Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My Monday

Yesterday I took my niece to the park to take a few pictures before she headed back to NJ. I had some better pictures but this one doesn't show too much of her face. I love taking pictures and she loves having her pictures taken. It is a match made in heaven.

Today is Tuesday, which is my Monday. On the way to work this morning I saw a beautiful white rabbit smashed in the road and a small white bunny sitting beside it, just running off the road when a car went by. I felt sorry for the little bunny but noticed the smashed one was gone when I came back by later. The smaller rabbit looked big enough to live on its own so I figure someone cleaned up the smashed one so the little one would go away.
DD and her boyfriend's family went to Cincinnati this morning to a water park. August is typically the hottest month of the year for us (and most of you I would guess) but the last week has been nice. Highs in the 70's during the day and lows in the 50's at night. It makes for wonderful outdoor weather but not if you are going to be swimming. Our pool is way too cold to get in and it will take a few days of warmer weather before it warms up enough to get in. Right now getting in it gives the term "nippy" an entirely new meaning. DD was looking through her bikinis for one padded well. LOL.
SH just left for work and I have a great book and complete peace and quiet for at least 4 more hours. DS is coming out later to do laundry and change his oil but until then....I need to learn to enjoy the quiet and not dread it so bad so today I will be practicing by sitting on my butt in the recliner alternately reading and dozing (-;
School starts in 3 days.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

That picture is awesome!

Hallie :)

Monkling said...

How do you do that with the B&W/color? That is so cool.

katy said...

I think you told me you have paintshop pro too so I will sit down and write it out step by step and email it to you. I will be on and off the computer all evening if you have any questions...you know where to find me. I'm just finishing up my plate of brownie.....errr...salad, yeh thats it.

Kellan said...

Poor little bunny! Pretty picture!

Take care - Kellan

kim-d said...

So, it's been a little nipply there, huh? BWAHA!

That is a LOVELY picture of your niece...she certainly is growing up!

Miss you, Katy...maybe we can chat sometime this weekend??? And, Monk, if you read this, I also miss you and will be commenting like crazy this weekend. I can never comment to you at work, so that's why I'm leaving this here, for now.