Thursday, May 03, 2007

Views from my front door

A little challenge to those of you who love to take pictures. What do you see every morning when you look out your front door? Do you see wildlife, asphalt, grass, sidewalk or another front door? If you aren't comfortable with showing the front, take a picture of what you see out your back door. If you don't have a back door take a picture out a window. What do you see and do you enjoy what you see? Who do you share your view with? Leave me a comment so I can link back to you and see the view from your front door.

My front door looks out over a long yard, small road and more woods. I also see some major spots in need of grass seed but our soil has a lot of clay and it is hard to grow grass sometimes. love the view but sometimes I read/hear other people talk about their next door neighbors and I wonder if I would enjoy that. It sounds enjoyable at times, and I'm sure there are times it isn't. Where I live the term neighbor can be anyone within a 3 mile area. I do have 1 neighbor I can see (actually 2 but the second one is a mile away and I can just see his house on top of the hill at night when his lights are on) but when neighbors aren't within yelling distance its hard to be friendly. The dog in this picture is my neighbors dog that fathered my little herd of puppies. He won't go home. I think he figures if he got lucky once the chances are good for it happening again. I have news for dog has now been surgically altered and that won't happen again.
Show me your front yard...and tell me about your neighborhood. If you do this on your blog please leave me a link so I can sneak a peak. I will "challenge" a few people to do this and see what happens.
Kim- it may be time to buy a camera. I need to see Fred and Nancy.


lolly said...

Hey girl - I'm taking the challenge! You can see my post over at - thanks for inviting me!

Monkling said...

I am such a sucker for a challenge:

kim said...

Katy, you are so right! A camera is calling my name! As soon as I get out from under light fixtures, carpet samples and furniture being moved out to the garage in anticipation of a garage sale at the beginning of June...WHEW!...that is first on my list. Because Frank and Nancy are not shy and feel that their cute-ness should be shared. When you're named after the Sinatras, you feel special--even if you're a cat! Thanks for missing me, because I've missed you, too! And to be honest, I missed me, blogging. I feel out of sorts when I don't write--so even though I was too tired to make much sense, I finally updated last night anyway! Now it's time for you to do the same, girl!

Monkling said...

At least you got 2 people to play. That's 1 more than I got for my contest. Geez, you'd think some people have lives or something and have better things to do than read blogs all day.

Anonymous said...

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