Thursday, August 30, 2007

Everyday is Halloween at the Myers household

When I married SH I never gave a thought to his name. He shares his name with a famous horror film murderer (as you may guess from the title of this post.) We still get occasional phone calls from kids that have watched the old movies and think its cute to call us and scream when they see the name in the phone book. It wasn't quite as funny a few weeks back when the phone rang at some horrible time in the morning (3 or 4 am, I don't remember now) and someone screamed "get the Fu** out of that house, MM is there." I paced the floor and checked everything until I woke up enough to realize our house wasn't on fire and they were being stupid. Now that there is a new Halloween coming out I am preparing myself for the inevitable. Anytime we go somewhere that we have to sign in someone makes a comment about his name. What most of them don't know is his birthdate. He was born on 6/6/60. When they find that out they usually take a step back. SH is very good natured about it and laughs right along with people (unless they call at some horrible time of the morning.)
Tonight I ventured out to Walmart alone. This wasn't a good thing to do because I immediately felt sorry for myself, so sorry that I bought myself a bag of caramels, a package of pumpkin peeps, a new nickleback cd and a package of double A batteries.
Don't even go there people, just don't.

The Perfect Storm

It was a dark and stormy hour here. The sky got dark and then got darker.

The thunder was so loud it shook the windows and scared the dogs. The wind blew and slammed the garage door shut. I watched the trees all around bend down like they were bowing to me, their captive audience. I took my camera out to get a picture of the clouds, which is hard to do when you live with hills all around. You hear a storm way before it gets in view. I took a picture and felt a couple of rain drops on my head so I went in the house, excited about the prospect of a little rain. The thunder kept up, the lightning was fierce, but the rain was not to be. We got about 11 drops on the sidewalk and then it blew on. Someone, somewhere got a nice rain. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in 15 minutes, but it is slowly on its way back up.
I have been a good girl this week and haven't been to Huntington, WV. for 3 days. I'm on my way to Walmart but I am going to Kentucky because it is a little closer. I'm starting to feel a little sad though....but the weekend is almost here and DS will visit or we will visit him this weekend and all will be good again.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Because Kim said to

Soon this will be what I see when I look out my front door. I do not look forward to this at all but the temperature here today is 96 and I do not look forward to that either. I'm not sure at this point which I prefer but I do believe the air conditioning makes 96 more tolerable. When it snows I always feel cold.

A nice picture of DD and her boyfriend. He is a nice guy but I'm about ready for her to find a new one.....

This guy just makes me giggle. I found him at

I will probably post later about an embarrassing moment in my life. I don't have too many really embarrassing moments but I have a few mildly embarrassing ones I can share.

Saturday, August 25, 2007


There is a certain peaceful feeling at my house tonight. All is quiet here, but in a good way. DD is babysitting for one of her teachers, DS stayed all night last night and went back to his place this afternoon. SH is home and we are relaxing. We watched tv, napped a little, took a quick dip in the pool. SH has worked day shift this week and it has been good for me to have him here in the evening. It has made the quietness not so scary or hard to get used to. Next week he goes back to his usual evening shift but maybe, just maybe I will be a little more ready for it. The dog has even spent her evening in the recliner.
I think I mentioned something earlier about the cookies DH gets at work sometimes. This is his load for today. I am not a huge cookie fan so it isn't too hard for me to look at these and not eat them all.

Today for some reason I have missed my Grandma Wood more than I have for a long time. She was a wonderful, patient person who never said a bad thing about anyone. She was my Sunday School teacher for years after my grandpa died and though she never went to college she was one of the smartest people I know. She could take a map and tell you anything you wanted to know about the bible and where it happened. She read continuously. When she died there were thousands of books at her home and they weren't just well read. She made notes on the pages and inside the covers so you know what she was thinking when she was reading those books. It was a great gift to us to read what she did and know what she thought. She also loved to write. She wrote poems often and for Christmas she would write her annual Christmas poem and send it in cards handwritten. One of my favorites...

My Christmas Poem

There is a kind of stillness

in old Barns

That's just the same within

A church's door

Before the organ peals

or people pray

Or parson-or a teacher-

Takes the floor.

And dust-mites rise in

rays of sunbeams there

Instead of colored rays of

stain-glass light.

And creatures come to take

their daily bread

Then endure patiently

their daily plight.

And so I wish with

coming of this year

(and it will come, it's joys

and its alarm's)

That in your heart you

will be feeling much

The stillness that's in

churches and old barns.


Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday randomness

Today was one day I didn't have any reason to go to Huntington to DS's new apartment. I had no reason do know where this is going don't you??????
I went to work at my normal time and settled in for a nice day taking care of the sweet little boy I get to take care of on Wednesdays and Fridays. His mom called the doctors office to see about some medicine since he had been on some antibiotics for awhile and was now finished and not feeling quite up to par yet. The doctor decided she wanted to see him.....In Huntington......a few blocks from DS's apartment. We drove past DS's on the way to the doctors and that was enough for me. We went to the doctors and she decided he needed to spend a night at the hospital just so they could do a few tests to see what was bugging him. We had planned on that possibility so that wasn't a big problem. We loaded him back up (and trust me that is no easy thing for us or the poor little guy) and took him to the hospital. That left me in Huntington with no car. I called SH and he was getting off work soon so he came to the hospital and picked me up but he had a bunch of cookies with him. He sometimes gets free cookies because part of the place he works rents trucks to a company that delivers cookies. So off to DS's apartment to deliver some cookies to him. You knew it was coming didn't you?
Tonight I think DS is coming out here to stay all night so I am planning to cook for him and SH after while.
DD went to the high school football game so she will be here later. I got her a birthday cake last night but she didn't get home until 1AM and didn't start on it then so we have dessert.
Monkling.....the only thing I remember DD saying when she got home from the Reds game last night was that it was AWESOME. I know she had called me a few times to tell me her legs were on tv and her boyfriend had caught a baseball and a t-shirt.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Even more randomness

My poor little Koko. She had puppies, got fixed and now she is confused. I think she is in love with a purple hippo, or I am tired and am seeing imaginary purple hippos.

SH has this thing with stuff. He lives for his stuff. He loves flea markets and anywhere else he can buy stuff cheap. He is cleaning out his building and organizing. This is just ONE example of too much stuff. This isn't even all of the hammers the man owns. He has a bunch in the garage and some in his car.........Anyone need a nail pounded into their walls?

SH has been working every day all day for months now. He was tired at his family reunion this is about as active as he got. All this work is getting to him......


Today was a pretty good day. I went to work early and when it was about time to leave DS called me and said he had left work early because his throat was sore and he kept coughing into the phone when he was trying to help customers. Then he mentioned that he needed to go grocery shopping and wanted to know what I was doing after work so I drove to his apartment and he and I went grocery shopping...............I CAN'T HELP IT KIM....HE IS MY BABY!
We went back to his place and shared a chicken dinner and then I came home. In the middle of all of this DD (who turns 17 today) called and someone at school had given her and a friend 4 tickets to the Reds game for TONIGHT. The game starts in 3 hours and she still hasn't found out if they are going to get to go and it is a 3 hour drive. Life is stressful for teenagers. She wants to go so bad but her b/f who took off work early to spend some time with her doesn't really want to go. She doesn't want to go without him since he took off work...etc. etc. I think I am going to get a headache before the night is over.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ok.....I can't lie

So tonight DD and I went to my parents house and rode with them to WV. Fedex had tried to deliver DD's birthday present and we weren't home so we had to go there and pick it up. Since we were in WV we found ourselves near DS's apartment so we stopped by ,not because we wanted to but we uhhhh almost ran out of gas there. (If you believe that you do not know my father who will never let a gas tank get less than half full) We all walked to Burger King and had a sandwich, looked over the apartment and then came home. I was good and did fine until DD and I got in her car to come home and I cried all the way home. I am such a wimp. DS was going grocery shopping when we left and I cried because I didn't want him to have to worry about paying for groceries. I'll get over that soon enough but it is hard.
Last night DS and I had a nice chat on here and I assured him his room was always his and he could come back anytime. That made him feel so much better because the night before he had been miserable moving his stuff....I love that boy!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Feelings, Oh Oh Oh feelings

Well I think we have already established the fact that I can not all, so sing the title to yourself without thinking about me actually vocalizing.
I've been a little "out of it" lately. I'm not keeping up with blogs and definitely not keeping up with my little caringbridge friends. I am trying to deal with DS moving out, when I know he isn't ready and I really know I'm not. I am trying to be the helpful happy mom in all of this and I know his apartment is very near SH's job so he can stop by whenever he wants to check. He is also only a 35 minute drive from home so I can run up there once in a while and see how he is doing. He swears he will be home all the time but I remember when I moved out of my parents home, I didn't go back any more than I had to for quite a while. I did fine until I went to his room a little while ago and started packing his clothes for him....for some reason that hit home more than anything. He has stayed up there the last few nights but most of his stuff was still here. Crap....I gotta go try to look happy before he gets here.
Sunday SH had a few odd jobs to get finished so I tagged along with him. He had to put a new receptacle in the basement for one little old lady so she could walk on her treadmill. That kind of scares me because she is 86 and has tremors all the time and she lives alone. I would think a treadmill would not be the best idea, but I'm not her doctor.

