Friday, October 03, 2008

the one that makes no all...which is pretty normal

I was outside a few minutes ago trying to get some is quiet out there. I took my daughters mp3 player out and listened to her selection of music while I walked up and down the driveway. When I took the mp3 player out of my ear I heard a out here when you hear a helicopter it means one of two things.....someones pot plants have been spotted or bubba decided to try to ride the 4wheeler down the hill again, without a helmet. Before anyone gets all grumpy I can say bubba because I actually know people named really, that is the name on the birth certificate.

I'm not sure why but people around here think its cute to ride 4wheelers around with NO HELMET. I'm not sure why this seems like a good idea, but I guess after a couple of six-packs a lot of things sound like a good idea. I seem to remember doing some stupid things hearing my friends talking about doing some stupid things after a few too many. If I am going to be really honest I will admit that I own a 4-wheeler and no helmet. My only defense is that we don't ride ours anywhere but around the yard to pull logs or some other such junk around the yard. The few occasions we do go up on the hill we drive very slow and are very careful.
Back to my original thoughts, whatever they were. Umm, oh yeah the helicopter. We don't get a lot of low flying air traffic around here. We see planes but they are up high, very high. I think the fact that we have hills all around us keeps airplanes from flying very low and the ones that do aren't visible to very many people because the hills block the view. I had decided a few weeks ago to try to photograph the moon again. I tried a couple of months ago and wasn't happy with the results. When I tried it last time the moon wasn't visible here until after midnight. It was behind a hill until then and after that was visible for a couple of hours. I went out at midnight the other night and no moon. I watched for the next few nights and realized that now the moon is visible in a completely different part of the sky early in the evening and only is visible for about 45 minutes.
When my brother moved from Ohio to Western Indiana one of the things he told me was how surprising it was to know there was a storm coming a long time before it came. Where we live you don't see storms until they are right on you. If you are lucky you may hear thunder a bit before, but you never see the clouds.
Now that I have been all over the place with this post I am going to post it and go finish watching Ghost hunters on Scifi. I am quickly becoming addicted to that show.

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