Monday, April 21, 2008

One more reason...

I love my superhubby. He is a wonderful man. He left early this morning for North Carolina and I miss him already, but I'm glad he got to go.

Yesterday before he left he decided the kitchen floor needed scrubbed. SH does NOT do housework normally because he is so busy doing outside stuff and helping out his little old ladies, but when he does he does it well. For some stupid reason when we built our house I thought a white floor was a good idea. I'm not sure what I was doing at that time to make me think that, but I have now learned my lesson. When we built the house we didn't have a dog. I also had the insane idea that people would always take their shoes off when they come in the house. Now we have a dog, puddles of mud, 2 unhousetrained puppies and no one takes their shoes off when they come in. I pretty much just run a mop over the floor when it doesn't look white anymore. SH knows that running a mop over the floor fixes very little so he decided to get down on his knees and do it right....which I very seldom do.

Gotta love him!


Monkling said...

When he's done, can you send him here to do my white kitchen floor. What the heck were we thinking, going with white??

kim-d said...

Chimin' in here with the wood kitchen floor that only LOOKS white from all the dust. After giving it serious consideration, I've come to the conclusion it doesn't make any difference what color the floor is, it's gonna attract whatever makes it look dirty. It MUST be ignored. HA!

I think that is so cute that SH got on his hands and knees and scrubbed the floor. I also think it is a freakin' miracle that he did't throw his wet sponge at you when you took the picture of him--HAHAHA!

Where were ya last night? I waited for you on IM but you never came on, and then I had to go to bed. I hope you and DD or DS or both maybe went out to eat or something fun? I'll be around tonight, too, if you are. Oh wait, maybe puppies kept you busy? AWWWWW! Pix, please. :)

Kellan said...

Oh my - now, that is a good hubby - GREAT!!!

Have a good evening and I hope your huvbby has a safe trip - take care - Kellan

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...

I think you should give the shoes off at the door' idea a re-think.

If you insisted that everybody takes their shoes off, you could keep the place much cleaner more easily.

I dedicated a blog to this subject:
Shoes Off at the Door, Please
You might want to take a look.