Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The potporri of blogging

Wow can you believe school is almost out? I am going to my DD school today to watch her receive the awards she has worked so hard for this year. She makes me proud every day and this is just a bonus. Last weekend she got all dressed up and she was so beautiful. I am one proud momma. My son is trying to decide what to do about college next year. He is fed up with our branch of OU and wanting to go somewhere else. I told him if he did one year at OU it was up to him the next year. The only problem is he gets enough grants and scholarships that I don't have to pay anything at OU and if he goes to Marshall it is going to get expensive so that is up to him. I don't mind him going somewhere else, and Marshall is close.
I want to thank everyone that is stopping by and encouraging me with the weight loss challenge. I can't seem to get started very well but it is going a little better.
I have a lot to say, but not enough time to say it this morning so everyone have a great day!

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Boatwoman said...

Awwwww does'nt se look fabulous, that dress is amazing. I am not surprised you are very proud. it is always difficult for the youngsters of today to make choices. I hope he makes the rigt decision which is best for him.
Katy keep up thye great work.