Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A day in the life.....

Of a high school senior...
Every single day my DD is peppered with questions about her future.
What are you going to do,
where are you going to school?
are you going away?
staying near?
health field?
She hates the questions and really has no idea, though she is working hard on figuring it out now. Today's mail brought 3 things and every one of them was for her (NO BILLS.)

The first was from Ohio State....Go Bucks! This college is about 3 hours from our home and would probably be great. She has a lot of friends there already but O.S. hasn't offered her much other than some scholarships. Ohio State never has problems getting students so they don't tell you too much about financial aid unless you ask.

This is a small college about 45 minutes from home. They have a nice campus and would be in driving distance. They have already offered DD a Presidential scholarship...which means NO TUITION, which is near and dear to my heart.

This was the third one in the mail today. This is many, many miles from our home, probably 6 to 8 hours but I am too lazy to wait on mapquest to load to find out. They have sent financial aid information and with her grades and our income level we would not be asked to pay anything for her education here. While that seems great the whole 6 to 8 hour thing is hard, though if she wanted to go.....I would let her and smile until she was on her way...then I would cry for 3 months.
We have a small college about 20 minutes from our home that a lot of local students use for the first year or two. You can get quite a few degrees there too and her tuition would probably be covered in full.

We also have the now famous "we are Marshall" about 40 minutes from here. I love the campus but it isn't in the best part of Huntington and I would worry. The good thing would be that her father works about 3 blocks from campus.
I will admit that a big part of her college requirements are going to be financial aid. My son was an honor student but his grades averaged a b+ and he got a 24 on his ACT. He only finished one year of college but we didn't have to pay much at all for it. DD has NEVER gotten anything but a perfect A on any report card (and if she did I'm pretty sure she would be devastated) and she has a 30 on her ACT. She should win enough scholarships to get almost all of her tuition paid, if not all of it. I'm keeping my fingers, toes and eyes crossed....
Have a great hump day.


Kellan said...

You are so lucky to have all of these options and such great ones! My dad went to Ohio State - Veterinary medicine. My twins are also bright - like your daugther and I hope they have these same sorts of great opportunities in 2 years when they are fixing to go off to school. I wish you all luck deciding on the prefect choice for your DD.

Take care - Kellan

kim-d said...

Oh my gosh, Katy. Her future is so bright we're all gonna need shades! Ohio State? Wow! Shawnee State? Wow! Yale? Oh, WOW! Wherever she decides to go? Wow! Right now must be kind of a hard time for her. The thought of being away from home must be a little daunting to her, too. Keep us posted...

Monkling said...

Yep, Theresa's choice for college came down to scholarships. There was only 1 full one but the school doesn't have dorming, is in a not so hot neighborhood and the commute would have been hell. I suspect that's why they offered her a full scholarship - to get more kids in there. A shame, too, because it's a great school.

Scholarships for Moms said...

WOW! DD is quite lucky to have a lot of options. DD sounds very smart and with her excellent scholastic records she won't have a hard time getting a scholarship from the college or university she chooses to go to.
Missing your daughter while she's away is very normal. Your a mom for crying out loud. But just think about it this way, college will take DD closer to her dreams.
I wish the both of you good luck!
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