Saturday, May 12, 2007

10 things

My good blog friend Kim has tagged me for a list of 10 things about me....I'm not too good at this type of thing but here goes..........
1. I am so unorganized that I never finish anything and I mean anything. I am very creative, have great ideas and I am great at getting people started on something but I never finish.
2. My job is really cool. I go to peoples houses and help them do things that their disabilities do not allow them to do. Clean (which I can do to other peoples houses), bath, shop etc.
3. The first time I shaved my legs I was staying with a friend and she was shaving hers. She asked if I shaved mine and I said "of course, its just been awhile." I was about 10 or so and didn't want to seem not cool.
4. I have adult ADD. (see 1 above) The doctor that diagnosed me a couple of years ago doesn't like to give medicine to adults with ADD because she says at some point you have to learn to live with it. I bought a book about learning to live with adult ADD but I can't concentrate long enough to actually read it. It has been in my bedroom for 2 years and I haven't gotten past the first chapter. Some members of my family get very frustrated because I never can get everything clean or finished, but they don't understand ADD.
5. I really really really love to read. If I like a book I can read for hours and finish a book in one day. I know this doesn't seem right after number 4 but books like that don't hold my interest.
6. The only job I ever wanted was to be a mom. Even when I was in high school I knew I wanted to get married and have 3 kids. I didn't make it to 3 kids but I am happy with my two. I like my job but I have trouble leaving home when my kids are home even though they are teenagers. It really affects my job because when I am at work I really want to be home with my husband and kids, but I like my job and need to work.
7. I have something called cranial pseudo tumor. It's a weird thing that causes lots of headaches and pressure behind your eyes. One doctor told me if I didn't let him take the pressure off of my spine and brain I would be blind in less than 3 years, that was 7 years ago and I am still going strong. My symptoms have decreased over time and now just flare up occasionally. I'm too big of a chicken to let them do anything if I don't have to.
8. I can break out into tears at any time. I cry at the drop of a hat. Commercials, movies, songs, pictures, the wind blowing through the trees, even Little house on the Prairie reruns. I really cry if someone else is crying for any reason, even if I don't know what the reason is.
9. My husband means more to me than anything in the world. I even hate it when he leaves for work and we have been married for a long long time. He gets on my nerves sometimes and I am sure I get on his, but I am always so happy when he is around.
10. I hate the word cancer. So many people have been taken from me and my family because of that horrible disease. Tonight I went to the Relay for life and listened to the list of people who had lost their battles and it just makes me sick. Both of my in laws died from cancer, both my maternal grandparents, my cousin (at 38 years old) and so many more.
OK that's my 10...I will be tagging people tomorrow or Sunday but right now I am so tired and completely losing my concentration that I have to get up from this chair and walk around;-)


kim said...

Well, I beg to differ with you, because I think it turned out that you're VERY GOOD at these things! What a wonderful, touching list! You already KNOW how much I am touched by your love for and with your DH; because I understand completely, same for me! And from the beautiful smile on your DD's face in the pictures you've shared with me, I just know what a wonderful Mom she has! As for your job outside of the home? If I ever need that type of assistance which, if I live long enough, will be entirely likely; it is my fervent hope that I get someone like you. And the cancer stuff? Oh Katy...I know. I know. I don't "hate" much, but I HATE cancer...with a passion. As for your charming ADD self; in my opinion, you've learned to live with it JUST FINE, in all of the most important ways! Finishing stuff is overrated :)!!!!

See, now, wasn't that really kinda fun? HAHAHA! Thanks for playing along! BTW, how ARE those puppies?

kim said...

HAPPY, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY KATY! I hope you have a wonderful day with DH, DD, DS and sort-of DS2! I'm thinking of you today!

Boatwoman said...

Hi Katy.

Love the blog. Thank you for posting on my new diary.
I would like to add your diary to my blog if that is ok?

Hugssssssss Jo