklace and earrings and hours spent researching hair styles and hundreds of dollars spent and my DD isn't going to the prom. Prom boy got back with his ex girlfriend and things just went downhill from there. It started with "well we both have other dates so if you will just find another ride home from prom so I can take her home." Ok DD was fine with that one. Then it went to "what hairstyle are you getting because girlfriend doesn't want to have the same one." Ok..... then it went to "Would you just come to grand march and then go home?" Uh No! Definately not spending another hundred dollars on hair, nails etc. for 15 minutes and a couple of pictures. She had another boy ask her to another prom and she may go with him just for the fun of it. I think I am getting a migrane.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Old Age

I've been feeling particularly old lately. I think it's just the whole teenager thing and the knowledge that they will be leaving me soon. I also think I need to get off of my butt and exercise more to get some energy. We are aging, but not as much as the rest of the world thinks we are. I turned 40 last winter and got my first AARP magazine the next day. My husband keeps getting things in the mail from electric wheelchair companies. My son turned 18 last summer and immediately started getting letters from companies wanting to sell him insurance to go with his medicare converage. Someone some where got his 18th birthday confused with his 65th. He gets letters from local hospitals and doctors warning him to schedule a colonoscopy soon because cancer strikes men of "his age" with alarming frequency. He gets letters trying to sell him senior life insurance, so his loved ones won't have to worry about final expenses.
My daughter on the other hand is known as the 16 year old she is. She gets magazines with prom dresses and makeup in the mail. She gets letters from colleges all the time. Yesterday she got one from Yale.YALE..imagine that. Now if she didn't have a wimpy mother who is too scared to let her go off that far. I'm hoping she will go to Marshall University. How much more glamorous could she ask for than a college that just had a movie made about it and is RIGHT ACROSS THE OHIO RIVER within driving distance. Oh well I guess I will cross that bridge when we get to it (teehee) and she deserves to go to whatever college she wants to go to.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


DH and I are in one of those phases where we don't see each other much at all. I am snoring when he gets home from work and he is snoring when I get up for work. I hate it that our lives have to be like that, but that is just the way it is. We started working different shifts when I went to work when the kids got in school so we could always have someone here when they needed us, and even when they think they don't. In another year or two it should be better because they will both be college age. We both have Sunday and Monday off but for the last 5 or 6 weeks his little old ladies have needed stuff done on his day off. I am so fortunate to have a husband that can and will help anyone and can build or fix anything, but sometimes I just need to have him to myself. I actually don't remember the last time we just had some "us" time together. Don't get me wrong, I see him on Tuesday and Thursday for an hour or so after I get off of work and before he leaves for work, but that isn't connecting. Being a man my DH has no idea what Connecting means. If it doesn't mean sex he doesn't quite get it, but thats ok too. I am really looking forward to this upcoming weekend. His little old ladies have lots of plans for him but he may not get all the messages (-;

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

I'm having one of those days that seem to be just a little off. Nothing is really wrong, or bad, but just off. I woke up to puppies crying 45 minutes before my alarm went off so I jumped up and took them outside to see if they would potty out there. There were some hunting dogs in the woods and a couple of deer doing their little bark thing so all 3 puppies ran back in the garage, pottied in the garage and then were ready to go inside. I got them fed and got my daughter up for school. That went well. I got ready and left for work a few minutes early so I didn't have to rush and that felt good. I got to the gas station by work at 7:50 and realized that I had left without getting my son up for his 8:10 class. We live 20 minutes from his school. I called and woke him up and told him to go to class but not to drive too fast. (like he would really rush to get to school) I had left the puppies out in the kitchen when I left because if I put them in their pen they cry when I leave and wake my DH up and he works evenings and doesn't need to be up at 8. When I got home there were 5 little piles of doggy do in the kitchen.....I was only gone 4 and a half hours. How do they do that?

Monday, April 16, 2007


You raise your kids and send them off to school so they can make something of their lives, so they can have a better future than you..................Then someone does something so stupid and ruins so many peoples lives.......My heart aches for Virginia tech, the victims, the survivors and the families and staff.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

puppies and flea markets

Today I spent my day with DH at the big Lucasville flea market. He was in complete ectasy and I was ankle deep in mud. It rained all day yesterday and poured the rain last night most of the night. There was high water everywhere but not high enough to keep us from the flea market. My DH bought a bunch of tools. This man already has more tools than Sears but he can't help himself. We stopped at Sears because, well, just because we drove by one and that is reason enough for my hubby to stop. They had a cordless drill on sale. He whinned around like a little kid and got his drill which he is using right now to try to make the kitchen escape proof for the puppies. Those little boogers are Houdini's when it comes to getting out of their enclosures. This week I hope it warms up enough that we can start some serious potty training, or outside training. It has been so cold and wet I can't make them go outside and it gets old mopping the kitchen floor up over and over.
I bought very little at lucasville today. I bought a bunch of different makeup so DD and I can figure out what looks good on her for prom. I also bought DD a couple of Longeberger (however you spell that) purses. I found a sweet woman up there willing to bargain so I bought her two. She was happy with both of them.
I guess I had better go play with puppies so they will sleep tonight. They are getting this really annoying habit of waking up between 4 and 5 AM and wanting to play and eat and I have a better habit of sleeping at that time. I hope to change their habit and not mine!

