Thursday, October 02, 2008


Once upon a time many weeks a long long time ago I took everything off of my family room walls to paint. I finished the painting in a few days but never put stuff back on the walls. I finally decided tonight to get started putting things back. I bought this sign (that reads 'all because two people fell in love') last year while I was in Amish country. I had been wanting to hang it up with some pictures of the kids but didn't know where to put it. SH had built this shelf years ago for my ds to put his trophies and stuff on. Since I hadn't dusted done anything to this shelf for a couple of years I decided to take it down from my sons room and bring it into the family room. My next project is to get my son and his girlfriend to let me take some pictures so I can add more of them to the shelf.
I watched the VP debate this evening and I don't think I learned much other than the fact that both candidates are puppets and were coached well before this debate. I hope things get a little clearer to be before November.
Have a great Friday!

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