Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday randomness

Today was one day I didn't have any reason to go to Huntington to DS's new apartment. I had no reason do know where this is going don't you??????
I went to work at my normal time and settled in for a nice day taking care of the sweet little boy I get to take care of on Wednesdays and Fridays. His mom called the doctors office to see about some medicine since he had been on some antibiotics for awhile and was now finished and not feeling quite up to par yet. The doctor decided she wanted to see him.....In Huntington......a few blocks from DS's apartment. We drove past DS's on the way to the doctors and that was enough for me. We went to the doctors and she decided he needed to spend a night at the hospital just so they could do a few tests to see what was bugging him. We had planned on that possibility so that wasn't a big problem. We loaded him back up (and trust me that is no easy thing for us or the poor little guy) and took him to the hospital. That left me in Huntington with no car. I called SH and he was getting off work soon so he came to the hospital and picked me up but he had a bunch of cookies with him. He sometimes gets free cookies because part of the place he works rents trucks to a company that delivers cookies. So off to DS's apartment to deliver some cookies to him. You knew it was coming didn't you?
Tonight I think DS is coming out here to stay all night so I am planning to cook for him and SH after while.
DD went to the high school football game so she will be here later. I got her a birthday cake last night but she didn't get home until 1AM and didn't start on it then so we have dessert.
Monkling.....the only thing I remember DD saying when she got home from the Reds game last night was that it was AWESOME. I know she had called me a few times to tell me her legs were on tv and her boyfriend had caught a baseball and a t-shirt.


kim-d said...

Well, you WERE in the neighborhood. It would have been rude NOT to stop by :)!

kim-d said...

You HAD to know the silence wouldn't last--HAHAHA! I just finished today's might like it!

Monkling said...

I want to see a Reds game (picture the little pouting face here). I'm glad they ended up going. Knew she'd have fun.

Steve has been sick the past few days. When I spoke to him yesterday I said, "You need your mommy to take care of you." His response was to grumble at me that he was hanging up. If it wasn't a 4 hour drive, he'd really get annoyed with me. But he only pretends not to like it when I 'mother' him - which is why I like saying things like that.

kim-d said...

I'm so glad DD's boyfriend decided to go to the game...and it sounds like he had a good time, too. I'll bet he went because I said he should, huh? HA! So now your baby is 17...EEEK!