Wednesday, May 30, 2007

It's Hot Hot Hot

Wow, the temperature today was 96 degrees. The grass went from pretty new spring green to brown in a week. No real rain in our future so we are watering everything every day.

DD and her friend J went to the park and took some pictures yesterday. I'm still trying to figure out my new camera and wanted to use it in different lights and situations to see how things worked. Here is one of the pics that doesn't show J's face because I didn't ask her if she wanted her picture on here.
I think a little bit of practice I may get good at this.


Monkling said...

Anyone seeing me with my new camera at my son's graduation would have been laughing. Some things were indoors, some outdoors, some close up, some far away. I had to switch settings so many times that half the time I forgot. But hey, just think how great our photos will come when we finally figure it all out!

kim said...

My humble opinion is that you are ALREADY good at it. I LOVE that picture; there is nothing better than a good "girlfriend" picture, and I love just the two spots of color. Good job, pal!

I think DD will make a very good practice subject as she is so photogenic. I also would like to see a little puppy action :)!