Thursday, April 05, 2007

Today I got home from work just as the last teenager was leaving for classes. I was so stoked because it was only 12:30 and my DH doesn't leave for work until 2:10......It would have worked out too if only hubby was home. He did call a few minutes later to tell me he was on his way so it turned out nice. We had an hour together which is more than we usually get.
I just realized that Easter is this weekend. I know my kids are older but I always do Easter baskets for them, and the Easter bunny brings them after they go to bed. I just put a little candy and more practical stuff in them, phone cards for cell phones or makeup and shampoo for my daughter. I will do that until they move out and maybe drop one off of their porch, if they live close, even then. I probably should go buy something to put in the baskets though, at least before Saturday night. That is one of the good things about older children, they are old enough to understand if the Easter bunny or Santa doesn't bring them exactly what they want. I have been fortunate through the years that I don't have children that whine or beg for certain things. They do sometimes mention something they want, but they don't complain if they don't get it.
Well I am off to town and then to the vet to get my poor little Koko. When I left her at the vet this morning she was shaking so bad she couldn't stand up. She loves to go bye bye with me but the last 3 times I have taken her it has been to the vet so she is going to quit wanting to go with me soon. I think when she feels better I will take her to Mcdonalds and get her a hamburger through the drive through.


kim said...

Hey, love the new look! YAY, you got a whole hour with DH (Mike and Katy sittin' in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G....) HAHA! You two crazy kids! I glad everything is good with Koko.

Anonymous said...

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