Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The murder on the Knob

It was a dark and not really stormy night. The moon was casting shadows through the pine trees in the woods all over the Knob. It was eerily silent outside.

Inside, however there was a party going on. The sticky chickies were rocking to various songs by the Dixie chicks and doing the chicken dance (which is quite funny with no arms.)

Somehow during the party an intruder made their way inside. The intruder was obviously not a big Dixie Chicks fan. The next morning when I awoke I found that the entire sticky chicky population had been murdered.
This poor guy was stabbed to death by a toothpick. I never knew sticky chickies bled chocolate.

I tried to quickly hide the evidence because getting the police involved would have been a major pain. Just for future reference...sticky chickies covered in chocolate blood are some good sticky chickies.

This is the murder weapon before I licked it clean got rid of the evidence.

This little chicky was obviously killed by a whopper cannonball. I got rid of this evidence as well.

This poor little chicky was hung by the neck by a strawberry twizzler. I quickly cut him down and gave him mouth to mouth, but it was too late....and I accidentally bit his head off.

So now the chickies are all gone and all that is left is the little piles of sugar on the countertop where they were dancing.
I really need to get a hobby to keep me busy when Superhubby goes out of town to work...


kim-d said...

Ya know, I was just going to say...SH must be out of town working. And then I was just going to say...I'm a little worried about you, playing with your Peeps that way. But then I thought, "who are you to worry, kim-d, you do some things that might cause people to be a little worried, too--but they're harmless.

So, carry on with the Peep fun!

Monkling said...

I love it! Just the sort of thing I'd do. Which is kind of scary to think there are more than one of us with minds like this...

Mary Ellen said...

You're so twisted. It must be why I like you so much!