Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Hot Hot Hot

Wow, the temperature today was 96 degrees. The grass went from pretty new spring green to brown in a week. No real rain in our future so we are watering everything every day.

DD and her friend J went to the park and took some pictures yesterday. I'm still trying to figure out my new camera and wanted to use it in different lights and situations to see how things worked. Here is one of the pics that doesn't show J's face because I didn't ask her if she wanted her picture on here.
I think a little bit of practice I may get good at this.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

May weight loss challenge

Half a pound, which is surprising considering the cook out I attended yesterday. I am just glad it is in the right direction! Gotta get to work so more later.

Monday, May 28, 2007

139th Annual Memorial Day Parade

The parade this year was the same as always, with maybe a little more patriotism added in. I heard other people mention that they saw more people stand up and applaud when the Veterans went by than in previous years. There were, of course, many more in memory of floats and there will be more every year.

There were many Little miss and Little misters riding in cars. I think I saw some this year that I haven't seen in the past. I don't think anyone from this area reads this so I think I am safe in showing this since I cropped out the names and most of the cars.

There were also the signs that weren't checked over by adults before they were put on the vehicles.

The Shriners made their appearance as they do every year. They have dozens of cars, clowns and various odd things in the parade. The Shriners do wonderful work and I'm glad they get to do this every year.

One more year gone, one more parade down. I spent many years marching in this parade myself but I must say I enjoy sitting down and watching it much more. The temperature was almost 90 and those heavy band uniforms are hard to wear.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. In our area we all go to town and sit through a 2 hour parade of Veterans, 4-h ers, ball teams, fire/police departments and little Miss and Mr. everything you can think of. I swear parents must make some of this up because there cannot be that many pageants in our little area and some of the names are stupid; Little Miss I didn't dirty my diaper last night, Little Mister most photogenic from the knees down. This parade is the longest running in US history and I'm proud it happens in our little economically depressed town. My favorite part has always been the Veterans. Every year there are less and less of those to honor and more and more in memory of signs on empty cars. That is one thing I have always stressed to my kids...these people deserve your respect because without them you wouldn't be allowed to sit here and watch a parade. I hope everyone out there seeks out a Veteran tomorrow and thanks them for what they have done for us. Everyone have a great holiday tomorrow and remember what this holiday is really all about.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I'm so excited

I got my new camera today. I haven't been this excited since Jaws was a minnow. I knew I was in trouble when the camera came with 2 DVD's to teach you how to use it. I just took it to my moms with me today and played with the easier to use point and shoot functions. The rest will have to wait until I have more time. This weekend being memorial day and me living in the town in the US with the longest running Memorial day parade I will probably have lots of chances to play with it this weekend. My daughter took this one and I think it turned out great. Most of the pictures I took were of family members or neighbors houses I probably shouldn't post on the internet.
In case I don't get a chance to get back on here (like that's going to happen) everyone have a great Memorial day and remember those who made it possible.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Here we go again

May weight loss challenge post below.
I don't know how I get in these situations....
My nephew R (different one from post a few days ago) graduated from college a few weeks ago. Now R is a great kid and hoping to start medical school this fall. To say this boy is smart is crazy...this boy is a genius. He as not only Valedictorian he got so many scholarships they pay him to go to school. He only lives a mile from me but we don't see them often, both families too busy and just not super close but when we do see each other we enjoy his company. I guess R had a girlfriend at college who lived way off somewhere (Oklahoma I think) and had to go back when school was out. She drove back here a week ago to spend some time with R and his mom said she could stay there, that is until she got there. I guess after a few days R's mom threw her out....when I got up this morning she was asleep on my couch. My DS says she just needs a place to sleep, has no money and can't afford to drive home and has to get a job. I love teenagers...I really do, but I am not very comfortable with this girl I met twice moving in my house. She seems nice, but very immature. How do I have her here when I have no idea who she is. I am
not rich, I don't have a lot of expensive "stuff" and she may be the most honest person in the world, but what if she isn't? When I fell asleep last night there were 6 teenagers here and I assumed she and R would leave and go back to his house but when I got up R had gone home and she was asleep in the living room with 3 teenage boys. I woke my son up then and he was the one to tell me of her plight. Why Me!
One a much happier note I just looked up my DD's year end grades and I am one proud momma

> Algebra 2 100.36
> Art 2 100.00
> Biology 100.76
> Desktop publishing 100.00
> English 10 101.28
> Spanish 2 101.25
> United States History 100.00

It's Tuesday

I weighed in this morning and I am down 1 and 1/2 pounds. Not much but for how bad I am bumbling this healthy thing its pretty good. I have been letting the puppies out one at a time and chasing them around to make myself exercise a little more;-) I hope everyone else is doing great!

