Friday, September 12, 2008's a beautiful thing

This week has been homecoming week at my daughters school. This is usually the kids favorite week of the year, other than spring break and the last week of school. Every day during homecoming week has a different theme and you dress accordingly. The picture below was from field day and you dressed in school colors. The girls really didn't have fake sports balls in their shirts but they did have their school name on them so I covered them up.
The school is set in a valley surrounded by very little other than hay fields and animal grazing land. There are a few houses, but they are few and far between. I have quite a few relatives that teach at these schools (the grade school/jr. high is on the other side of the high school.) When I say animal grazing land I mean aunt had to answer questions from her 3rd graders as a cow gave birth outside their classroom window. The grade school is fairly new and has tinted windows, but no blinds.

Today was nerd/slave day. The girls dressed as nerds today and C, was their slave. On slave day they auction willing students and they must do whatever the buyer(s) tell them to all day. Poor C had to dress in a banana costume and sing "I am a Chiquita banana and I'm here to say, I am the best banana in the school today" every single time anyone said his name. ALL DAY! The kids always have a good time and the money they raise goes to the student government's Christmas/clothing drive for students who need it.

Tonight is the homecoming game and tomorrow is the DANCE. I was going to go watch the homecoming queen get crowned because I know it will be someone I this school you know everyone. It has to be a senior girl and in a senior class of around 50 students there aren't too many choices.....
Have a good weekend. I am going to be watching Ike tonight and praying for all of those in his path.

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Oh that sounds like so much fun!