Sunday, April 29, 2007


I went over early this morning to visit Lolly at and noticed she has a neat challenge on her site. Twenty-one days complaint free. For the entire story go read Lollys site. Twenty-one days. Five hundred and four hours. Thirty thousand, two hundred and forty minutes. I guess you get the picture. Each time you find yourself complaining you start all over on day 1. I think I may try it but I have a feeling it will be like the movie Groundhog day for me....over and over and over. I guess that even though I'm probably doomed to never get to twenty-one days it would be worth the effort to try, at least I'll be thinking about it and maybe cut way down on complaining. Since this is day one I'm going to go ahead and mess this one up because I'm having a bad morning. My son was up half the night and kept waking me up. I didn't get to bed until 1AM because superhubby was awake. The puppies got me up at 5:30 (on a Sunday morning) because they had to go. Two puppies went on their peepee pad and one went in the middle of the floor. The biggest puppy can get out of the kitchen and out of their box, which he does when I'm not around to go hide puppy poo in fun places all over the house. When I get up its like an Easter Egg hunt every day to hunt down the new puppy poo spot. A few days ago the spot was beside my bed and I stepped in it when I got up. Today or tomorrow I am going to Wal Mart and buying a new cage with a door for the things so I can get them trained. I can't train them when they can get out when they want and go where they want. Ok now that all of that is out of my system, plan on day 1 tomorrow. I am going to make a much better attempt tomorrow morning to start all over and no complaints. I think I need to go pray for a much needed nap and for some super human strength for tomorrow;-)


lolly said...

so glad you are playing along!!! It does get easier I promise - I only had to switch once yesterday!

kim said...

Hey Katy! You can do it, girl! I'm so glad you wrote about this; I'm going to go on over and check it out! Although I don't have high hopes for myself, either, for at least the next week or until I get my house halfway put back together! Again, thanks for everything last week; it turned out to be an excellent week! And I just can't wait for the next picture of the pups...chuckle, chuckle!