Monday, April 09, 2007

Misc. thoughts

I don't know why I decided to name this post Misc. thoughts when most of posts are exactly that. Oh, well here we go.
Easter was great, lots of friends, family and food. Church was great and was decorated so nice.
This is probably the first year we didn't color any eggs. We don't have anyone that will hunt them so why bother. We all got lots of candy and I hope to be on a sugar high for a few days.
Next Sunday my Aunt, who is a nurse, is going to do blood sugars at Sunday school so I need to get it out of my system by then. She was nice enough not to do them on Easter Sunday!
My nephew D is back from Iraq. My parents went to Indiana to visit him this weekend. I know my mom is really relieved. She has had a miserable year just waiting to hear that something has happened to her Grandson. He has a month of leave now and has to decide whether to reinlist or not. My mom doesn't want him to at all since he has already done two rounds in Iraq. He is thinking of doing it for the lack of something else to do.
My sweet niece is back in NJ. She cried the night before she left and told me she didn't want to wait 3 months to come back. I told her it would go fast since she has school until almost the end of June and then she can come straight here for the summer. She left her turtle here for me to let loose as soon as the weather warms up a little. I didn't realize how much tomato a little turtle can eat but he can put it away.
My DD is on spring break this week and she started it out by cleaning her already pretty clean room. I don't know where she got her cleaning genes but it wasn't from me. I decided to clean my room today and I can't get very far. I think so far I have made myself about 3 more loads of laundry. Well I had better get moving or the sheets won't be dry by bedtime.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

He is risen!

It is almost Easter and life is good. I love this time of year because everything is new again. The trees are leafing out, the flowers are blooming and at least here in Ohio it is SNOWING. The low tonight is supposed to be 19. We had 85 degree weather earlier this week but now it is 30. I liked it at 80. I want it back and I am prepared to lie on the floor and kick and scream until I get my way. Well, maybe after I eat the ears off a chocolate bunny.
Today my second puppy left. He went home with a friend of my boys. I like D and I am glad he has my Dozer. I also will be seeing D quite often and can check up on Dozer when I want to. I know he will be well taken care of. I just need to find homes for 2 or 3 more and I am finished. If I can't my vet has a plan to get them adopted so that is always an option. I have been laying in the floor with puppies crawling all over me for the last little bit and it is quite enjoyable. They are so funny to watch, especially Buddy who is smaller than the rest. He doesn't get quite as excited as the others and kind of stays back a little. He is so trusting you can hold him however you want and he will just lay there in your arms or on your lap until you move him. Rusty is the sneaky one, Layko has always been the bully but lately he has become more of a baby, wanting to be held and babied and then there is Daisy. I love Daisy, she is the only female and she is a little more laid back. I can pick her up anytime and lay her in my arms like a baby and she will go to sleep. She has gotten a little more unlady like with the boys. They used to push her around a little and she puts them in their place now if they bother her too much. Dozers new owner just IM'd me to tell me his mom, brother and nephew were all in love with Dozer now. That makes me happy!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today I got home from work just as the last teenager was leaving for classes. I was so stoked because it was only 12:30 and my DH doesn't leave for work until 2:10......It would have worked out too if only hubby was home. He did call a few minutes later to tell me he was on his way so it turned out nice. We had an hour together which is more than we usually get.
I just realized that Easter is this weekend. I know my kids are older but I always do Easter baskets for them, and the Easter bunny brings them after they go to bed. I just put a little candy and more practical stuff in them, phone cards for cell phones or makeup and shampoo for my daughter. I will do that until they move out and maybe drop one off of their porch, if they live close, even then. I probably should go buy something to put in the baskets though, at least before Saturday night. That is one of the good things about older children, they are old enough to understand if the Easter bunny or Santa doesn't bring them exactly what they want. I have been fortunate through the years that I don't have children that whine or beg for certain things. They do sometimes mention something they want, but they don't complain if they don't get it.
Well I am off to town and then to the vet to get my poor little Koko. When I left her at the vet this morning she was shaking so bad she couldn't stand up. She loves to go bye bye with me but the last 3 times I have taken her it has been to the vet so she is going to quit wanting to go with me soon. I think when she feels better I will take her to Mcdonalds and get her a hamburger through the drive through.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

puppy dogs and little frogs (or turtles)

