Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Did you ever watch Bewitched when you were young (or Sabrina for you younger people?) If you did, tell the truth....didn't you wish you could snap your fingers and make a unicorn appear, or clean your room without actually having to clean it? Today I think I finally figured out I could have special powers.
I came home from work and had my lunch , (lasagna!) my purse, a can of pop, a bag of cat food and my phone. When I stepped out of the car I realized I had put my house/car keys in my pocket and there was no way to get them out without putting everything down. Right at that very moment the garage door opened. I knew no one else was home and that no animals could reach the opener in the garage. Once inside the garage door the kitchen door is easy to open. I had finally done it...learned to use my amazing bewitched like talents. I had dreams of cleaning my entire house... winning the lottery....filling up my bank account with one twitch of my nose. I was excited.
So far the nose twitch hasn't cleaned my house and I'm pretty sure my bank account is still small. I'm going to go practice.....and get that garage door opener out of my purse where it could possibly be pushed if you were to lean on your purse just right against the car.


Monkling said...

Does it work from a distance? I want to teleport the dog outside and then back in while I'm in the city today.

Lanny said...

When you refine those skills a bit to be able to clean, I want a tutorial please! If you don't want to give your secrets away, just twitch your nose to clean my house, ok?

Mary Ellen said...

That is so funny. Don't tell anyone, but I often try to employ my nonexistent magical powers by twitching my nose (with my finger, like Tabitha) or crossing my arms and blinking really hard.

So far, no luck, but you give me hope!