Saturday, September 27, 2008


Tonight was the annual ghost walk at an area cemetery. This cemetery is very interesting and so pretty. During the ghost walk actors stand by the graves of people who contributed to this area in some way and they tell their stories. This year DD was the wife of Charles Kingsbury, who was the first superintendent of the biggest school in the area. She looks pretty good for a woman who had 7 children and has been dead since 1881.

I love looking around this cemetery and there are so many pretty places. This area is all Civil War veteran graves. During the ghost walk they have a woman with an amazing voice that stands in the back of this area singing Negro spirituals.

This is the actual horse drawn hearse that a funeral home (a local funeral home passed down through generations) used back before there were gas powered vehicles. A few years ago they brought it out of storage and had it refurbished.
Tomorrow DD and I work the museum. I look forward to spending the afternoon there, as long as our resident ghost stays away......wish me luck!


Kellan said...

How cool! Have fun!

See you soon - Kellan

kim-d said...

Yup, leave it to DD to look terrific even when she's supposed to be dead :)! So I assume everything went okay yesterday? I really love that old funeral carriage; how beautiful. When my across-the-street girlfriend and I were young teens, we found an old cemetary while we were out exploring one day. It was so incredibly beautiful, we would visit often and sometimes have a picnic there. It didn't seem creepy at all. So many young people and babies...

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

That sounds really neat. And she does look way too good to have had 7 kids. Not to mention dead : )