Thursday, May 17, 2007

A must see

I had this big long thing typed up about every little thing going on in my life and then I got an email. This email was from my cousins wife and it contained a youtube link. I very seldom go there because I have dial up which sucks in so many ways you just can't imagine if you don't have it. I decided I would let this one load so I started it, took a shower, did a load of laundry and made a tub of pasta salad. I came back and watched it and was so glad I did. I don't know if I have mentioned before that I cry very very easily. This made me cry so hard I had to watch it twice because I missed so much through the tears. I don't care what your views are on the Iraq war and I'm not going to tell you mine but this isn't about the's about the soldiers, and their families and what they go through. One thing I will say about the war is that I think we aren't seeing the caskets come home, we aren't seeing the funerals, and the pain the families go through. I think people need to know those soldiers aren't just numbers. I can turn on the tv and hear that 5 soldiers died today and it makes me sad, but this brings so much of it home. I understand that for the soldiers families that may be private but I really think if more people saw this people would be more understanding and maybe reach out to someone with a family member in Iraq.

It says on the email this movie was made by a 15 year old girl. If it was I applaud her understanding of a difficult situation.


kim said...

Hey Katy! I will eventually watch the link, but not quite yet, I think. Besides, I keep getting sidetracked by DD's pretty picture. I know I said it already, but she really does look stunning in that dress! And THE PUPPIES--how are the puppies anyway? I have SO been wondering about them!!! And one thing I really must tell you. Here's the way I think things go. After a small period of independence-exerting--how long depends on the kid--at college-time and thereabouts, your kids will go back to needing you even more than ever. With bigger problems. With things that will break your heart for them. Your "kids"--even when they're 50 and 60--will never NOT need you. And you will do the weight-loss thing when it is right for you! You will do it!

Okay, enough from me now, right? You're such a good Mama, Katy!

Boatwoman said...

Hi Katy. Thank you for tat link. It makes us think, and like you I don't think we are seeing everything. In the UK we are not being told everything that I know. It makes me feel very sad that families are loosing loved ones, and for what... But don't get me started LOL.