Monday, May 21, 2007

I hear you Kim.....;-)

How's this picture Kim? Apparently some people just don't enjoy pictures of dog doo, who knew? This is my new camera that is finding its way to me via fedex later this week. I figure if I get this camera on Thursday or Friday I may be able to figure out how to turn it on by next week and maybe even learn to take a picture or so by the time summer is over. I really am going to have to study the book on this one.

This is my firstborn (on the right) and my nephew who just returned from his second round in Iraq a month ago. I just heard on the news 15 more soldiers killed over the weekend....over 70 in May. That is 70 families missing their husbands, wives, children, fathers, mothers, brothers and sisters. How many children will never see their fathers again? How many mothers and fathers will never hug their children again? It just breaks my heart..........

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Who done it?

The the dining room

The suspects.....

1. Leiko- Leiko is the sneaky one of bunch. He can get over any retaining wall we put up to keep him in the kitchen. He looks up to the Easter Bunny and has been known to hide his own little Easter Egg equivalents in peoples bedrooms. He stands about 11 inches tall and has a distinguishing white mark on his forehead. He is the bully of the bunch being so much bigger than the other dogs. His back legs work like springs that will propel him over anything.

2. Daisy- The only female of the bunch she has been known to be the brainy one. When someone (me) tries to get them in the slammer (their kennel) she doesn't fall for the tricks like the other two. You can put treats in there and the other two run in as fast as they can and she will sit and look at you with this look that says "those idiots." Daisy is a little more aloof than the other two and while she loves to be loved on she will turn her back on you and walk away if she isn't in the mood to cuddle. Daisy figured out early on that if she doesn't want to go in the house she can get under a car or picnic table and I can't get to her. She also understands that we large people can't run fast and she can.

3. Buddy- the little guy "nerd" of the bunch. Buddy has a shy bladder so when I take him outside to use the potty he looks at me like he is trying to say "PEOPLE CAN SEE ME OUT HERE" and conveniently waits until we get back in the relative privacy of the house to go. He isn't the pretty boy of the bunch, he has an unfortunate coloring of black fur with a layer of tan fur underneath. From any more than 4 feet away he looks like a dog with a severe case of the mange because the tan hair makes him look bald underneath. He is a lover not a fighter and would rather cuddle than fight but being the little guy of the bunch he gets picked on quite often. He wants a pocket protector but has no pocket to put it in.

If you see any of these suspects please rub their bellies and that will completely immobilize them until the cops get there to question them.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

I wish I may I wish I might

Two posts in one day...just a lot to say and please look at the earlier post and check out the link.
I've been cruising ebay and Best Buy drooling over the cameras. I want a new digital camera so bad I can taste it. I have a nice little digital camera I got for Christmas year before last and it works great. 5 megapixels, which has always been enough for my boring little shots. Lately I have been really wanting to step up a little. Wednesday I came to terms with the fact my little point and shoot camera just doesn't cut it. I think I came to that conclusion about the 8th time I crawled up 3 rows of folding chairs to try to get a picture of my daughter at the schools awards banquet. I would guess that the people behind me who had to watch my large hiney crawling probably would have pitched in for a better camera. One time I stood up and turned around and was looking into a mans video camera he was using to tape his daughter. I'm sure that will be a cherished memory 10 years from now. I looked at one with a little bit better zoom than mine but I know that I would be right back where I am now next year just crawling up 2 rows. This picture was taken with my camera and I did a lot of lightening and tweaking to get it this good. I don't know what the award was because I can't read it. The lawyers wife sitting behind me was just clicking away with her 10 inch long lens (not my favorite person to begin with so I whispered to DH she was just overcompensating for her DH's lack of......well you get my drift and yes that was mean) In my camera quest lately I have come to realize that a good camera is beyond my means right now, but that's ok too, It gives me something to dream of. I thought about having a rummage sale and starting a camera fund but every time I try to have a rummage sale my DH runs around picking things up and yelling " you can't get rid of this we might need it." "Honey these blue geese that have been in the basement for 10 years may come back in style and you may want them again." So I very seldom try to have rummage sales and when I do I repack almost as much as I packed so I'd better come up with a plan B. Anyone want to pay me not to get in their camera shot?

