Saturday, August 09, 2008

complete randomness

DD's new shoes. I'm thinking they may stick out in a crowd.

We ordered from a pizza place the other night. We don't have restaurants that deliver around here so if we want to order something to eat we have to go to town to pick it up. We usually only order when we are in town anyway and can pick it up and bring it home. Koko LOVES when we bring home the Giovanni's boxes. She dances around until we finally get it opened up and she gets to sample the food. When we are finished SH gives her the left overs in a bowl. She obviously LOVES leftovers.

My niece and her friend had a lemonade stand at my parents house today. They worked hard to make everything pretty and made a nice little profit.
This picture will be good to show them in a few years. They think they know everything now.

Have a great weekend everyone. The weather here is supposed to be perfect this weekend and I am looking forward to being able to go outside without sweating in places I didn't know you could sweat.


Lynn - the piggy bank painter said...

Oh, that sign is a hoot! Can the sign be preserved for future blackmail maybe????

Lanny said...

That sign is too funny! :)

Love your dd's shoes!

kim-d said...

THOSE SHOES ARE THE BEST!!! Good choice, DD :) :). Really, the make me smile. Almost as much as the LEMNADE sign. BWAHAHAHAHA! I have to say, does make me want some lemnade right about now! And everybody knows that once you've quenched your thirst, there's nothing quite like a costomized key chain. Huh? TOO FUNNY!

And I just have to the shoes, or even just the laces, glow in the dark? BWAHAHAHA! LOVE THEM!

Ann Marie aka Carly said...

I LOVE THE PINK SHOES.. they would go so well with my pink phone.. and pink fishing rod.. and pink fishing hat.. and... oh you get the picture.

you probably think I am kidding.. but i am not.

i actually went on a pink fishing rod hunt.. found a black and pink one last season but THIS YEAR i happened across one a the wal marts just sitting there.. all nonchalant like.. it was quite cool.

so how the heck are ya???