She also wanted a gazebo type thing put up in her backyard. I'm glad she bought this because she was wanting SH to build one from scratch and attach it to her existing roof, which would have been a huge job. This one only took a couple of hours and it was nice when it was finished.

Today I am home alone. I think I have mentioned before I am not a big fan of alone, but for a little while it isn't bad.
I was sweeping the sidewalk today and noticed all of this black stuff on it. I had no idea what it was until I looked up over my head.

I guess worms that are eating all you leaves must leave a deposit below the tree. I hadn't noticed until now but this tree is completely infested with these things. This picture doesn't show it well but I am supposed to be cleaning, not taking pictures of worm poo. I also shouldn't be blogging, but I am.

The weather here is horrible. Temperature in the 90's, dewpoint in the upper 70's. I think we will end up with a storm tonight which is fine as long at it leaves my electric on.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Saturday happenings

One weekend a year our little down is filled with bikers. Ironton hosts a bikers weekend called "Rally on the River." I have nothing against these bikers but it is a little intimidating sometimes. Most of the streets look like this...........

The entire downtown looks like this.........those are motorcycles as far as you can see on both sides of the street.

Our Saturday was pretty calm for once and I would like to say that SH is trying out DS's new loveseat at his little apartment because of our Anniversary celebration, but we haven't really been alone all day. We spent the day shopping for odds and ends for DS and doing those mommy and daddy things like checking smoke detectors, buying and installing carbon monoxide detectors and checking to see if the windows open easy in case of fire. The apartment came fully furnished and while it isn't something I would have chosen, it works good for a 19 year old boy.

Anniversary celebrations

Thank you for the nice Anniversary wishes. It seems like it always falls on a bad work day for us. Fridays I work from 9 to 4 and SH works from 2 to 10:30. SH did luck into having today off instead of his normal Monday so we are living it up today. We are getting ready to go to town to get him new rotors and tires. Then we are meeting DS's new landlord so he can sign his lease. We may stay there and clean up a little and then home to put the new stuff on SH's car. Then to little old ladies to put up a canopy she can't live without one more day. I'm getting all tingly just thinking about it. We may sneak in a bite to eat somewhere but figure my money will be spent buying some groceries for DS's new place.
I took a shower a little while ago and while I was drying my hair SH mentioned that I need a haircut. I just laughed because I got a few weeks ago when he was on vacation. He was here when I left and when I got back....he just doesn't notice things. Gotta love him anyway;-)
Anniversary pictures later!.............JUST KIDDING GIRLS.

22 years

On August 17, 1985 I put hot rollers in my hair, put on a white dress with a hoop underneath, took those rollers out and used half a can of hairspray and walked down the aisle of my church to marry my best friend. I probably used blue eyeshadow too, though I don't remember. I didn't realize at the time how blessed I was. SH is the kind of man that I am sure my parents hoped I would find. He is caring. He would never hurt me. He believes in hard work and helping others. He would give his last penny to any family member who needed it. He loves me even when I don't feel lovable.
Happy Anniversary SH! I'm so glad I found you.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More randomness

Random thought # 1 - my mothers chicken tetrazzini recipe will make teenage boys eat so fast their hands are just blurs. It makes me eat fast too and makes my a** grow even larger, which is a sure sign of a good recipe.

Random thought #2 - Sunset at Jackson lake last night was beautiful even if I watched it from shore while SH and DD went fishing in the boat. I actually elected to stay ashore and take pictures because we had just come back from Bennigans and I was afraid I would sink the boat after all I have eaten in the last few days. Deep fried mushrooms, deep fried broccoli bites and a Monte Cristo sandwich( which is deep fried) at Bennigans alone. I actually just had a few appetizers and only half the sandwich which is still huge. I still can't figure out why my gall bladder isn't trying to get out by itself. I want to go back to Bennigans again, but I probably had better wait few weeks, or months.

