Monday, May 28, 2007

139th Annual Memorial Day Parade

The parade this year was the same as always, with maybe a little more patriotism added in. I heard other people mention that they saw more people stand up and applaud when the Veterans went by than in previous years. There were, of course, many more in memory of floats and there will be more every year.

There were many Little miss and Little misters riding in cars. I think I saw some this year that I haven't seen in the past. I don't think anyone from this area reads this so I think I am safe in showing this since I cropped out the names and most of the cars.

There were also the signs that weren't checked over by adults before they were put on the vehicles.

The Shriners made their appearance as they do every year. They have dozens of cars, clowns and various odd things in the parade. The Shriners do wonderful work and I'm glad they get to do this every year.

One more year gone, one more parade down. I spent many years marching in this parade myself but I must say I enjoy sitting down and watching it much more. The temperature was almost 90 and those heavy band uniforms are hard to wear.

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