Saturday, April 04, 2009

Prom pics

So Grand march is over and the prom is about to begin. I am home packing for our trip. I'm so ready to head south. I'm not sure if I have a horrible cold or allergy problems but I should figure that out in about 12 hours.

This dress, which seems to be straight really isn't. The seamstress saved us what she cut off and we were all surprised. She cut off a two inch wide stripe all around the bottom and it was 22 feet long....... the dress looks so much smaller around the bottom than that.

I hope everyone has a great Sunday... "see" you all next week!


Monkling said...

Great photos,Katy. Beautiful couple you've got there.

Feel better, enjoy your trip and bring back lots of good stories.

Lanny said...

BEAUTIFUL!!!!! She seems like such a great person--beautiful inside and out!

I hope you feel better soon. Be sure to check the weather before you go. It's supposed to be in the 40s for the high here next week, which is freezing this far south in April. I know y'all are going to warmer land than where I am, but it still may get pretty cool at night. Linus needed a light jacket tonight when we were out.

Enjoy & be safe!

Mary Ellen said...

Unbelievably gorgeous! Hope she enjoys all the senior excitement. It's over all too fast.

kim-d said...

I have now been through several Homecomings and Proms with you guys and, beautiful as they all have been, this year's Prom takes the Best All-Around Award.