Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good morning!

It's Tuesday, which is my Monday. Life has gotten super busy here and probably will be for the next few weeks.
Last week my dad kept seeing annoying little floaty things in front of one eye. By Thursday he was seeing flashes of light in one eye. He called the eye doctor who said he could get him in the next Tuesday (today.) Friday he woke up and could only see out of about half of his eye. Sunday mom called and said he couldn't see much of anything from that eye and wondered what they should do. I told her if the eye doctor wouldn't get him in Monday I would tell them to find someone who could. Monday morning mom calls and tells them they aren't waiting until Tuesday so the eye doctor agrees to see him. Doctor M dilates his eye and instantly sees a detached retina. The eye doctor called a surgeon and told dad to pack a bag because these things had to be operated on as quickly as possible so he wouldn't be coming home from the surgeons office. Dad calls me and asks me to drive him and mom to the surgeons office and hospital because it is in another state and my mom doesn't drive in strange places. I get ready and off we go for eye surgery. We find the surgeons office and they have their appointment only to be told surgery will be put off until Wednesday because it is too late. The retina is very damaged and he will not get much vision back in that eye. So...Wednesday morning its off to the hospital again for my poor dad who is a barber....volunteer fireman and chauffeur to other family members who need rides back and forth to doctors offices. The surgeon told him this would not be an easy fix because of the amount of damage and that he was in for a miserable few months. Keep him in your thoughts please, he will go crazy if he doesn't get his sight back....

Sunday, April 27, 2008


This weekend DD and I went North for a little R&R. We had a nice weekend other than a little odd 2AM incident at the hotel. 2AM someone knocks on the door and I look out the window and there is a woman standing outside. She saw me and apologized for waking me and said she had the wrong room. I go back to bed and I hear knocking again. She wants to use our phone because her car ran out of gas. I go outside and tell DD to lock the door and I let the woman use my cell phone. Whoever she calls doesn't answer so I go back inside. She knocks again.....Could I please loan her some money for gas. I give her 5 dollars and she asks for more and promises to bring it back. I give her 5 more and tell her not to bring it back. I do not want her coming back in the middle of the night and I'm pretty sure she isn't out of gas and won't bring it back anyway. She finally leaves and I crawl in bed and stay awake half the night hoping she is gone for good. She doesn't come back but I get a phone call from a man this morning wondering why my cell number is on his phone from 2AM. He has no idea who it would have been and I am just glad she didn't come back.
I noticed this sign on the door in the hotel....
If your hotel room was on fire and you were there with your family would you stop to find the key before you leave?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bird brains

What is it about spring that makes birds become idiots. Every year we have at least one that falls in love with the reflection of itself in the window. This guy has spent the last few hours pecking at the window and trying to show off for its own reflection. If he is like birds from other years he will be here for days, trying to talk himself into mating.

Once in a while he lands for a few minutes, just to stare longingly into his own reflection. I have always heard that clean windows make it easier for them to see their own reflections....and I do my best to not get mine clean just for the birds....yeah that's it.

Monday, April 21, 2008

One more reason...

I love my superhubby. He is a wonderful man. He left early this morning for North Carolina and I miss him already, but I'm glad he got to go.

Yesterday before he left he decided the kitchen floor needed scrubbed. SH does NOT do housework normally because he is so busy doing outside stuff and helping out his little old ladies, but when he does he does it well. For some stupid reason when we built our house I thought a white floor was a good idea. I'm not sure what I was doing at that time to make me think that, but I have now learned my lesson. When we built the house we didn't have a dog. I also had the insane idea that people would always take their shoes off when they come in the house. Now we have a dog, puddles of mud, 2 unhousetrained puppies and no one takes their shoes off when they come in. I pretty much just run a mop over the floor when it doesn't look white anymore. SH knows that running a mop over the floor fixes very little so he decided to get down on his knees and do it right....which I very seldom do.

Gotta love him!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Life in the fast lane

DD told me the other day that the prom was much more fun than she ever expected. I think that probably has to do with her choice of a date and her friends. She had a wonderful time and is already talking about next year........heaven help my bank account.

I was playing with this photo and it didn't quite turn out as I wanted it to so I need to redo it at some point.....just not sure when I will have the time or the patience.
My DS and his girlfriend just came out to stay the night. They are going to take care of the puppies and they want beef stew cooked outside over a fire. It's going to be a fun evening.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Because life isn't complicated enough

My DS, whom I love more than life itself went to the big Lucasville flea market. He called to inform me he was buying these....

