Thursday, May 03, 2007

Anyone know a private investigator?

Not since Kristi over at lost her all important notebook has there been an emergency quite on this level. My dustpan is missing! I know in the big picture a dustpan isn't important, but this wasn't any dustpan. Many years ago I took care of a woman who was young and due to a disease had lost her ability to walk. She was very bitter and took it out on her caregivers. She demanded to be lifted in and out of bed, the shower, the wheelchair, the car over and over. When I hurt my back after she demanded to be taken shopping, to the cemetery to visit her mother and then in the shower and back in the car just for a ride in one 4 hour shift I found my dustpan. It had a 3 foot extension on the handle so you could pick stuff up without too much bending over. I found it, of all places, at the dollar store. The dollar store no longer carries these dustpans and I really really pink puffy heart my dustpan. I always kept it right beside the kitchen door where it was mostly used. In the last few months I moved it outside the kitchen door into the garage because one of my puppies decided to save me some time and doing his business in the dustpan. Now its missing and I don't know where it could have gotten to. I just open the garage door and sweep it all out in the garage. My husband will figure that one out in a few days and he will make it a point to find my dustpan.

On a little lighter note...I just bleached my entire kitchen floor to try to get my puppies to understand it isn't an outhouse. I never realized how much the smell of bleach in a kitchen reminded me of my grandma. I had the best grandma in the world. She was exactly what my idea of a grandma was. She lived on a farm and never learned to drive. She raised 9 kids, 6 of whom became teachers. The other 3 did other wonderful things with their lives. Grandma had a lifelong love of books and learning and she never quit. She went to area schools once a week and read to kids. I had the privilege of driving her to schools and actually helping her a little when she started a library in a small area school that didn't have one. She never talked bad about anyone. She taught my adult Sunday school class. She made homemade bread for everyone in her family every couple of weeks. She hosted Christmas eve for our entire family (usually 50 or 60 at least) every year. You could tell grandma anything and she wouldn't judge or offer unwanted advice. She would listen. She always made you feel better when things weren't going well. She knew I loved peppermints and many times had one in her pocket for me when I visited or took her to read. She kept cookies in her freezer and would always get a few out to thaw when you showed up at her door. I almost forgot where I was going with this one. Grandma kept bleach by her sink and always put a little in her dish water and always mopped with a little bleach in her water. My kitchen smells like hers always did, at least until the puppies get loose in there again.
I was looking through my computer earlier for a picture of Grandma and realized that when my computer screwed up a few months ago I lost them all. The man who worked on my computer saved all my pictures in my documents folder but all my pictures of grandma were in emails family members had sent me. I still have plenty of regular pictures but I would so have loved to show you what my Grandma looked like. Is anyone reading this? Tell me about your grandmother.......

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kim said...

Well, you know, Katy--I ALWAYS read. I may not be your most exciting visitor, but what I lack in excitement, I make up for in consistency :)!!

There is nothing better than a good Grandma. My Gram was what I refer to as "my Person." The one person--besides the DH, if you've chosen correctly like we did--who is always there, always loves you unconditionally, always makes you feel special and on and on and on. I was not only her first grandchild, but also her ONLY grandchild for 10 years. And because my Mom was divorced when I was very young and in a time before it was the norm, and because my family was basically pretty poor monetarily, the way that my grandparents could help my Mom when she worked her 3-4 jobs was to take care of me. Thusly, my Gram and I had a special closeness and bond that lasted until the day she died three years ago and still continues. I cannot think of even one time when she let me down. She was the oldest of nine--well, 10, but one died as an infant--in a poor but hard-working farm family and was always pretty much an unpaid farm hand. That woman could work! In fact, I come from a long line of very hard workers. My Gram only made it through 8th grade but, because she had a lifelong love affair with doing crossword puzzles, she had an incredible command of the English language. Which made here virtually unbeatable at Boggle :)! I could go on and on, so I'll stop after this story. After her funeral, there was a lunch in the downstairs of her church that was put on by all of her church friends. It was a "full house" so I was going around talking to people before eating when a couple of Gram's church friends came up to me and said "you must be Kim." When I said yes, they looked at each other and smiled knowingly land and said to me, "well, we just HAD to come out here and see who the person was that hung the moon and stars, according to Sarah. Your Grandma loved you so much, and you were very special to her." I can't even being to explain what that meant--and still means--to me.

How lucky were we to have these Grandmas...I miss mine everyday!