Friday, August 29, 2008

Gettin' me some lovin...

Get the dirty thoughts out of your head, I won an award, which is almost as good as the other thing you are thinking of, Ok maybe not but close.

Kick Ass Blogger Award

Choose 5 bloggers that you feel are "Kick Ass Bloggers"
Let 'em know in your post or via email, twitter or blog comments that they've received an award
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Thank you so much Monkling for the award.

When I tried to figure out who to give the award to I decided to just pick the first 5 people that come to mind every single day. There are about 5 blogs that I HAVE to check every day to see what is going on. I'm sure some of them already have the award but I don't care.

1. Hallie She makes me laugh....or gag, every day.
2. Kim She is such a caring person who can make anyone feel better. She already won this award but by golly she is getting it again.
3. Monkling Has such a great sense of humor, and like myself is starting down that road we call " empty nest."
4. Kellen Has a house full of kids and a great sense of humor.
5. Kimmy Has a great sense of humor AND a great friendship with Hallie. Now that her kids are in school I'm sure we will hear more from Kimmy. Plus anyone with the word blender in her name should get an award.

Now I am off to tell each of these people about their awards.......have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

kitties kitties everywhere....

So the black kitty is now gone, living with my son and his girlfriend. I thought I was cat free until I went to work the next morning and someone said "do you want a kitten?" I said a quick no and then learned later that the neighbors had found it in the road and rescued it but couldn't afford to feed it. If no one took it they were going to "dispose" of it. So I brought it home. This particular kitten is way too young to be away from its mother. I noticed it hadn't used the bathroom at all and the people that had it said it hadn't for the 24 hours they had it. I have been here before with puppies so this morning I took a few damp cottonballs and BINGO huge pile of little kitty poo.

You can tell by looking that it isnt much bigger than the tennis ball. It likes to be carried around against me or DD. If it is asleep we can lay it down but if its awake it cries until it is around us. Just about like a real baby....a spoiled real baby.

Monday, August 25, 2008

What happened...

Yesterday superhubby and I went out to eat and stopped at my SIL to pick a few of her peaches. She also gave us a little of her peach jam....which I can't wait to try. My ex favorite restaurant was out of my monte cristo sandwich. That put a little damper on my evening.

Then when we stopped at my SIL's to pick some peaches and some how we ended up with this.

Long story which I will explain later.....

Saturday, August 23, 2008

And many more....

DD, her boyfriend and my mother............

One of the two cakes she had...

This morning (or last night) at 12:01 my DD walked into the family room where hubby and I were watching tv and said "hello mother, hello father, who are you voting for in the election, how about those oil prices, gas is astronomical." She was trying not to giggle and of course my hubby could not figure out what she was doing. I finally got him to realize it was 12:01 on August little babies 18th birthday. I'm sure I will have tons of pictures to show you later.....

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Denial is not just a river in Egypt

It is hot today. I decided this afternoon when I got home from work that I NEEDED peanut butter fudge. I pulled a stool up to the stove because I'm lazy because it takes a long time and made fudge. I was stirring with one hand and eating the jello I HAD to have last night with the other. I spent a little time reading the box of cookie dough I bought while I was in town today.

During my peanut butter fudge stirring/jello eating/peanut butter cookie reading time I had a thought..... I don't have any type of PMS symptoms. Sometimes I forget to count days and "aunt flo" catches me by surprise. Some people have all kinds of symptoms; cramps, headaches or weird cravings . I don't have any symptoms at all. Once in a while....wait, I dropped a brownie crumb on the keyboard (don't laugh you know it's hard to type when you are licking the keyboard,) I may notice a little bloating or headache but very very seldom. I don't even.....hmm...brownie....brownies need ice cream.... and chocolate sauce.

OK I'm back now where was I? Oh right, I was tooting my own horn about how very seldom I have any type of pms symptoms. I guess I should consider myself lucky and not invite misery. Now I must go because my DD wants me to help her make cookies and I have to clean up the kitchen from my mac and cheese and fried potato dinner.......have a great evening.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Countdown to fall

It's Monday. My day off. I love having Monday off because SH has Monday off too. Yesterday was our anniversary and he spent his day wiring a friends kitchen. His age is starting to show because he gave me my card and told me he hoped it said anniversary and not birthday but he didn't have his reading glasses when he bought it. Today he is painting a little old ladies garage. I was going to help (really I was) but someone had to go to town and get pool chemicals and caulking. I stopped back by and painted a door, or at least part of a door, and then came home. It is 90 degrees and I do not do well when it is 90 degrees. I did come home and accomplish some stuff that I usually wait on him to do. I put some transmission stuff in my car that is supposed to stop leaks. I would have fixed it but I couldn't even find the front seal that is leaking more or less pull the transmission to fix it, so I put stop leak in it. I charged the air conditioner in my car too. I always wait on him to do it (it leaks a bit) but if you recall I said it was 90 degrees and I wasn't in the mood to hope he would get to it "one day." He is due home soon to change clothes and go finish his wiring job......the man needs a vacation.
Today my poor little dog went running to SH's car and jumped in the open door squealing and snorting. He didn't know what was going on until he saw the yellow jackets on her nose. She is fine but laying around wanting a little extra loving today.
This picture was from a few weeks ago so picture this......only she swipes at her nose every once in a while.

Last week my son called to tell me someone had rear ended him and his girlfriend in Huntingt*on. The guy worked for Mar*hall University and told them his boss would fix it so they left. My son called me right after that and I told him to go back, call the police and do not leave without a police report. They called the police and then waited....two and a half hours. The damage wasn't bad but while they were waiting they called the guys boss who said "do you have a police report?" I'm pretty sure he would have refused to fix it if they hadn't gotten the report. It ended up being useless because the next day on her way to work my sons girlfriend was hit by a man who ran a red light. He hit her in the front side fender but since no one stuck around to be eye witnesses the police refused to charge anyone. I think she is at the point that she hopes it was totaled, she has to pay a deductible no matter what.

