Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm in a better mood than I was last post ;-) Next week SH is on vacation and then in 9 days we leave for Amish country. 3 days of no phones and no little old women.
I have figured out that deer will take big risks for a few acorns. When I got home from work a few minutes ago and looked out my family room window this is what I saw. Yes that is an extension cord running across my window because SH was working on hooking up the tv and needed a light. Your eyes aren't crooked either, I was trying to be sneaky and somehow I had the camera crooked.

We have bunches of oak trees and tons of acorns. This gal was no more than 7 or 8 feet from the window and I had my camera against it here. It doesn't matter to her as long as I don't bother her acorns. My tv (and subwoofer) is right beside this window but she doesn't seem to care as long as there are ACORNS.
Right now they are both standing right outside the window with their white tailed butts almost up to the window. I'm thinking these two will probably end up on someones table soon. They are too caught up in what they are eating ( kind of like me with chocolate) to worry about the fact I could take them both out without much trouble. I probably wouldn't even need to drag out a gun, I could just do it with a ball bat, or sling shot......thank goodness I don't like deer meat.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Warning....grumpy post ahead

It's Saturday which would normally be my favorite day of the week. Today has tested my patience ALL FREAKIN DAY LONG! You probably don't want to read the rest of this because it is just a place for me to get everything out of my system and then forget about it. It keeps me from getting too grumpy with SH, who doesn't deserve my wrath. So feel free to go away and come back in a few days when I have a happy post up. There are also some four letter words going to be on here, I'm pretty sure.
This weekend started for SH's little old ladies yesterday. That's when they started calling, trying to get him for the weekend. It started with T, who had a lawnmower that wouldn't start. While he was there (he had to work day shift today so he stopped there after work), N called and wanted him to finish wiring his kitchen (which he really does need to finish) tonight. By the time he got home from T's it was too late to finish N's wiring so he asked if he would do it tomorrow......ok, but he has to finish S's garage and washing the windows of her house tomorrow because it is going to be warmer for only one day. Today R called also and wants her daughters door put in TOMORROW and then a little bit ago E called and said one of her renters has no heat and needs it fixed tomorrow. SO CALL A DA%# FURNACE REPAIRMAN! Instead of saying that I said "he isn't here right now so I will tell him when I see him and see if he can fit it in".....he was here, in the garage but I lied. I feel sorry for SH because he wants to make me happy by spending more time at home, but they make him feel so guilty that he can't tell them no. I'll get over this and be in a better mood tomorrow.....but for tonight I am pissed and need to go, uhmm, eat chocolate. Yep that will make it better.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Happy stuff

I love this award. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside and I need something warm, baby it's cold outside. Kim, over at lifeafter gave me this award along with a meme that will follow in a minute. Right now I just want to say that when I started this blog I never realized it would introduce me to so many new "buddies." I don't have a large readership, which is ok with me because I enjoy my little bloggy world, but the ones I read I really look forward to reading every day. Now on to the meme....

1. Do you have the same friends from childhood?

I have a couple of friends from childhood that I still talk to once in a while. It seems that most of us have families that keep us too busy to keep in touch. I have found that in the last few years I have become a little bit of a recluse. I guess that's probably not the right word because I don't stay home all the time, I just don't hang out with people other than my family much anymore. I had a great friend in school named Laura. She was one of my best friends from grade school on. We had planned all through our senior year a party after graduation. She and I were going out on the town after graduation and having the best night of our lives. A few weeks before graduation we realized that I was leaving for the beach right after the ceremony and her parents and boyfriend wanted to take her out to eat, so we put off our night out until the next weekend when I got home. As I was leaving graduation I gave her a big hug and said "I'll see you next weekend" and that was the last time I ever saw her. No tragedy, no arguments, we just got busy and never found the time to call each other. It's odd to me even today that I have no idea where she is or what she is doing.

2.What do you value most about your friends?

The thing I value most about friends would be the fact that I have a few friends that, even though I very seldom talk to them anymore, I know I could call tonight if I had a problem and they would listen and help if they could. I am pretty sure they know the same about me.

