Monday, May 14, 2007

1 mothers day and weigh in combo please

I am not having a good healthier week. I forgot to weigh myself to start with last Tuesday so I have no idea how I did this week. Being busy doesn't help, but I guess I could come up with a dozen excuses if I wanted to try hard enough. This week things get a little calmer so I think I can kick it up a notch now.
Mothers day was nice and pretty laid back. We met my mom at a small pizza place down the road early in the afternoon for spagetti then we all went to watch the schools drama program. Later in the evening I decided I wanted a Monte Cristo sandwhich from Bennigans. I love this sandwhich and since the nearest Bennigans is an hour and a half away I don't get it often. My wonderful family drove me all the way to Bennigans and they were OUT OF MONTE CRISTO SANDWHICHES. How in the world do you run out of Monte Cristo Sandwhiches. Combine that with a young punk waiter who tried to cheat me on the bill and it wasn't my best Bennigans visit. I ended up sharing a Kilkenny chicken salad with my DD and having ice cream somewhere else to make up for the loss of my favorite sandwhich.
My favorite part of Mothers day was when my DD gave me a card she made herself and my Son gave me a big hug and said "happy mothers day mom."We stopped on the way home from dinner and bought some bright pink flowers for me to plant and I am excited to get them in the ground I just have to get myself moving today. It is 5:30 in the afternoon and I can't get anything done. I need to get used to exercising again to get some energy more excuses.


Boatwoman said...

Morning Katy.
You could beat yourself up for ever worrying about not weighing yourself. Life tends to take over when you are busy, so i would not worry to much.
I am glad you enjoyed your Mothers Day. Here in the Uk it is on the 18th March. I sadly do not hhave any contact with my Mother anymore... A long story.
Have a good day, my new blog friend. Hugss Jo

Melanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day! Glad it was happy!
Don't worry about not weighing yourself last week. Start now! I know it's tough to exercise, but find something you enjoy and it won't seem like such a chore.
Have a great week!

Monkling said...

Any week that there's a holiday (or graduation or birthday or according to my daughter - finals) you are automatically exempt from worrying over stuff like weighing in. (That's my rule and I'm sticking by it.) You can only do the best you can do and sometimes life is gonna get in the way.