Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Perfect Storm

It was a dark and stormy hour here. The sky got dark and then got darker.

The thunder was so loud it shook the windows and scared the dogs. The wind blew and slammed the garage door shut. I watched the trees all around bend down like they were bowing to me, their captive audience. I took my camera out to get a picture of the clouds, which is hard to do when you live with hills all around. You hear a storm way before it gets in view. I took a picture and felt a couple of rain drops on my head so I went in the house, excited about the prospect of a little rain. The thunder kept up, the lightning was fierce, but the rain was not to be. We got about 11 drops on the sidewalk and then it blew on. Someone, somewhere got a nice rain. The temperature dropped 15 degrees in 15 minutes, but it is slowly on its way back up.
I have been a good girl this week and haven't been to Huntington, WV. for 3 days. I'm on my way to Walmart but I am going to Kentucky because it is a little closer. I'm starting to feel a little sad though....but the weekend is almost here and DS will visit or we will visit him this weekend and all will be good again.


Lanny said...

I think we got your rain! We're about 22 inches behind right now, so it was much needed, but it was a whopper of a storm!

kim-d said...

Hi Katy! It looks like our rain has moved on, too--thankfully! We were as parched as you here in MN, but then it got ridiculous all at once. That is a broodingly beautiful pic!

Monkling said...

And it's heading our way for tomorrow. Hopefully it won't flood the subways.