Tuesday, May 08, 2007

CAUTION :This is a stress relieving rant

I hate not to leave my tales from the scales post up on top but I need to talk away a little stress. If you came to read that post it is under this one.
The end of school is looming and with that comes STRESS STRESS STRESS. My DD is so stressed she is just about in tears all the time. She is a perfectionist when it comes to her school work. She has been on field trips and school related outings most of the last two weeks. This is a child that will NOT miss school and hasn't missed a day in years. She is now behind in all her classes and needing time to catch up. Today was teacher appreciation day and she is in Beta club and on teacher appreciation day Beta club helps teachers all day. They miss class all day. Two field trips last week. Monday was an all day drama practice so she had to miss classes all day then. Tomorrow is relay for life, so no classes. Friday is prom (a different schools prom she is attending) so she has to leave early which makes her miss half her classes. She is in charge of her teams relay so that means lots of extra work. She has drama practice after school every day. Thursday and Friday are drama performances that will make her miss a couple of classes. I just checked her grades online and her lowest grade is 99.06 but she is afraid it will drop. I, on the other hand am helping with relay tomorrow. Friday we are getting ready for prom and Saturday is drama performance/dinner theater which DD and I are in charge of. I do work well under pressure which is a good thing.
The good news is I sat in my Aunts living room the other night and counted out $16,000 dollars that the grade school had raised so far for cancer research. I know there have been at least another thousand since then. Tomorrow they will probably have a total for K-8 will be close to $20,000. Then we get to add the High Schools total in tomorrow. I think they were close to $7,000 and that should go up tomorrow. If our little school can raise that much money think of what everyone could do if they tried. SV school district has between 600 and 700 students in K-12. I am so proud of the work these kids and teachers put into this every year.
Our school is small and everyone knows everyone. Most of the teachers in this school are people you know, are related to , went to school with or you at least know their family. There have been very few teachers my kids have had that I didn't know before they were my kids teachers. To prove my point....the teachers that I hope to help at relay tomorrow are the 4th grade reading teacher, my Aunt A. The 4th grade science teacher, my other Aunt A(they are actually twins). The 6th grade math teacher, my cousin B. I could go on, but I think you get the idea.
Saturday my DD's relay team is doing dinner theater for the schools drama program. Every cent of profit they make is going to the relay. DD and I ended up in charge. (The drama coach is my cousin M) Friday night my daughter has prom. We haven't even made a hair appointment for that yet. She will be out about all night Friday and we have to decorate early Saturday for the dinner theater Saturday night.
Today was the first day of the May day weight loss challenge. I must admit I didn't do well at all. I was home a total of one hour between 7AM and 10PM. I didn't eat all day but I stopped at the store to pick up some stuff for relay and when I got back in the car there was a twinkie in my mouth. I have no clue how it got there. I didn't even realize I bought the darn thing until I was eating it. I need to plan ahead and have healthy snack around when I get that hungry so I won't do that again. I did eat a lean cuisine for supper but supper was at 10:30PM. I think most of the stressful stuff will be over next week and then the next few weeks should be smooth sailing through the end of school.

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kim said...

Okay, WOW. I hope writing helped some of your stress, but it may take a little more. If it were me, the little more would be something like a whole box of Twinkies!!! Yeah, ya know, I have that same problem with things flying into my mouth without my knowledge :)! All the time! You will do fine. Each day will get a little better. In fact, I chuckled over the Lean Cuisine, too. I love those, but I need like THREE of them, along with some bread. HAHA! Don't think that is the intention. Ah, yes...

Please be sure to thank DD for me again, for her efforts for cancer research; you never know which dollar will be the one that helps to find cures!

Take care and don't forget to breathe, you two!