Random thought #3 - For weeks now this is what I get every time I try to send email. I hate these message boxes. I call and they change everything, change it back and it works once...then it goes right back.

Random thought #4 - Puppies find the taste of cell phones irresistible. DS moved my purse off of the bar for me and into the floor, where Daisy need to say more. Random thought # 5 - In the mail today I received a key from a car dealership that says I probably have already won a new Chevy Tahoe. I just need to come in and try my key to verify..... Well if I am getting a new car I can get rid of my minivan...wait it's a Chevy and my family does not drive Chevys ( though I occasionally find a pretty one) because that is one of the deadly sins or something, maybe a commandment. "Thou shalt always drive a Ford."

Sunday, August 12, 2007

A house for B's dolls

The house is finished and already in NJ. The food at the reunion is eaten and SH is sleeping. I got a nice little nap after I got my tummy full and now I am ready to go for the evening. I don't think I really have anything to do this evening but I kind of like it that way. I could probably get something done around the house if I would get off of my hiney. I also have a new Jan Karon book I haven't read so that is high on my priority list right now.

Here are a few pictures, but pictures in a garage at 6AM just don't seem to do it justice.

The little stairway which SH completely cut out and made by hand actually turns at the top and goes to the right, the picture doesn't show it well.
This picture was taken before the front of the house was finished and added but you can see how the roof tilts up to show attic rooms.

Well I am off to scrub something on my hands and knees, or read..... maybe I should toss a coin.

Done and delivered (part 3)

Yes the dollhouse is finished and delivered. Now I am off to sleep for 2 whole hours before I have to get up and cook for the reunion. I will post pictures later today. SH did such a nice job and worked so hard. Life is good! (or I am slap happy)

Part 2

Operation doll house is still underway. SH is still up and working and I came in and slept from 4 to 5AM so I could drive back to town. He is supposedly going to be ready to go in half an hour. He is going to be so much fun at the family reunion at noon.........thank goodness it is his family.

What a day

Today was nice. SH stayed up until 5AM working on the dollhouse. I, by the way, was asleep by 1:30AM and had no idea when he came in. He spent the better part of the day working on the dollhouse, building an amazing set of stairs. I went and got a haircut and some stuff to cook for a family reunion we are attending tomorrow(today). We had supper at my parents house with my brother and his family who are in from Indiana and my niece (whom I love as much as my own children) who is going back to NJ tomorrow morning. It is now after 1AM and SH isn't close to finished with the house and it has to be ready to leave early in the morning. We are planning on working on it all night if we have to and driving it the 15 miles back to town pre-dawn.
My day went downhill quick when we were leaving my mothers this evening and I told my niece to give me a hug because she would be in bed when I brought the dollhouse back and I wouldn't see her again for awhile. She proceeded to hug me from behind while burying her face in my lower back. I could feel her shaking as she was trying to not burst into tears. I finally got her to let me sit down and she climbed on my lap and started crying. She begged me to let her stay here. She said she could reverse her usual routine and go stay with her dad at Christmas and summer and she knew her mom would move here if she wanted to stay here. I tried everything to get her to want to go home. "B, you have soccer practice starting Monday." "I don't like soccer I like it here with you and grandma." B, your dad will miss you." "I'll go see him sometimes I just want to stay here and go to school here." I know she will be so happy to see her mom and dad, she just really enjoys the more laid back lifestyle here. Needless to say by the time I left there I was in tears too. My mother and I kept her every day for the first year of her life because her mother had to work long hours and when she up and moved to NJ when B was a little over a year old it about killed both of us.
The day only got better when we got home because DD asked if she could go out on the river with her BF and two other couples after the reunion tomorrow. I told her I didn't like the idea and told her to talk to her father. BIG MISTAKE. He never tells her no. I just knew that when he heard that she wanted to go out with a bunch of 18-21 year old kids on a river that has a bad reputation for drownings because of the horrible current and the amount of alcohol usually drunk by boaters he would say no. I was so wrong. "will they be drinking?" No daddy. "Will you wear your life jacket/" Yes. "OK" Of course the boys will be drinking, thats what they do on the river. They will also tie inner tubes on the back of the boat and try to throw each other off by seeing how fast they can go in the wake from the barges. I think I am going to be sick.
Well it is almost 1:30 so I had better go help SH. I will post pictures of the finished house soon. Have a great Sunday.

