Monday, April 07, 2008

Weekend in review

Friday night after my dinner out with my DS I started my drive home and saw this. I love sunsets and this one seemed particularly beautiful.

Sunday superhubby, DD and I took off on an all day car trip to toward the northern part of Ohio. I haven't been to this particular part of Ohio before so we had a nice little trip. SH and I spent some time shopping and looking around while DD got to see the 4th K kid that she hasn't gotten to see for the last few weeks. He wanted to introduce her to his friends at college and she wanted to take him and his friends brownies and cookies. It just occured to me that anyone other than Kim reading this probably won't understand the whole K kid thing. My daughter, her best friend and both of their boyfriends have names that start with K, so they call themselves any number of variations of the K kids. DD and her best friends boyfriend both have the intials KM and DD's best friend and DD's boyfriend both have the initials KS... anyway it was a fun day for her and the 4th K and a long day for SH and myself. Next weekend is prom and preparations are going to be taking place all week. Tanning bed appointments, nails, building columns for prom pictures, decorating for prom (I volunteered to help), after prom meeting, after prom lists and various other stuff. I like this kind of busy, its fun and we are working toward a super fun, safe prom.


kimmy said...

I can't even my daughter as a she is anything like me, I am in so much trouble!

Beautiful photo of the sunset too!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

John will NOT share his broccoli soup with anyone!! Seriously, he is so damn stubborn. I think he likes to lord it over people!

Hallie :0

Kellan said...

A road trip sounds like a lot of fun. Cute picture and beautiful sunset!!

Take care - Kellan

kim-d said...

Oh, that picture! So, so, so cute!

As for Prom...I SO EXCITE (two thumbs up with BIG smile)!!!! And I'm getting that high school girl type of giggle thinking that I'll be getting all gussied up at virtually the same time as the 4 Ks!!! I so badly want to know if a good time was had by all on were the friends, did they like the goodies, was she happy and having a good time. They better have treated her like the Princess she is, or I will kick some college boy butt, ya know! :)

Can't wait to hear about ALL THINGS Prom! And nice sunset!

Monkling said...

Okay, I came out of my cavern to comment everyone but my eyes are burning so much I had to read your note twice to figure out when the actual prom is. I guess that means I better go back into banishment, eh?