Monday, September 08, 2008

My week in review

It's been a week since I posted here. Not because I have been super busy, but because I have no idea what I want to say. Here goes nothing.
The weather in Ohio has been extremely warm for this time of year. The high temps for the day have been ranging in the upper 80's and 90's. My plan to close the pool over the weekend got pushed back and I floated around in the pool today.
My work week is going to be very short. One of my patients is in the hospital which I means I can't work which paycheck. I can live with that for a few weeks.
DD's senior year is well underway and she seems to be settling in well. She is missing her B/F who had to go back to college last weekend, but he will be back in a few days for homecoming...can't go to a dance without your boyfriend. I'm sure I will come up with a few pictures to show you all soon.
It seems that directv has given us free movie channels for a bit so even though it is almost midnight my SH is wide awake and ready to stay that way. He hates movies unless they are like this one which, from what I can tell, is a bunch of prostitutes from another planet who came to earth to catch men and FORCE them into sex slavery. Since when do you have to force men......

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