Well tomorrow is the big day for my poor little dog Koko. She has to be at the vet early and her hysterectomy is scheduled for early. I have this feeling that I will leave her there and cry all the way to work. She is such a big baby she panics when I leave her anywhere strange. She actually gets upset when I leave her at home too, unless someone else is here. When I leave she goes to my room and gets an article of my clothing and lays down on it until I get back. I probably should take something for her to sleep on to the vets but they probably don't want my old pants or underwear, which is what she likes to sleep on. She can't have anything else to eat until after the surgery tomorrow and that will be hard in the morning because she is waiting to eat as soon as I get up. My plan is to be about ready to go when I go to bed so I can get up and get her out of the house early. She also
My niece is here from New jersey and she brought Franklin back with her. Last summer she caught Franklin (a turtle) when she was here and took him back and has now decided he needs to be with his own family. I thinks he also decided she doesn't need to keep cleaning out his cage.
So tomorrow Franklin goes back to the wild and Koko goes to the vet.
I did something bad yesterday I think. My DD and I stopped at a grocery store and we had 3 puppies with us that we had taken to my moms in town so my niece could play with them. There was a man walked up to me with his grandson and asked if they could have one and I gave it to him. They were nice enough people and the grandson was thrilled but I can't believe I let them just have a puppy without talking to them. I had dreams all night about the puppies and in them the puppies were having puppies and there were hundreds of little tiny puppies about the size of a thumb everywhere and I couldn't separate the puppies so they would quit having puppies. I think their gestation period was about 5 minutes in my dream. I think it must have been something like Gremlins that mulitplied when they got wet...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I have come to the realization over the years that I am a pushover. I cannot say NO to anyone (with the exception of my children if the request really warrants it.) I'm not too good at saying no to them either and have been lucky enough that there have been very few times they ask something I have to give a firm no to. I have a great husband that I have trouble saying no to, though I'm sure he would argue that point but we work different shifts and he gets home at 1 AM and I have to get up at 6:30 so wait until one of the 3 freakin days we have off together OK. (sorry long long day) I have a wonderful husband that is also a pushover and his little old ladies need him and think no one else can fix their stuff but him. I really do respect him for taking his precious time off from work to help them. It seems to go in waves and right now all 4 of them need him for something and I miss him. He charges them a small amount to do the work and they feel like they are paying him and getting by cheap. Every one of them have bunches of rental homes and have much more money that we ever will, but that is their security blanket and they hate to spend it. In a month or so they will be caught up and happy for a while without him. I also love the fact that anyone in my family and his can call him and he will help them with anything he can. He has helped many in my family build or remodel their homes. How lucky am I to have married a man so thoughtful. He built our home with a little help from my dad and a few others that stopped by a few times. We built a home for so much cheaper than you can ever imagine. We could never have afforded to have someone else build it. My home isn't large, but it is big enough for us.
Ok back to my lack of abililty to tell people no. I don't even remember where I was going with that point. I do know that for many years I tried to volunteer at school and church, work and take care of my family and my home. I was pulled in so many directions I couldn't breath at times. It was so sad to me when my children got old enough that they didn't need me to volunteer at their school but once I got used to it I kind of liked it. I drove my son to school for 11 and a half years. Every day. Then he got his drivers license. It was so scary, but at the same time it was great. I could take my time getting ready for work, and not have to get off of work early to be sitting in the parking lot at school at 2:40 every day. I could send him to the store for milk when I forgot to stop after work. What does he do a couple of weeks after he got his license? Rolled my husbands Explorer. He was stopped at a stop sign and went to turn onto a narrow road and turned too wide and the hill dropped off right beside the other side of the road. It was a wreck he will never forget, but at least it wasn't bad. If he had been driving fast he would have been killed. He graduated last year and my daughter got her license a week into this school year. Once again I had to go through the complete and total fear that comes with watching your children take off in a car that can kill them if they aren't careful. I also had 2 teenagers on my car insurance which is crazy by itself. I pay every month for car insurance what I used to pay every 6 months.
Well I can see that if I keep this up I will be rambling on and never getting to my point, if I could even remember what my point was. I guess I had better go and get ready to go to town. My DD has an appointment to get her prom dress fitted and my sweet niece is waiting on us at my moms. Thursday my dog has to get her hysterectomy..that should be fun, she doesn't like anyone but us and a few select others. She never gets to go to the vet and just get a checkup. Every time she has had to go lately there has been something wrong. She isn't going to enjoy this one at all, especially if I have to leave her there. When I leave her there she cries and I can hear her until I get in my car. I should be crying by the time I get to work which will make for an interesting day.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Shoot....I did an entire post and it disappeared. I guess I really need to learn a little more about computers and go into cyberspace after it. I guess this picture will just have to do it for today. the littlest puppy couldn't stand up on his back legs long enough to stay in the picture, but the rest did.