Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Little miss muffet

It is a beautiful day outside, the sun is shining, there is a nice breeze and the temperature got up into the upper 50's. I love this weather! The next two days are supposed to be full of rain and flooding again so I am enjoying this. While I was walking around outside I found this little guy.

He is some type of spider or insect and is no bigger than a tick. I just happened to see him because he is bright red. I am not a spider/insect fan, but he was just wandering around on this pipe as pretty as can be. I wonder if other bugs stare at him like I do when I see an otherwise nice looking kid with red/pink dye in their hair? Maybe he is a punk rocker bug...I wonder if I got a close up if he would have piercings all over? Would he have those long bars through his ears or do spiders even have ears? Maybe he is made fun of because he is so small so this is his way of getting noticed? Maybe, just maybe, I should get a life and quit worrying about his little guys.


kimmy said...

What happened to him anyway? I am not an insect person way!!!!


kim-d said...

Such a FANCY little arachnid you have there, Katy! But, honey, I'm seriously worried about you if you are out tromping around in the rain looking to photograph FANCY arachnids. Really. Think about it. DD is also pretty FANCY. And while she's not bright red, she is still pretty darn cute with a nice twinkly-girl smile which the FANCY arachnid does not have. And DD would probably let you take a picture or two in the dryness of the inside of your house...HAHAHAHA!

Kellan said...

So cute that you notivced this bug - this punk rocker bug - HA!! I like this bug.

Hope you are having a good week, Katy - I'll see you later - Kellan

Laura ~Peach~ said...

red usually is a warning to other animals... telling them hey dont mess with me I will get you. we get those too they are tiny!

Anonymous said...

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