A must see

I had this big long thing typed up about every little thing going on in my life and then I got an email. This email was from my cousins wife and it contained a youtube link. I very seldom go there because I have dial up which sucks in so many ways you just can't imagine if you don't have it. I decided I would let this one load so I started it, took a shower, did a load of laundry and made a tub of pasta salad. I came back and watched it and was so glad I did. I don't know if I have mentioned before that I cry very very easily. This made me cry so hard I had to watch it twice because I missed so much through the tears. I don't care what your views are on the Iraq war and I'm not going to tell you mine but this isn't about the's about the soldiers, and their families and what they go through. One thing I will say about the war is that I think we aren't seeing the caskets come home, we aren't seeing the funerals, and the pain the families go through. I think people need to know those soldiers aren't just numbers. I can turn on the tv and hear that 5 soldiers died today and it makes me sad, but this brings so much of it home. I understand that for the soldiers families that may be private but I really think if more people saw this people would be more understanding and maybe reach out to someone with a family member in Iraq.

It says on the email this movie was made by a 15 year old girl. If it was I applaud her understanding of a difficult situation.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The potporri of blogging

Wow can you believe school is almost out? I am going to my DD school today to watch her receive the awards she has worked so hard for this year. She makes me proud every day and this is just a bonus. Last weekend she got all dressed up and she was so beautiful. I am one proud momma. My son is trying to decide what to do about college next year. He is fed up with our branch of OU and wanting to go somewhere else. I told him if he did one year at OU it was up to him the next year. The only problem is he gets enough grants and scholarships that I don't have to pay anything at OU and if he goes to Marshall it is going to get expensive so that is up to him. I don't mind him going somewhere else, and Marshall is close.
I want to thank everyone that is stopping by and encouraging me with the weight loss challenge. I can't seem to get started very well but it is going a little better.
I have a lot to say, but not enough time to say it this morning so everyone have a great day!

Monday, May 14, 2007

1 mothers day and weigh in combo please

I am not having a good healthier week. I forgot to weigh myself to start with last Tuesday so I have no idea how I did this week. Being busy doesn't help, but I guess I could come up with a dozen excuses if I wanted to try hard enough. This week things get a little calmer so I think I can kick it up a notch now.
Mothers day was nice and pretty laid back. We met my mom at a small pizza place down the road early in the afternoon for spagetti then we all went to watch the schools drama program. Later in the evening I decided I wanted a Monte Cristo sandwhich from Bennigans. I love this sandwhich and since the nearest Bennigans is an hour and a half away I don't get it often. My wonderful family drove me all the way to Bennigans and they were OUT OF MONTE CRISTO SANDWHICHES. How in the world do you run out of Monte Cristo Sandwhiches. Combine that with a young punk waiter who tried to cheat me on the bill and it wasn't my best Bennigans visit. I ended up sharing a Kilkenny chicken salad with my DD and having ice cream somewhere else to make up for the loss of my favorite sandwhich.
My favorite part of Mothers day was when my DD gave me a card she made herself and my Son gave me a big hug and said "happy mothers day mom."We stopped on the way home from dinner and bought some bright pink flowers for me to plant and I am excited to get them in the ground I just have to get myself moving today. It is 5:30 in the afternoon and I can't get anything done. I need to get used to exercising again to get some energy more excuses.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

