Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

Tomorrow is Memorial Day. In our area we all go to town and sit through a 2 hour parade of Veterans, 4-h ers, ball teams, fire/police departments and little Miss and Mr. everything you can think of. I swear parents must make some of this up because there cannot be that many pageants in our little area and some of the names are stupid; Little Miss I didn't dirty my diaper last night, Little Mister most photogenic from the knees down. This parade is the longest running in US history and I'm proud it happens in our little economically depressed town. My favorite part has always been the Veterans. Every year there are less and less of those to honor and more and more in memory of signs on empty cars. That is one thing I have always stressed to my kids...these people deserve your respect because without them you wouldn't be allowed to sit here and watch a parade. I hope everyone out there seeks out a Veteran tomorrow and thanks them for what they have done for us. Everyone have a great holiday tomorrow and remember what this holiday is really all about.


kim said...

Well said, Katy. I wish Bill was here to have someone thank him; since he was a Vietnam Vet, that would have meant the world to him. Not many VV's were ever thanked. Instead, I went to Ft. Snelling National Cemetary and put beautiful flowers and a little flag on his stone. I'm so grateful that it is such a beautiful cemetary, and it is such an honor to have that as a final resting place. It is where he wanted to be and, eventually, I will join him there. Have a good time at your parade and enjoy your holiday!

Monkling said...

I always wished I lived in a little town like that where they do stuff like have parades for Memorial Day, where everyone knows everyone else. I think it means more when you can watch a parade and actually see people you know marching in it rather than going into the city & seeing a bunch of people you have no emotional connection with. I'm not sure if that's completely logical thinking on my part but - there it is.

Ann Marie said...

Happy Memorial Day my friend.
Enjoy the parade.. I just read a book that sounds like your town..
When I run away can I run there?