Thursday, August 14, 2008

This, that and all the other

Today I went to work as usual, worked my normal 4 hours and then came home to shower and change. Today I had to go say goodbye to my niece who is going back to NJ in the morning. I have felt a tiny amount of sadness today as I think of the possibility of not seeing her until next spring....or summer. They do try to come at Christmas if possible but my sister is starting a new job so that may not be doable this year. With DD going back to school tomorrow and my niece leaving I'm starting to feel lonely again. She has been an absolute delight to have around the last 7 weeks. Ok, maybe I am feeling a bit more than a tiny amount of sadness.
Sunday will be the 23rd anniversary of the day I married my superhubby. I was 18, he was 25. Without thinking I promised him to one of his "old ladies" for Sunday.....I remembered later it was our anniversary. While sitting in my moms yard a little bit ago I mentioned the fact that he had to help someone on our anniversary and my moms neighbor said " last year he was putting a new front door in for me on your anniversary." My aunt then chimed in with "the year before that he was building my new back porch." Does anyone see a pattern here? When one of us remembers it is going to be our anniversary he always offers to call and cancel but he has so little free time I usually just want him to go get whatever he has to do finished. We are going to try to go out for breakfast that morning.
I just went down to school to speak with DD's teachers. The great thing about their school is the fact that everyone knows everyone else. The bad thing is everyone knows everyone Else's business. Since I don't have any real business it doesn't bother me. We are related to about 1/3 of the teachers and the others are mostly people either superhubby, my parents or myself have known for years. I talked to a few of the teachers but most said Kelli knew what she needed and wouldn't have any problems. Her senior year........

I hurried home from school so I could be ready to watch the Olympics. First I wanted to blog and then I wanted a snack. I went to the fridge and got out the lettuce, carrots and milk ( I had to, they were in front of the cheesecake,) and got my snack and now I am ready for an evening of watching very fit people do things that make my chest hurt just watching....or maybe that is just the cheesecake.


Monkling said...

If our anniversary is on a weekday, Frank almost always works late. Something to do with the beginning of the month stuff. Now doesn't that make you feel better? :)

I'm not wishing you a happy anniversary until it's the real day.

kim-d said...

Ya know, Katy, I think this must be a lonely week cause I've been feeling a little bit that way, too. I miss Bill, I miss you, I miss Monk, I miss all of the other people that I don't get to stalk nearly as often as I like. I love school, but I want more time. I feel sad that it is DD's senior year; I want her to stay just as she is. I really miss all the K kids, too. Sigh. Maybe this weekend we can talk; hey, I have an idea...I'll e-mail you from home later!

kim-d said...