Friday, August 03, 2007

As it should be

My world is back as it should be. DD has a friend over, and DS has 3 friends over. I've been cooking and laughing at their stories. Make that 4 friends for my son...the door bell just rang.
My dear son got his first real paycheck today. He has had minimum wage jobs before where his paycheck would be 150.00 every two weeks, sometimes double that at the holidays. This is his first serious and better paying job. He was looking forward to this paycheck, the big bucks he would make. This check for 2 weeks of training was going to be around 700.00 and life would be good. He was going to check into the price of his own apartment, take his girlfriend out to a nice restaurant, live the good life. Then he got his check and the government got his check and he was shocked. How did a 723.00 check become a 525.00 check? SH and I had tried to warn him that what you make and what you get are two completely different things. It is a tough lesson to learn but one you must learn at some point. He is still taking his girlfriend out to a nice place tomorrow to make up for the last few months of dating a broke young man.
I ended up at wal mart again today. The people I take care of always send me to wal mart and I have been there 4 times this week. Today I was in line behind another woman with quite a few kids. She had 6 kids and the oldest couldn't have been more than 8. I remember taking my 2 when they were young and while they were well behaved it was still tiring to shop and keep an eye on 2 kids. This ladies kids were very well behaved and I almost stopped her to tell her how well behaved her kids were but I thought she might think I was odd. I don't know why I am noticing these people and their kids lately, maybe still part of that slowly emptying nest thing.


Monkling said...

Around here, darling son doesn't even ask anymore - just says, "Oh, by the way, we're having a house guest for a few days." I guess he knows it's not like I'm going to say no.

Luckily there was time to throw clean sheets on the bed in the guest room before running out to Church.

Ann Marie said...

My house is too small for long term vistors.. maybe one day. but right now the DS is the kid that invades the houses of others.. he left this morning at 9ish and came home around 8ish..

If he goes too long without going to the neighbors the mom calls asking where he other child is!