Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The murder on the Knob

It was a dark and not really stormy night. The moon was casting shadows through the pine trees in the woods all over the Knob. It was eerily silent outside.

Inside, however there was a party going on. The sticky chickies were rocking to various songs by the Dixie chicks and doing the chicken dance (which is quite funny with no arms.)

Somehow during the party an intruder made their way inside. The intruder was obviously not a big Dixie Chicks fan. The next morning when I awoke I found that the entire sticky chicky population had been murdered.
This poor guy was stabbed to death by a toothpick. I never knew sticky chickies bled chocolate.

I tried to quickly hide the evidence because getting the police involved would have been a major pain. Just for future reference...sticky chickies covered in chocolate blood are some good sticky chickies.

This is the murder weapon before I licked it clean got rid of the evidence.

This little chicky was obviously killed by a whopper cannonball. I got rid of this evidence as well.

This poor little chicky was hung by the neck by a strawberry twizzler. I quickly cut him down and gave him mouth to mouth, but it was too late....and I accidentally bit his head off.

So now the chickies are all gone and all that is left is the little piles of sugar on the countertop where they were dancing.
I really need to get a hobby to keep me busy when Superhubby goes out of town to work...

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Did you ever watch Bewitched when you were young (or Sabrina for you younger people?) If you did, tell the truth....didn't you wish you could snap your fingers and make a unicorn appear, or clean your room without actually having to clean it? Today I think I finally figured out I could have special powers.
I came home from work and had my lunch , (lasagna!) my purse, a can of pop, a bag of cat food and my phone. When I stepped out of the car I realized I had put my house/car keys in my pocket and there was no way to get them out without putting everything down. Right at that very moment the garage door opened. I knew no one else was home and that no animals could reach the opener in the garage. Once inside the garage door the kitchen door is easy to open. I had finally done it...learned to use my amazing bewitched like talents. I had dreams of cleaning my entire house... winning the lottery....filling up my bank account with one twitch of my nose. I was excited.
So far the nose twitch hasn't cleaned my house and I'm pretty sure my bank account is still small. I'm going to go practice.....and get that garage door opener out of my purse where it could possibly be pushed if you were to lean on your purse just right against the car.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

We made the news...again.

I heard a report on the news today that named the top 5 happiest and top 5 saddest states. I remember 3 of the happiest states to live in were Hawaii, Idaho and Minnesota. 3 of the saddest states to live in were Kentucky, Ohio and WV.
I live in the little red box (in Ohio). My husband works in WV, I work in Ohio and my son works in Kentucky. When I need to run to Wal mart, I go to Kentucky. Bigger shopping trip needed?..WV to the mall. Short quick shopping trip? Go the the mall in Kentucky. Want to go out to eat? Seafood..go to WV, steak?..Kentucky. (Don't ask me where I need to go to work on my punctuation, all 3 states have colleges nearby.)

My point is that I live in the middle of 3 of the top 5 saddest states to live in. I could have told them that years ago.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


I'm sure I have mentioned it a thousand couple of times in the past but I'm going to do it again. Superhubby has a bunch of little old ladies that call all of the time, wanting him to do some odd jobs for them. One job he does quite often is to clean out their rental houses when the renters move out. Renters tend to move without taking all of their stuff. Most of the time the stuff they leave is stuff that isn't worth moving, but someone has to get it out of the house. Last weekend we cleaned out a house in town where the people left 124 whiskey bottles some treasures. Sometimes cleaning these houses out makes me a little sad. This one wasn't too bad but I did find a Christmas list a little girl had made. I wonder how much of this she got for Christmas since her parents obviously spend most of their money on whiskey.
Here is her list, spelled just like she had it. She is either very young with very teenage dreams or she is a teenager who will not graduate from high school anytime in this century. While you are sitting around with nothing to do, figure out these words. It's kind of like a brain teaser.
1. mackup
2. heirspray
3. blacfingernel polish
4. selphone
5. camara
6. bodyspra
7. jeens
8. bedroomsoot
9. gormboy intindo ds
10. fack tatttoos
11. nose pirs
12. a peair of boots
13. a woolit with monny into it
14. ohio stat rug
15. bunny rabit
16. bracilit
17. nedkeles
18. jumprop
19. eres pers

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The high price of love

Look at this face again. This beautiful little face. I love this doggy like he was my own. My son loves this dog like it was his child. Even the gravy on his nose is cute.

Guess who woke up this morning puking again.

Guess who had to go to the vet....AGAIN.

Guess who is costing me more than my children in doctor bills lately.

Stupid dog. Stupid cute little guy.

In other news, we finalized the flights and hotel rooms for my daughters scholarship presentation trip. We are going to have a wonderful trip and stay in a hotel way more fancy and expensive than we would ever stay in ourselves. After the winter we have had going to Ft. Lauderdale in April is a dream come true.

Other than the dog.....life is good. But it has been a rough day all around(-;

This is prom jewelry. It is much more dazzling in real life.