Saturday, October 11, 2008


Yesterday I volunteered at the museum again. Do you remember the museum, the one where I am sure some long dead person or people are out to scare the heck out of me volunteer with my Dearest Daughter? I hate, and I mean HATE to go in that place alone. I love the old house and the stories, as long as someone else is there. So I show up a few minutes early and go ahead and unlock the doors and put my purse inside and then I went outside and stand on the porch to wait on the other volunteer who never showed up. While I was waiting a very sweet old man stopped his car in the street and said "I'm glad you are open, I want to buy a book I looked at the other day. I will be back after my doctors appointment." My plan to lock up and go home was shot. When I figured out that the other guy wasn't going to show I went in the office and picked up the phone and volunteer list and went back outside to call and see if anyone would come and work with me. I sat down and turned the phone on and ......NOTHING. The phones were dead. I went back inside and checked the other phone.....NOTHING. I used my cell phone and found a sweet lady who offered to come in, and she made it there in 30 minutes.
We had an interesting day with quite a few people in and a few I grew to love. There were 3 ladies that came in, 2 in their 80's and one of the ladies daughter in law who was in her 50's. They were from California and had come back here because they were raised here. They hadn't been back in 23 years. We started a nice conversation and it took about 5 minutes for us to figure out the big farm they were raised on was the farm my grandparents bought from them in the early 50's. The two older ladies, who were children of the previous owners didn't want a tour of the museum, they spent an hour and a half asking me about the farm and their old neighbors. They wanted to know about the old orchard, the hay fields, old George the neighbor who lived up the road. We had a great time and we all learned a lot. It is definitely a small world.
For the last 20 hours I have been held captive by a complete idiot. Someone thought it would be smart to steal the copper cables from the phone company. I went 20 hours with NO PHONE AND NO INTERNET. ( I at first wondered if something hadn't followed me from the museum.) I called the phone company this morning, after driving to the top of the nearest big hill for cell reception and was told it would be back on Tuesday. Yes, Tuesday by 8PM. Imagine how happy I was when my phone rang a bit ago. I'm easy to please.
Tomorrow is the huge Luca*ville flea market. If I make it back without a new puppy I will be surprised.


Lanny said...

I had not internet last weekend. It's awful! How on earth did we live without it before?

I shiver every single time I read about the house you volunteer at. Yikes!

Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...