10 things

My good blog friend Kim has tagged me for a list of 10 things about me....I'm not too good at this type of thing but here goes..........
1. I am so unorganized that I never finish anything and I mean anything. I am very creative, have great ideas and I am great at getting people started on something but I never finish.
2. My job is really cool. I go to peoples houses and help them do things that their disabilities do not allow them to do. Clean (which I can do to other peoples houses), bath, shop etc.
3. The first time I shaved my legs I was staying with a friend and she was shaving hers. She asked if I shaved mine and I said "of course, its just been awhile." I was about 10 or so and didn't want to seem not cool.
4. I have adult ADD. (see 1 above) The doctor that diagnosed me a couple of years ago doesn't like to give medicine to adults with ADD because she says at some point you have to learn to live with it. I bought a book about learning to live with adult ADD but I can't concentrate long enough to actually read it. It has been in my bedroom for 2 years and I haven't gotten past the first chapter. Some members of my family get very frustrated because I never can get everything clean or finished, but they don't understand ADD.
5. I really really really love to read. If I like a book I can read for hours and finish a book in one day. I know this doesn't seem right after number 4 but books like that don't hold my interest.
6. The only job I ever wanted was to be a mom. Even when I was in high school I knew I wanted to get married and have 3 kids. I didn't make it to 3 kids but I am happy with my two. I like my job but I have trouble leaving home when my kids are home even though they are teenagers. It really affects my job because when I am at work I really want to be home with my husband and kids, but I like my job and need to work.
7. I have something called cranial pseudo tumor. It's a weird thing that causes lots of headaches and pressure behind your eyes. One doctor told me if I didn't let him take the pressure off of my spine and brain I would be blind in less than 3 years, that was 7 years ago and I am still going strong. My symptoms have decreased over time and now just flare up occasionally. I'm too big of a chicken to let them do anything if I don't have to.
8. I can break out into tears at any time. I cry at the drop of a hat. Commercials, movies, songs, pictures, the wind blowing through the trees, even Little house on the Prairie reruns. I really cry if someone else is crying for any reason, even if I don't know what the reason is.
9. My husband means more to me than anything in the world. I even hate it when he leaves for work and we have been married for a long long time. He gets on my nerves sometimes and I am sure I get on his, but I am always so happy when he is around.
10. I hate the word cancer. So many people have been taken from me and my family because of that horrible disease. Tonight I went to the Relay for life and listened to the list of people who had lost their battles and it just makes me sick. Both of my in laws died from cancer, both my maternal grandparents, my cousin (at 38 years old) and so many more.
OK that's my 10...I will be tagging people tomorrow or Sunday but right now I am so tired and completely losing my concentration that I have to get up from this chair and walk around;-)

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

blogger giveaway

Everyday mommy is giving away a free blog design for Mothers Day. What a great idea for some of us tech challenged momma's. Good luck to everyone who enters.

Our schools total today for Relay for life was $27,000 at last count. I am so proud of those kids.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CAUTION :This is a stress relieving rant

I hate not to leave my tales from the scales post up on top but I need to talk away a little stress. If you came to read that post it is under this one.
The end of school is looming and with that comes STRESS STRESS STRESS. My DD is so stressed she is just about in tears all the time. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her school work. She has been on field trips and school related outings most of the last two weeks. This is a child that will NOT miss school and hasn't missed a day in years. She is now behind in all her classes and needing time to catch up. Today was teacher appreciation day and she is in Beta club and on teacher appreciation day Beta club helps teachers all day. They miss class all day. Two field trips last week. Monday was an all day drama practice so she had to miss classes all day then. Tomorrow is relay for life, so no classes. Friday is prom (a different schools prom she is attending) so she has to leave early which makes her miss half her classes. She is in charge of her teams relay so that means lots of extra work. She has drama practice after school every day. Thursday and Friday are drama performances that will make her miss a couple of classes. I just checked her grades online and her lowest grade is 99.06 but she is afraid it will drop. I, on the other hand am helping with relay tomorrow. Friday we are getting ready for prom and Saturday is drama performance/dinner theater which DD and I are in charge of. I do work well under pressure which is a good thing.
The good news is I sat in my Aunts living room the other night and counted out $16,000 dollars that the grade school had raised so far for cancer research. I know there have been at least another thousand since then. Tomorrow they will probably have a total for K-8 will be close to $20,000. Then we get to add the High Schools total in tomorrow. I think they were close to $7,000 and that should go up tomorrow. If our little school can raise that much money think of what everyone could do if they tried. SV school district has between 600 and 700 students in K-12. I am so proud of the work these kids and teachers put into this every year.
Our school is small and everyone knows everyone. Most of the teachers in this school are people you know, are related to , went to school with or you at least know their family. There have been very few teachers my kids have had that I didn't know before they were my kids teachers. To prove my point....the teachers that I hope to help at relay tomorrow are the 4th grade reading teacher, my Aunt A. The 4th grade science teacher, my other Aunt A(they are actually twins). The 6th grade math teacher, my cousin B. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
Saturday my DD's relay team is doing dinner theater for the schools drama program. Every cent of profit they make is going to the relay. DD and I ended up in charge. (The drama coach is my cousin M) Friday night my daughter has prom. We haven't even made a hair appointment for that yet. She will be out about all night Friday and we have to decorate early Saturday for the dinner theater Saturday night.
Today was the first day of the May day weight loss challenge. I must admit I didn't do well at all. I was home a total of one hour between 7AM and 10PM. I didn't eat all day but I stopped at the store to pick up some stuff for relay and when I got back in the car there was a twinkie in my mouth. I have no clue how it got there. I didn't even realize I bought the darn thing until I was eating it. I need to plan ahead and have healthy snack around when I get that hungry so I won't do that again. I did eat a lean cuisine for supper but supper was at 10:30PM. I think most of the stressful stuff will be over next week and then the next few weeks should be smooth sailing through the end of school.