Friday, August 10, 2007

My vacation....or not

Today SH and I were both off. The possibilities were endless. We could go boating, fishing, lay around in the pool or anything our little hearts desired. So we.............wanna guess? We got up this morning and loaded up a ton of tools into the truck and went to one little old ladies house because she called this morning and said her commode wouldn't shut off and had run all night. She was gone when we got there but the commode was fine. She also had an alarm she wanted installed on the door so we did that and then went to Lowes. We bought a truckload of stuff at Lowes and went to a rental of another little old lady and framed in an open place on the back porch and installed a back door. We then (and I say we loosely here) built a frame at the bottom of the stairs and installed a door so the new renters could shut off the upstairs in the winter if they wanted to. We worked in that house with NO AIR CONDITIONING in 100+ heat for 10 hours. That house has been shut up for weeks and the thermometer in the house would only go to 90 and it never went below that.
We also bought a breaker box and breakers at lowes because another little old lady called in a panic because some of their renters were blowing fuses every day and she was having to buy them so she needs a new box in there pronto. Tomorrow looks like we finish one house and if we can get the electric company to pull the meter try to install that in the other house.
Now when I married SH I knew he wasn't Mr. Romantic, but he likes me to go with him because that is "spending time together" to him. But by about 3PM this afternoon I didn't want anyone within smelling distance of me and I didn't want to be too near SH;-)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

SH's vacation

Do we know how to live it up or what? So far on vacation SH has fixed a few things for his little old ladies and worked on the dollhouse he is building for my niece. She is going home to NJ this weekend so he is in overdrive, working half the night trying to get finished. He is such a handy guy. He has handmade the entire thing, even the little doors.

I love the way he made his own shingles...they look almost real.

He is doing all of this work in the garage. The temperature in the garage when I got home from work today was 98. He and my dad both will work outside when it is hot and not complain a bit. I whine like a baby when the temperature gets above 85.

When you turn your tv on and it looks like this does that mean it's time to buy a new tv? SH also built this entertainment center/tv cabinet or whatever you call it. You would think if I was going to take a picture of it I would straighten up the stuff on it first.

The heat is on

Todays temperature is supposed to be 100 degrees. Factor in the humidity and it should feel like at least 105. Does my air conditioner work in my car? NO! Since we worked on it last time I can turn it on high and feel air slightly cooler than the outside temperature, but not cold by any stretch of the imagination. SH's air isn't working in his car either. Both kids air works fine... there is something wrong with this picture. We keep putting off getting them professionally worked on because SH's car is getting old and I want to sell mine and I don't care to take less and let them get it fixed if they want it fixed. SH does not believe in getting a new car as long as the old one will get you where you want to go. My parents trade cars every few years, but SH (and his parents before him) drive them until they will not go anymore. His explorer has about 170,000 miles on it and is still going strong. His last small car lasted for 12 years. It a matter of pride for them to get every last mile out of a vehicle. I don't mind driving them for a long time but when I can't rely on it to not break down I want something else.
I am working today and then trying to take the next two days off to spend with SH. I have a few day trips planned, but it is so hot out that fishing or anything he would enjoy is going to be hard to do. Yesterday evening my niece and I floated around the pool for a couple of hours and that was about the extent of our outside time.
I'm headed to work, I hope you all stay in and stay cool today.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


SH is on vacation this week. Vacation is quickly turning into working yourself to death week. It seems everyone needs SH this week. Yesterday he spent 10 hours weedeating and mowing around his families church and cemetery, in 100 degree heat. I didn't go out there at 6AM like he did so I stayed here and napped and met him later. While I was here the little old ladies started calling. We haven't let them know he is on vacation, but they knew it was Monday and that it his normal day off. They also have talked among themselves over the weekend and learned he was finished little old lady #1's odd jobs and they knew he may have a little time. I don't really get vacations so I am planning on taking a few days off this week, though I may be spending them alone. We were planning on camping this week but we can't seem to fit in a few days away right now................

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Love those contests

The wonderful people at Best Buy are teaming up with 5 minutes for mom and giving away a sweet tv. Go here to enter, though I swear I am meant to win this one. In the last few weeks my tv is acting up and you have to whack it on the side a few times to get a picture. Not to mention that the drawing is on mine and SH's 22nd wedding anniversary..August 17th.