Of course these aren't allowed in his apartment. I think he inherited his mothers inability to pass up cute puppies his fathers love of anything flea market. He and some friends are looking as hard as they can for a place to rent that allows animals. He is looking at a house this evening that does allow animals but the rent is going to be very steep. I guess we shall see what happens. I love puppies but trying to house train these are more than I can take right now.
The prom and after prom this past weekend was a big success. DD says it was even better than she thought it would be. The after prom flew by and I was home by 4:30 AM sitting at the computer looking at pictures. The picture on the last post was one I took in the yard but there are many more lurking in my computer and camera. I'm guessing you may see one or two more before the week is over(-;

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Short but sweet

It has been a very busy few days, but well worth it I think. Now if I can just stay awake until 5 AM tomorrow morning when the after prom party is over I should be doing well. See you all tomorrow evening when I finally wake up.
Kim, waiting on your pictures.
P.S. My son just called from a big flea market to tell me he bought 2 puppies and since he couldn't have them at his apartment.....you get the picture.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Because I have nothing to say...

The last few days have been wonderful...no more mud and rain, just sunny, mid 70's and make me happy weather. I was getting really tired of this.

Today DD decided she wanted to take a walk so I talked her into going down to school and walking. I need to start exercising but I live on a pretty good size hill on a mountain a million miles straight up. I used to walk here and climb back up the mountain but since I haven't actually exercised for a very long time I thought I should start on flat ground and not die of a heart attack the first time I took off walking. DD and I walked at a pretty fast pace for 18 minutes. She actually jogged a couple of laps while I just walked. BUT I WALKED FAST. I feel so much better just walking those 18 minutes. I hope I can keep it up and work up to 30 minutes in a couple of weeks. Maybe if I did that and drank water instead of PEPSI all the time I could lose a little of this chunky body.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend in review

Friday night after my dinner out with my DS I started my drive home and saw this. I love sunsets and this one seemed particularly beautiful.

Sunday superhubby, DD and I took off on an all day car trip to toward the northern part of Ohio. I haven't been to this particular part of Ohio before so we had a nice little trip. SH and I spent some time shopping and looking around while DD got to see the 4th K kid that she hasn't gotten to see for the last few weeks. He wanted to introduce her to his friends at college and she wanted to take him and his friends brownies and cookies. It just occured to me that anyone other than Kim reading this probably won't understand the whole K kid thing. My daughter, her best friend and both of their boyfriends have names that start with K, so they call themselves any number of variations of the K kids. DD and her best friends boyfriend both have the intials KM and DD's best friend and DD's boyfriend both have the initials KS... anyway it was a fun day for her and the 4th K and a long day for SH and myself. Next weekend is prom and preparations are going to be taking place all week. Tanning bed appointments, nails, building columns for prom pictures, decorating for prom (I volunteered to help), after prom meeting, after prom lists and various other stuff. I like this kind of busy, its fun and we are working toward a super fun, safe prom.

Friday, April 04, 2008


Yes it is Friday. I love Friday even if they precede a very busy weekend like the one I have coming up. I'm ready for it anyway....bring it on.
I woke up early this morning, about 2 and a half hours before my alarm went off. I woke up to thunder, lightning and heavy rain. It rained hard for about 3 hours and now has slacked off to a steady rain. SH woke up and turned the scanner on. We bought a scanner years ago to listen to the fire and police calls because my dad is a volunteer firefighter. He is 71 now and I listen to him talk on the scanner when he is at fires. It eases my mind a little to hear his voice and know he is ok. This morning the scanner is going off every few minutes.....country roads and state routes alike are disappearing under water. People are trying to get through water, and some aren't making it. Some schools in the area cancelled classes to keep kids from getting stuck somewhere. DD had school but I'm sure half the students won't make it this morning. I'm headed to work in a few minutes and today is a day I work just about 10 miles away, so I should make it ok. SH will have to take a very long around the flood water route to work. Instead of 40 minutes or so to work it will probably take him well over an hour. Last year we ended our summer in a drought with our water table 7 inches below normal...we are now well over normal. My bright spot in all of this is that last summer we couldn't pick blackberries. They weren't any good....this year I am making jelly, cobblers and freezing enough for the winter.
Have a great Friday everyone.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Little miss muffet

It is a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, there is a nice breeze and the temperature got up into the upper 50's. I love this weather! The next two days are supposed to be full of rain and flooding again so I am enjoying this. While I was walking around outside I found this little guy.

He is some type of spider or insect and is no bigger than a tick. I just happened to see him because he is bright red. I am not a spider/insect fan, but he was just wandering around on this pipe as pretty as can be. I wonder if other bugs stare at him like I do when I see an otherwise nice looking kid with red/pink dye in their hair? Maybe he is a punk rocker bug...I wonder if I got a close up if he would have piercings all over? Would he have those long bars through his ears or do spiders even have ears? Maybe he is made fun of because he is so small so this is his way of getting noticed? Maybe, just maybe, I should get a life and quit worrying about his little guys.