Monday, May 07, 2007

tales from the scales

Ok, the big day is here. The big May day weight loss challenge begins today. I'm not sure how everyone is going to do this, but I plan on starting small. I have dieted for years, and years and years and finally in the last few years I just completely gave up. I can lose some weight but I can never keep it off. I joined TOPS (take off pounds sensibly) one time and lost 60 pounds in 10 months. I gained 75 in the next 10 months. So with all that under my belt my weight loss plan is to start small and take it in baby steps. I plan to start drinking lots of water tomorrow. I also plan to find a way to walk some every day. I used to walk a couple of miles a day and now I can't even think about it without getting tired. I am a serious sugar addict so I hope to cut down on that a little. Pepsi is my favorite thing in the world and my worst enemy. I get through each day by drinking caffeine and sugar. I hope to eventually change over to diet, but that will be another step I can climb up to eventually. I know myself well enough by now to know if I start a big strict diet I will not stick to it. I am 40 years old now and I need to start making some healthier decisions, I can't keep putting it off I need to do it now. My goal is to lose 30 pounds during this challenge. I think that is a realistic goal for me without setting myself up for a big disappointment. I want to wish everyone good luck!

Sunday, May 06, 2007


Well my dustpan is finally back in service. Superhubby, in his neverending effort to keep his garage orderly decided to put things up where they could be found. We are complete opposites when it comes to keeping things orderly. He likes pencil holders to have only pens, pencils or markers and no one had better put one in the wrong holder. His tools are put in order in certain places and they had always better be there. His new craftsman toolbox he got for Christmas is in the family room so he can open drawers and look at his shiny tools in perfect order. I, on the other hand, can get the forks, knives and spoons in the right slots in the drawer and thats about it. Superhubby has an alter ego that has a major problem with junk. He likes to think of it as treasures. The man cannot pass up anything rusty or old or, well he can't pass up anything. If I took a picture of my back yard you would see a pool, camper, tractor, bicycle frames, old tires and at least 3 old lawnmowers that do not run anymore. There is an old awning from someones window, there are various piles of lumber, doghouses, truck toppers on the ground with piles of treasures under them. There are two outbuildings that are full. There is a pontoon boat that hasn't been out in the water in years. There is a smaller boat that a tree fell on a few years ago. His favorite bass boat is in the garage. There is a second camper in the woods that is so old it can't be used, there is an old bed from a Ryder moving truck .....but he has it and its his. We could win the redneck of the week award on that Jeff Foxworthys show. He even has an old commode sitting beside the house that he brought home from one of his little old ladies houses when he put a new one in for her. He says that is going over the hill busted up. I almost forgot the doors. He helps his little old ladies remodel their rental homes when renters move out and he has a pile of regular doors with holes in them from mad renters and a pile of garage doors that are old and ragged. He does not like me to complain about his stuff. To be fair people call here at least once a week and need something. Does superhubby have one of those watchamacallits that goes on a thingamajig? Of course he does, do you want white, blue or just rust colored. I love those phone calls because that is one less thing in the yard. He does try to keep it in the backyard and we have no neighbors who can see the backyard. He is my own little Fred Sanford and I love him more everyday. I have to or I would go crazy. I think I will look around and give you an idea of the things you can find in my backyard (and attic)one of these days. You, my friends, are in for a treat.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Views from my front door

A little challenge to those of you who love to take pictures. What do you see every morning when you look out your front door? Do you see wildlife, asphalt, grass, sidewalk or another front door? If you aren't comfortable with showing the front, take a picture of what you see out your back door. If you don't have a back door take a picture out a window. What do you see and do you enjoy what you see? Who do you share your view with? Leave me a comment so I can link back to you and see the view from your front door.