I was supposed to go in for my first annual boob squashing Wednesday, but when I called my insurance company to make sure I didn't need to get authorization for it they informed me the hospital I was going to is no longer in my network. Now instead of going to the doctor in Ohio and the hospital in Kentucky I have to go to West Virginia to the hospital. It's no wonder our insurance is always screwed up.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

This, that and all the other

Today I went to work as usual, worked my normal 4 hours and then came home to shower and change. Today I had to go say goodbye to my niece who is going back to NJ in the morning. I have felt a tiny amount of sadness today as I think of the possibility of not seeing her until next spring....or summer. They do try to come at Christmas if possible but my sister is starting a new job so that may not be doable this year. With DD going back to school tomorrow and my niece leaving I'm starting to feel lonely again. She has been an absolute delight to have around the last 7 weeks. Ok, maybe I am feeling a bit more than a tiny amount of sadness.
Sunday will be the 23rd anniversary of the day I married my superhubby. I was 18, he was 25. Without thinking I promised him to one of his "old ladies" for Sunday.....I remembered later it was our anniversary. While sitting in my moms yard a little bit ago I mentioned the fact that he had to help someone on our anniversary and my moms neighbor said " last year he was putting a new front door in for me on your anniversary." My aunt then chimed in with "the year before that he was building my new back porch." Does anyone see a pattern here? When one of us remembers it is going to be our anniversary he always offers to call and cancel but he has so little free time I usually just want him to go get whatever he has to do finished. We are going to try to go out for breakfast that morning.
I just went down to school to speak with DD's teachers. The great thing about their school is the fact that everyone knows everyone else. The bad thing is everyone knows everyone Else's business. Since I don't have any real business it doesn't bother me. We are related to about 1/3 of the teachers and the others are mostly people either superhubby, my parents or myself have known for years. I talked to a few of the teachers but most said Kelli knew what she needed and wouldn't have any problems. Her senior year........

I hurried home from school so I could be ready to watch the Olympics. First I wanted to blog and then I wanted a snack. I went to the fridge and got out the lettuce, carrots and milk ( I had to, they were in front of the cheesecake,) and got my snack and now I am ready for an evening of watching very fit people do things that make my chest hurt just watching....or maybe that is just the cheesecake.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Monday

Yesterday I took my niece to the park to take a few pictures before she headed back to NJ. I had some better pictures but this one doesn't show too much of her face. I love taking pictures and she loves having her pictures taken. It is a match made in heaven.

Today is Tuesday, which is my Monday. On the way to work this morning I saw a beautiful white rabbit smashed in the road and a small white bunny sitting beside it, just running off the road when a car went by. I felt sorry for the little bunny but noticed the smashed one was gone when I came back by later. The smaller rabbit looked big enough to live on its own so I figure someone cleaned up the smashed one so the little one would go away.
DD and her boyfriend's family went to Cincinnati this morning to a water park. August is typically the hottest month of the year for us (and most of you I would guess) but the last week has been nice. Highs in the 70's during the day and lows in the 50's at night. It makes for wonderful outdoor weather but not if you are going to be swimming. Our pool is way too cold to get in and it will take a few days of warmer weather before it warms up enough to get in. Right now getting in it gives the term "nippy" an entirely new meaning. DD was looking through her bikinis for one padded well. LOL.
SH just left for work and I have a great book and complete peace and quiet for at least 4 more hours. DS is coming out later to do laundry and change his oil but until then....I need to learn to enjoy the quiet and not dread it so bad so today I will be practicing by sitting on my butt in the recliner alternately reading and dozing (-;
School starts in 3 days.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

complete randomness

DD's new shoes. I'm thinking they may stick out in a crowd.

We ordered from a pizza place the other night. We don't have restaurants that deliver around here so if we want to order something to eat we have to go to town to pick it up. We usually only order when we are in town anyway and can pick it up and bring it home. Koko LOVES when we bring home the Giovanni's boxes. She dances around until we finally get it opened up and she gets to sample the food. When we are finished SH gives her the left overs in a bowl. She obviously LOVES leftovers.

My niece and her friend had a lemonade stand at my parents house today. They worked hard to make everything pretty and made a nice little profit.
This picture will be good to show them in a few years. They think they know everything now.

Have a great weekend everyone. The weather here is supposed to be perfect this weekend and I am looking forward to being able to go outside without sweating in places I didn't know you could sweat.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Here piggy piggy piggy

No, I am not talking about myself.
Check out Lynn the piggy bank painter's contest and look at her adorable watermelon piggy.
I was going to steal a picture of it to post here but I thought better of it, since I haven't asked her permission.
What are you waiting for?

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Fort Myers

My niece has been staying with me quite a bit lately. She is ten and one of her favorite things to do has always been to build forts. My dining room table is covered with blankets and there are pillows, flashlights and books underneath the table.
She has been wanting to build a fort outside but couldn't figure out how and since we are a classy bunch she and SH worked together and built this beauty... in the front yard. It comes equipped with lights, soft padding for a floor and seating for at least 6.

She got the bigger kids to play for a while and when they were finished so was she. It has been in the yard for 3 days with no one going in it. I took her back to my moms to spend a few days and that fort may have to come down.....or I may have to go climb in it and read a good book. It is cleaner than my house.

Today we shopped and shopped. School starts in 10 days. DD got her new school shoes and they are very, umm, pink. I'll post a picture later when she wakes up from her nap. She will be 18 in a few weeks and NOW she takes naps.