Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blowing off some steam

Days like this I wish I was back here, soaking in the pool and listening to the waves.

Superhubby has been helping his sister and her husband today on a problem they are having with their house. The rest of his little old ladies are not happy that he put off their problems this weekend to do this. I am not happy that they are calling here and almost acting like I am to blame for them not getting their stuff done. I am a litle grumpy today and most of it stems from them calling and complaining. I warned superhubby he needs to call them and tell them he can't get it all done at once, or I will and not in nice terms. ( had to stop typing and answer the phone...little old witch lady at 10:20 at night wanting to try to catch superhubby because she thinks I won't tell him she called. I tell him, he just doesn't always call them back when they want to be called.)
Reason number 2 I am in a bad mood....the dog on the left. This dog has a sudden competition with a neighborhood dog.

I let Roscoe outside and he pees on every blade of grass in the yard and as soon as I bring him in the neighbors little dog comes flying up the road to pee on every place Roscoe pees. The entire time the other dog is outside Roscoe howls and cries. This evening he started something completely out of character for him...he pees on things in the house. This dog has been trained since he was a small puppy and will NOT pee in the house if it kills him. This new pee thing is driving me and DD nuts. I am pretty sure the neighbors dog is a male, if it was a female I would think it was in heat and that is causing the problems. I need to get a good look at that dogs plumbing before I lose my temper with the one in the house.
Tomorrow is Monday and maybe this week will be better....but probably not. Every little old lady Mike knows has a list of things they need done and none are willing to wait. So, how was your week?


Lanny said...

I didn't know Superhubby had a husband. ;)

Cleaning dog peep is sooo annoying...especially big dogs who make a lot! Sorry you're having to deal with this.

katy said...

Thanks for pointing that out. I fixed it I think.

Monkling said...

My week? You got to see a bit of that on Facebook.

Mary Ellen said...

This is a perfect place to complain all you want. We're here for you!!

Hope your week improves.