My front door looks out over a long yard, small road and more woods. I also see some major spots in need of grass seed but our soil has a lot of clay and it is hard to grow grass sometimes. love the view but sometimes I read/hear other people talk about their next door neighbors and I wonder if I would enjoy that. It sounds enjoyable at times, and I'm sure there are times it isn't. Where I live the term neighbor can be anyone within a 3 mile area. I do have 1 neighbor I can see (actually 2 but the second one is a mile away and I can just see his house on top of the hill at night when his lights are on) but when neighbors aren't within yelling distance its hard to be friendly. The dog in this picture is my neighbors dog that fathered my little herd of puppies. He won't go home. I think he figures if he got lucky once the chances are good for it happening again. I have news for dog has now been surgically altered and that won't happen again.
Show me your front yard...and tell me about your neighborhood. If you do this on your blog please leave me a link so I can sneak a peak. I will "challenge" a few people to do this and see what happens.
Kim- it may be time to buy a camera. I need to see Fred and Nancy.

Anyone know a private investigator?

Not since Kristi over at lost her all important notebook has there been an emergency quite on this level. My dustpan is missing! I know in the big picture a dustpan isn't important, but this wasn't any dustpan. Many years ago I took care of a woman who was young and due to a disease had lost her ability to walk. She was very bitter and took it out on her caregivers. She demanded to be lifted in and out of bed, the shower, the wheelchair, the car over and over. When I hurt my back after she demanded to be taken shopping, to the cemetery to visit her mother and then in the shower and back in the car just for a ride in one 4 hour shift I found my dustpan. It had a 3 foot extension on the handle so you could pick stuff up without too much bending over. I found it, of all places, at the dollar store. The dollar store no longer carries these dustpans and I really really pink puffy heart my dustpan. I always kept it right beside the kitchen door where it was mostly used. In the last few months I moved it outside the kitchen door into the garage because one of my puppies decided to save me some time and doing his business in the dustpan. Now its missing and I don't know where it could have gotten to. I just open the garage door and sweep it all out in the garage. My husband will figure that one out in a few days and he will make it a point to find my dustpan.

On a little lighter note...I just bleached my entire kitchen floor to try to get my puppies to understand it isn't an outhouse. I never realized how much the smell of bleach in a kitchen reminded me of my grandma. I had the best grandma in the world. She was exactly what my idea of a grandma was. She lived on a farm and never learned to drive. She raised 9 kids, 6 of whom became teachers. The other 3 did other wonderful things with their lives. Grandma had a lifelong love of books and learning and she never quit. She went to area schools once a week and read to kids. I had the privilege of driving her to schools and actually helping her a little when she started a library in a small area school that didn't have one. She never talked bad about anyone. She taught my adult Sunday school class. She made homemade bread for everyone in her family every couple of weeks. She hosted Christmas eve for our entire family (usually 50 or 60 at least) every year. You could tell grandma anything and she wouldn't judge or offer unwanted advice. She would listen. She always made you feel better when things weren't going well. She knew I loved peppermints and many times had one in her pocket for me when I visited or took her to read. She kept cookies in her freezer and would always get a few out to thaw when you showed up at her door. I almost forgot where I was going with this one. Grandma kept bleach by her sink and always put a little in her dish water and always mopped with a little bleach in her water. My kitchen smells like hers always did, at least until the puppies get loose in there again.
I was looking through my computer earlier for a picture of Grandma and realized that when my computer screwed up a few months ago I lost them all. The man who worked on my computer saved all my pictures in my documents folder but all my pictures of grandma were in emails family members had sent me. I still have plenty of regular pictures but I would so have loved to show you what my Grandma looked like. Is anyone reading this? Tell me about your grandmother.......

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Today has been a great day for the most part. I do have a problem I can't really talk about...maybe I should call it a prayer request. A young girl I know, and not mine so don't worry Kim, is having some problems. Major problems. I'm not sure what has happened in her life to make her so very miserable but something has and she can't take it anymore. I know she was taken somewhere where she could get the help she needs. I don't want to put too much information here because she is young, too young to drive even and she deserves some privacy but just keep her in mind. She is a sweet girl with a sweet singing voice and some major uphill battles to fight in the future.