Wednesday, April 04, 2007

puppy dogs and little frogs (or turtles)

Well tomorrow is the big day for my poor little dog Koko. She has to be at the vet early and her hysterectomy is scheduled for early. I have this feeling that I will leave her there and cry all the way to work. She is such a big baby she panics when I leave her anywhere strange. She actually gets upset when I leave her at home too, unless someone else is here. When I leave she goes to my room and gets an article of my clothing and lays down on it until I get back. I probably should take something for her to sleep on to the vets but they probably don't want my old pants or underwear, which is what she likes to sleep on. She can't have anything else to eat until after the surgery tomorrow and that will be hard in the morning because she is waiting to eat as soon as I get up. My plan is to be about ready to go when I go to bed so I can get up and get her out of the house early. She also
My niece is here from New jersey and she brought Franklin back with her. Last summer she caught Franklin (a turtle) when she was here and took him back and has now decided he needs to be with his own family. I thinks he also decided she doesn't need to keep cleaning out his cage.
So tomorrow Franklin goes back to the wild and Koko goes to the vet.
I did something bad yesterday I think. My DD and I stopped at a grocery store and we had 3 puppies with us that we had taken to my moms in town so my niece could play with them. There was a man walked up to me with his grandson and asked if they could have one and I gave it to him. They were nice enough people and the grandson was thrilled but I can't believe I let them just have a puppy without talking to them. I had dreams all night about the puppies and in them the puppies were having puppies and there were hundreds of little tiny puppies about the size of a thumb everywhere and I couldn't separate the puppies so they would quit having puppies. I think their gestation period was about 5 minutes in my dream. I think it must have been something like Gremlins that mulitplied when they got wet...

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kim said...

MMMMMM...YUM YUM. Remember that from Gremlins? And when they were watching the movie with popcorn bags over their ears, and drunk in the bar and hanging off the fans and stuff? I LOVED Gremlins :). Does that make me a sick-o? HA! I'm thinking about Koko and I'm thinking about you, too! It's so hard; I know. I also CANNOT BELIEVE you just gave away one of the puppies without putting those people through The Inquisition! You must have had an immediate good feeling about them? Awww, I'll bet it was hard for you! Wonder how long you will be having puppy-multiplying dreams, and if this will continue as each one goes. Yup, yup, here I am again, being yet another little ray of sunshine--HAHA! Have a good day, Katy, and keep enjoying your niece!