3. Are your friends you sounding board?

Not really anymore. SH hs to be the one listen to my problems and ideas. I'm sure he probably wishes I would hang with friends more.

4. What is your favorite activity to share with your friends?

Duh.....dinner and shopping!

Now the rules say I have to list 5 things under the following headers and pass this award on to 5 people.

10 years ago I was....... 1. Just getting into the habit of working again after taking off quite a few years while my children were young. 2. Still spending every spare second being a mother to my two children who were then 10 and 8, and a wife to my husband. 3. About 50 lbs lighter. 4. Spending some quality time with my grandmother, who never learned to drive. I would pick her up one afternoon every week and take her to the grade school my children attended so she could spend a few hours reading to the children. It was wonderful just riding in the car and talking to my grandma. 5. Watching the agony of my cousins children as they watched her die from breast cancer at the age of 38. She fought breast cancer for 10 years and she is still sorely missed.

5 things on today's to-do list. 1. nap...its cold in here. 2. laundry because I have been noticing a serious underwear deficiency. 3. dishes because I didn't touch them at all yesterday. 4. Maybe go to the hospital and see my cousins new beautiful baby girl.....unless it is too crowded. 5. Try to catch up on some paperwork for work.....I'm just behind by 6 months or so :-(

5 snacks I enjoy. 1. Cheetos...puffy or crunchy, I'm not picky. 2. cheddar cheese and crackers 3. Peppermint candy....always been my favorite. My grandma even got me a pair of peppermint candy earrings one Christmas. 4. Fruit, just about any kind. 5. Milk chocolate anything.

5 things I would do if I were a millionaire. 1. Superhubby and I would both quit our jobs, neither of us enjoy our jobs much at all. 2. Pay off all of our families homes...just so no one would have to worry about a mortgage in this financially screwed up time. 3. Would force SH to slow down and enjoy life a bit, no working all the time. He works all the time, even when he isn't at work. He WOULD stay home with me some or we would travel a bit together. 4. I would help DS figure out what he wants to do and pay for him to get the training to do it 5. I would make sure my parents could relax and travel and not have to worry about money at all. They both are retired but both work part time just to have extra money. They have enough to live on, but I want them to ENJOY their retirement and never have to worry about having the money to travel.

5 jobs I have had. 1. babysitter. I took care of some younger cousins in the summer once in a while while I was in high school. 2. Burger king 3. Volunteer at a nursing home 4. Volunteer at the museum. 5. Home health

5 people to pass this award on to...this one will come later...after the nap.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is a beautiful, but chilly day here in Southern Ohio. The sky is blue, the sun is bright and it is 57 degrees. I love this weather.
My son works for a well known satellite television company. I won't name names but they bring their services DIRECTLY to your house. Since my tv was getting old and turning it on meant walking up to it every few minutes for the first half hour and smacking it to get the picture to come on, we decided to buy a new tv. We bought a nice, not too big, flat screen tv and today the company my son works for brought all new HD equipment out for all 3 of our tvs and installed it. We now get ALL the channels and movie channels COMPLETELY FREE. I'm not sure about the channels I would rather not have, like playboy and other channels with that particular theme, but I'm sure if they are on, SH will find those tonight. The weird part is that my old receiver, that we bought 11 years ago, worked great. When you pushed the power button it was on and working in about 10 seconds. This one has been updating and restarting for the last 30 minutes. I will either love it, or take a sledgehammer to it when I finally get one in here to smash my computer with......stay tuned.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

It is busy here today. Superhubby and I both have the day off. This is the last day it is going to get above 60 degrees so today is the day SH is going to paint my car. Remember the car I bought over a freakin year ago a while back that my dear husband hasn't had time to work on? It is now ready for paint, windshield, airbags, and an inspection and then it will be drivable. The bad part.....SH is probably going to get transferred to a different place (same job, same company, just different shop) and he is going to DRIVE MY NEW CAR. Yes, after waiting for quite a while for my car it is about to be confiscated right out from under my nose. The difference is that while I drive about 30 minutes to work and 30 home every day, his new job will take him an hour and a half to drive each way....every day. The job isn't set in concrete yet, but chances are good it will happen in the next few weeks.

