Wednesday, April 01, 2009

I've been away from this blog awhile. Life is busy right now, though it will slow way down in a few months. We are preparing for prom which is in 3 days. We take off for Florida and my daughters scholarship presentation in 4 days....etc. I'm on the phone now, reminding my son to pack up his stuff so he can stay here with the animals while we are gone. When we get back from Florida we have about a week and a half before DD leaves for her senior trip. If DD and SH are out of town the same week I could quite possibly lose my mind...not that I do much with it anyway.
Now I must run and shower. Tonight we are going shopping for prom makeup and trying to decide whether she needs fake nails or just a manicure. DD is exhausted right now from everything going on. I'm not even going to try to remind her to slow down and enjoy this...things are different after high school. She will find that out all by herself soon enough.


kim-d said...

Yes, but I also think that college is going to be a wonderful, wonderful experience for DD. She is so smart and such a good student, I'll bet she's really going to love higher education. If I'm not mistaken, they have some good dances at college too! :)

I am really, really excited for the scholarship weekend; y'all are going to have so much fun. I mean, really, ya get wined and dined and put up in style, and then they give your kid money, to boot! Can't beat that! :)

Lanny said...

I hope your dd has a fantastic time at prom, and I hope your trip to FL is wonderful too!

Lanny said...

Prom pics??? Are you going to leave us hanging until you get back from your trip?

I hope she's having a wonderful time!