Friday, September 26, 2008

Have faith

So DD and I cleaned the camper and put a for sale sign up. I called our local newspaper and put an add in the paper for 14 days. If you don't sell your item in 14 days they run a new ad for you free for 14 more. My husband and my dad were both warning me that I would have a tough time selling a camper this late in the year. I was determined to try it anyway. The ad came out in Tuesday's afternoon paper. It was sold by late Tuesday afternoon. It sold to a very nice retired couple who used to camp and are ready now to camp again. Now if I could just get SH to pull the pontoon out of the weeds.....I think I have an addiction now to selling things. Must be my own form of gambling addiction. The pay off better in this case. So today after work/doctor appointment/bank stuff and possible football game I must get the rest of my stuff out of the camper....and say good bye. It will be hard, but I'll just clutch that check in my hand while I do it.
In other news, the State of Ohio discontinued aide services to one of my clients. That just means that the level of care he requires must be given by all skilled nurses. I'm not a skilled nurse so I will be unable to take care of my little boy. I am not surprised by this move and since his mother is a good friend of mine I still can see him whenever I want and I talk to his mom on the phone almost daily. Losing that job put me down to working 10 hours a week. I love the idea of working 10 hours a week, but my bank account seems to not be as happy with that as I am. I did pick up another client last night that I will start caring for next week. I was working 4 days a week at either 4 or 5 hours a I will be working 3 LONG days a week at 9 hours 2 days and 8 hours one day. I know some people are thinking "you wimp that is not even near a full work week." I know that but it is plenty for me. I ALWAYS wanted to be a stay at home mom. My DH was fine with me being a stay at home mom. I guess what I never thought about was the fact that at some point I wouldn't need to be a stay at home mom. It is hard to justify being at home with no kids when we need my income. So, I am going to work a little more, eat a little less, exercise a lot more and become a skinny middle age fashion diva......ok so maybe I am going to work a little more. It's all about goals and I think one at a time is all I can handle.

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Kimmy said...

I often think about my roll as a "stay-at-home" mom now that my kids are in school. Good luck with your decision. I'm sure it will be the right one for you and your family!