I'm trying to catch up on laundry and clean the house a bit in between running outside and helping him on the car. I'm not getting much done in the house. My dog always goes outside with me, she can't stand to be left in the house alone. Twice so far so runs back in when I come in and runs to the carpet so she can projectile vomit. I'm sure she wants to do it on the carpet for a reason but if she would just stop 3 FEET earlier and puke on the tile floor, my life would be a little easier. I did trick her once and when she wanted in the house I opened the door and then shut it before she got in......she puked in the garage floor.

Before I run to get the 4 loads of laundry off of the clothes line I wanted to leave you with a picture of my DS and his sweetheart. Those two dogs are the same that were in these pictures..... just a bit bigger.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Go ahead...make his day!

I don't talk about work much on here. I have one of those jobs where talking about your job isn't a good idea. I go to peoples houses and help them get through their day, whether it be cleaning them up, cleaning their house up or taking them to doctor appointments. In most cases it is just that, a job. Jophie is different. Joseph, or Jophie as we call him, is a sweetheart. His health problems weren't caused by a life of drugs or drinking. Joseph is 15 and was born with some major problems. I have known Joseph since he was a baby and had the privilege of talking care of him for 10 years until recently when his health problems escalated to the point where his health care called for more skilled care than I was trained to give.
During the last few years Joseph's health problems have gotten worse. He can no longer sit up in his wheelchair to ride in a vehicle so we have been forced to lay him down in a seat and strap him in. Medicaid has also made cuts to his supplies so that leaves his mother scrambling to give him some medical supplies that he needs. Once a year we have a fundraiser to try to help with the expenses and this year we are changing it a bit. This year our goal is to work toward a new (used) vehicle so Joseph can safely be transported to and from doctors appointments. Click the meals for wheels button on the right and check out the new fundraiser. If you, or anyone you know would like to lose a little weight or if you just like cookbooks give it a try.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday I volunteered at the museum again. Do you remember the museum, the one where I am sure some long dead person or people are out to scare the heck out of me volunteer with my Dearest Daughter? I hate, and I mean HATE to go in that place alone. I love the old house and the stories, as long as someone else is there. So I show up a few minutes early and go ahead and unlock the doors and put my purse inside and then I went outside and stand on the porch to wait on the other volunteer who never showed up. While I was waiting a very sweet old man stopped his car in the street and said "I'm glad you are open, I want to buy a book I looked at the other day. I will be back after my doctors appointment." My plan to lock up and go home was shot. When I figured out that the other guy wasn't going to show I went in the office and picked up the phone and volunteer list and went back outside to call and see if anyone would come and work with me. I sat down and turned the phone on and ......NOTHING. The phones were dead. I went back inside and checked the other phone.....NOTHING. I used my cell phone and found a sweet lady who offered to come in, and she made it there in 30 minutes.
We had an interesting day with quite a few people in and a few I grew to love. There were 3 ladies that came in, 2 in their 80's and one of the ladies daughter in law who was in her 50's. They were from California and had come back here because they were raised here. They hadn't been back in 23 years. We started a nice conversation and it took about 5 minutes for us to figure out the big farm they were raised on was the farm my grandparents bought from them in the early 50's. The two older ladies, who were children of the previous owners didn't want a tour of the museum, they spent an hour and a half asking me about the farm and their old neighbors. They wanted to know about the old orchard, the hay fields, old George the neighbor who lived up the road. We had a great time and we all learned a lot. It is definitely a small world.
For the last 20 hours I have been held captive by a complete idiot. Someone thought it would be smart to steal the copper cables from the phone company. I went 20 hours with NO PHONE AND NO INTERNET. ( I at first wondered if something hadn't followed me from the museum.) I called the phone company this morning, after driving to the top of the nearest big hill for cell reception and was told it would be back on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday by 8PM. Imagine how happy I was when my phone rang a bit ago. I'm easy to please.
Tomorrow is the huge Luca*ville flea market. If I make it back without a new puppy I will be surprised.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

