Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The high price of love

Look at this face again. This beautiful little face. I love this doggy like he was my own. My son loves this dog like it was his child. Even the gravy on his nose is cute.

Guess who woke up this morning puking again.

Guess who had to go to the vet....AGAIN.

Guess who is costing me more than my children in doctor bills lately.

Stupid dog. Stupid cute little guy.

In other news, we finalized the flights and hotel rooms for my daughters scholarship presentation trip. We are going to have a wonderful trip and stay in a hotel way more fancy and expensive than we would ever stay in ourselves. After the winter we have had going to Ft. Lauderdale in April is a dream come true.

Other than the is good. But it has been a rough day all around(-;

This is prom jewelry. It is much more dazzling in real life.


Mary Ellen said...

Ahh! I've been dying to see prom jewelry. It reminds me of Sweet Adeline jewelry - we used to have to be very sparkly on stage!

Sorry about the pup. I hope he feels better very very soon!

Lanny said...

Oh no! I hope that cute pup feels better soon.
I think the prom jewelry looks mighty dazzling in the photo. Fun!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Do they know what is wrong with the pup? Great pciture of everyone snoozing : )

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...
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