Friday, August 03, 2007

As it should be

My world is back as it should be. DD has a friend over, and DS has 3 friends over. I've been cooking and laughing at their stories. Make that 4 friends for my son...the door bell just rang.
My dear son got his first real paycheck today. He has had minimum wage jobs before where his paycheck would be 150.00 every two weeks, sometimes double that at the holidays. This is his first serious and better paying job. He was looking forward to this paycheck, the big bucks he would make. This check for 2 weeks of training was going to be around 700.00 and life would be good. He was going to check into the price of his own apartment, take his girlfriend out to a nice restaurant, live the good life. Then he got his check and the government got his check and he was shocked. How did a 723.00 check become a 525.00 check? SH and I had tried to warn him that what you make and what you get are two completely different things. It is a tough lesson to learn but one you must learn at some point. He is still taking his girlfriend out to a nice place tomorrow to make up for the last few months of dating a broke young man.
I ended up at wal mart again today. The people I take care of always send me to wal mart and I have been there 4 times this week. Today I was in line behind another woman with quite a few kids. She had 6 kids and the oldest couldn't have been more than 8. I remember taking my 2 when they were young and while they were well behaved it was still tiring to shop and keep an eye on 2 kids. This ladies kids were very well behaved and I almost stopped her to tell her how well behaved her kids were but I thought she might think I was odd. I don't know why I am noticing these people and their kids lately, maybe still part of that slowly emptying nest thing.

Thursday, August 02, 2007


I have nothing to say, but feel the need to write something down, to justify my spending way too much time on this machine. I am developing a bad habit of sitting here way too long, checking up on bloggers, making sure everyone is still there and I am not alone in this world. I have enjoyed the few times a couple of bloggers and myself have "met" on messenger and actually "talked." I think a lot of this has to do with getting myself acclimated to the new quietness that has fallen on my home in the last few weeks. With DS working almost every evening and at his girlfriends house after work and on days he isn't working, and with DD being gone all last week and then out with her BF tonight it is quiet. Boy that lived here but wasn't mine is gone for good, and for that I am glad. SH is working every evening and his days off are spent taking care of his little old ladies odd jobs. I feel a little out of sorts, but I am learning to not stress out too much and to try to enjoy the quietness a little. I think this is a good way to practice for when the nest is truly empty.
This morning at 4:50 someone decided it would be funny to call our house and wake us up. Any phone call at that time of the morning is scary to me, I'm always sure something is really wrong. The only thing wrong this time was someones teenage boys had been drinking a little too much and had too much time on their hands. My husband shares his name with a famous horror movie villain. These boys found the name in the phone book and called and started the conversation when DD and I both picked up phones by screaming "get the fu** out of that house." I promptly hung up, but DD took the phone to SH because they were screaming his name. When SH asked what they wanted they then explained where they would stick his phone for him. He then hung up, but it was too late and we were awake. 5AM also happens to be the time the guy who rides to work with our nearest neighbor shows up at his house. SH heard his truck and thought someone was here so we just got up. Of course by the time I got ready for work SH was snoring on the couch. I did get to work early and wasn't too affected by the 4 and a half hours of sleep I did get. I took a nap after work but that, as usual, gave me a raging headache.
I haven't seen SH alone or spent time with him this entire week. I stopped by his little old woman's after work and helped him for half an hour before he went to work. He informed me while I was there that I had better be awake tonight(-; I think poor SH is getting lonely too. The good news, next week he is on VACATION. Yes I said it, but not out loud. We are trying to keep a low profile with the whole vacation thing because if little old ladies get a whiff of days off all hell will break loose and he will be working harder than if he went to work. We have no real plans, but hope to at least get to go camping a few days. The temperature here was in the 90's today and supposed to climb to near 100 in the next week. I still have to work because I get no paid vacation, but I plan on taking a few days off to spend with my family.
My big plans for this weekend involve a haircut and a little highlighting to cover those few gray strands that are cropping up with persistence lately. I guess I should be happy I am just getting a few gray hair, which in the big scheme of things doesn't even count. Don't forget to stop by and leave a little love for whymommy...
Today when I was at Wal*mar* I was in line behind a woman whose patience was stretched thin. She had 2 children walking beside her, ages approximately 4 and 6. She had 2 little boys in the buggy that I assume were twins and looked to be about 2 and she had a baby in a carrier in the basket of the buggy that couldn't have been more than 6 months old. The walma*ts here have moved pregnancy test to the pharmacy and one certain check out line for when the pharmacy was closed. That poor woman had to ask for a pregnancy test. If I would have had my camera I would have taken a picture of the checkout clerks face, and mine. I try not to judge other peoples decisions about their families but I just about burst out laughing at the check out girls face. It was priceless.
Have a great Friday!