Because I need to gripe to someone

In January of this year I bought a new computer.....from HP. I bought a factory refurbished model straight from HP and had it shipped. I've never had a problem with it until today. I restarted it because it was locked up and ...nothing. I get the HP screen and a couple of choices for recovery and nothing else. I have ran all of the recovery options other than the restore, which I am starting now. I called HP and was told that since it was more than 3 months old they would be happy to talk to me for the low fee of 49.00 for 14 days service. I very nicely told her I would call her back if I couldn't figure something out myself. I'm about 95% sure this is the same lady, in the same distant land, that I have to call if I need to ask questions about my cell phone. I understood about every 3rd word she said.
My son is on the phone with me trying to help me figure it out. He bought the same computer I did but bought an extended warranty. I didn't know I could buy one. I should have asked, but didn't think about it. Every computer I have ever bought has a one year phone technical support service included. I'm about out of ideas. I don't know if I will get it working but I have a backup computer........and a backup plan. If this restore doesn't work, I am going to call HP back and tell them I have a cow here and I will not hesitate to slaughter it if they don't talk to me. I'm pretty sure whatever country they are in worships their cattle instead of eat them.

I hit publish and then noticed I was getting an email. It was from HP telling me that as a valued customer I might like to shop their anniversary NO.

Friday, October 03, 2008

the one that makes no all...which is pretty normal

I was outside a few minutes ago trying to get some is quiet out there. I took my daughters mp3 player out and listened to her selection of music while I walked up and down the driveway. When I took the mp3 player out of my ear I heard a out here when you hear a helicopter it means one of two things.....someones pot plants have been spotted or bubba decided to try to ride the 4wheeler down the hill again, without a helmet. Before anyone gets all grumpy I can say bubba because I actually know people named really, that is the name on the birth certificate.

I'm not sure why but people around here think its cute to ride 4wheelers around with NO HELMET. I'm not sure why this seems like a good idea, but I guess after a couple of six-packs a lot of things sound like a good idea. I seem to remember doing some stupid things hearing my friends talking about doing some stupid things after a few too many. If I am going to be really honest I will admit that I own a 4-wheeler and no helmet. My only defense is that we don't ride ours anywhere but around the yard to pull logs or some other such junk around the yard. The few occasions we do go up on the hill we drive very slow and are very careful.
Back to my original thoughts, whatever they were. Umm, oh yeah the helicopter. We don't get a lot of low flying air traffic around here. We see planes but they are up high, very high. I think the fact that we have hills all around us keeps airplanes from flying very low and the ones that do aren't visible to very many people because the hills block the view. I had decided a few weeks ago to try to photograph the moon again. I tried a couple of months ago and wasn't happy with the results. When I tried it last time the moon wasn't visible here until after midnight. It was behind a hill until then and after that was visible for a couple of hours. I went out at midnight the other night and no moon. I watched for the next few nights and realized that now the moon is visible in a completely different part of the sky early in the evening and only is visible for about 45 minutes.
When my brother moved from Ohio to Western Indiana one of the things he told me was how surprising it was to know there was a storm coming a long time before it came. Where we live you don't see storms until they are right on you. If you are lucky you may hear thunder a bit before, but you never see the clouds.
Now that I have been all over the place with this post I am going to post it and go finish watching Ghost hunters on Scifi. I am quickly becoming addicted to that show.

It's Friday

What did the fish say when he ran into the wall?
scroll down...
even farther....
wait for it........

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Once upon a time many weeks a long long time ago I took everything off of my family room walls to paint. I finished the painting in a few days but never put stuff back on the walls. I finally decided tonight to get started putting things back. I bought this sign (that reads 'all because two people fell in love') last year while I was in Amish country. I had been wanting to hang it up with some pictures of the kids but didn't know where to put it. SH had built this shelf years ago for my ds to put his trophies and stuff on. Since I hadn't dusted done anything to this shelf for a couple of years I decided to take it down from my sons room and bring it into the family room. My next project is to get my son and his girlfriend to let me take some pictures so I can add more of them to the shelf.
I watched the VP debate this evening and I don't think I learned much other than the fact that both candidates are puppets and were coached well before this debate. I hope things get a little clearer to be before November.
Have a great Friday!