Monday, August 18, 2008

Countdown to fall

It's Monday. My day off. I love having Monday off because SH has Monday off too. Yesterday was our anniversary and he spent his day wiring a friends kitchen. His age is starting to show because he gave me my card and told me he hoped it said anniversary and not birthday but he didn't have his reading glasses when he bought it. Today he is painting a little old ladies garage. I was going to help (really I was) but someone had to go to town and get pool chemicals and caulking. I stopped back by and painted a door, or at least part of a door, and then came home. It is 90 degrees and I do not do well when it is 90 degrees. I did come home and accomplish some stuff that I usually wait on him to do. I put some transmission stuff in my car that is supposed to stop leaks. I would have fixed it but I couldn't even find the front seal that is leaking more or less pull the transmission to fix it, so I put stop leak in it. I charged the air conditioner in my car too. I always wait on him to do it (it leaks a bit) but if you recall I said it was 90 degrees and I wasn't in the mood to hope he would get to it "one day." He is due home soon to change clothes and go finish his wiring job......the man needs a vacation.
Today my poor little dog went running to SH's car and jumped in the open door squealing and snorting. He didn't know what was going on until he saw the yellow jackets on her nose. She is fine but laying around wanting a little extra loving today.
This picture was from a few weeks ago so picture this......only she swipes at her nose every once in a while.

Last week my son called to tell me someone had rear ended him and his girlfriend in Huntingt*on. The guy worked for Mar*hall University and told them his boss would fix it so they left. My son called me right after that and I told him to go back, call the police and do not leave without a police report. They called the police and then waited....two and a half hours. The damage wasn't bad but while they were waiting they called the guys boss who said "do you have a police report?" I'm pretty sure he would have refused to fix it if they hadn't gotten the report. It ended up being useless because the next day on her way to work my sons girlfriend was hit by a man who ran a red light. He hit her in the front side fender but since no one stuck around to be eye witnesses the police refused to charge anyone. I think she is at the point that she hopes it was totaled, she has to pay a deductible no matter what.

I was supposed to go in for my first annual boob squashing Wednesday, but when I called my insurance company to make sure I didn't need to get authorization for it they informed me the hospital I was going to is no longer in my network. Now instead of going to the doctor in Ohio and the hospital in Kentucky I have to go to West Virginia to the hospital. It's no wonder our insurance is always screwed up.

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Kellan said...

Poor doggie! Poor car - WOW! I'm glad everyone was okay and ... that car looks totalled!

I was born in West Virginia.

Have a good week - see you - Kellan

BTW - I love the new look of your site - very cute!!!!