Wednesday, October 22, 2008


It is a beautiful, but chilly day here in Southern Ohio. The sky is blue, the sun is bright and it is 57 degrees. I love this weather.
My son works for a well known satellite television company. I won't name names but they bring their services DIRECTLY to your house. Since my tv was getting old and turning it on meant walking up to it every few minutes for the first half hour and smacking it to get the picture to come on, we decided to buy a new tv. We bought a nice, not too big, flat screen tv and today the company my son works for brought all new HD equipment out for all 3 of our tvs and installed it. We now get ALL the channels and movie channels COMPLETELY FREE. I'm not sure about the channels I would rather not have, like playboy and other channels with that particular theme, but I'm sure if they are on, SH will find those tonight. The weird part is that my old receiver, that we bought 11 years ago, worked great. When you pushed the power button it was on and working in about 10 seconds. This one has been updating and restarting for the last 30 minutes. I will either love it, or take a sledgehammer to it when I finally get one in here to smash my computer with......stay tuned.


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Soooo, do you love it? Or is it a pile of smoldering rubble?

Monkling said...

Well if you have satellite for your TV now, can't you hijack it for your computer?