Tuesday, August 14, 2007

More randomness

Random thought # 1 - my mothers chicken tetrazzini recipe will make teenage boys eat so fast their hands are just blurs. It makes me eat fast too and makes my a** grow even larger, which is a sure sign of a good recipe.

Random thought #2 - Sunset at Jackson lake last night was beautiful even if I watched it from shore while SH and DD went fishing in the boat. I actually elected to stay ashore and take pictures because we had just come back from Bennigans and I was afraid I would sink the boat after all I have eaten in the last few days. Deep fried mushrooms, deep fried broccoli bites and a Monte Cristo sandwich( which is deep fried) at Bennigans alone. I actually just had a few appetizers and only half the sandwich which is still huge. I still can't figure out why my gall bladder isn't trying to get out by itself. I want to go back to Bennigans again, but I probably had better wait few weeks, or months.

Random thought #3 - For weeks now this is what I get every time I try to send email. I hate these message boxes. I call and they change everything, change it back and it works once...then it goes right back.

Random thought #4 - Puppies find the taste of cell phones irresistible. DS moved my purse off of the bar for me and into the floor, where Daisy was.....................no need to say more. Random thought # 5 - In the mail today I received a key from a car dealership that says I probably have already won a new Chevy Tahoe. I just need to come in and try my key to verify..... Well if I am getting a new car I can get rid of my minivan...wait it's a Chevy and my family does not drive Chevys ( though I occasionally find a pretty one) because that is one of the deadly sins or something, maybe a commandment. "Thou shalt always drive a Ford."


kim said...

Okay, whether you meant it to be or not, all of this random-ness is hilarious! Whoever owns the kitchen when all the tettrazini is being hoovered down by the teen males--COOL KITCHEN! Deep-fried broccoli bites? I want, no make that I NEED, some of those! When we went for pizza Sunday, I also had some deep-fried mushrooms, but they DID NOT serve them with horseradish sauce--which is a sacrilege much like driving anything other than a Ford in the Mom22Teens Family! Your cell phone? Pathetic--only not as pathetic as poor you having to deal with dial-up. You know how pathetic I am NOT to have a camera? Well, I hate to break this to you Katy, but...yup, dial-up is almost on that level. Not quite, but almost. Any hope of any kind of upgrade anytime soon? I was glad to hear DD was out fishing with SH, which means nothing too terrible happened when she was out on the current-day small-sized Titanic with her drunken-hooligan boyfriends--HAHAHA! See, I knew she would be okay :). I used Monk's instructions for my pics, and then I even went on beyond, all on my own. I may be uploading the pix that my pal e-mailed me, as we speak...or not. It seems to be taking an awfully long time. I'll bet you and Monk laugh about me, don't you? HAHAHA! If I can get this figured out, I'm getting me a camera and fast! It's on my list of things to do...Again, loved this post! It was so fun to "respond" to!

Monkling said...

Randomness is fun. And given a choice between fishing or taking pictures, I'll go with the camera. The whole fishing experience has lost its appeal for me, especially the part where I'd have to clean the fish.

Susanne said...

Hi there!! Just wanted to let you know that it's PARTY TIME over at my blog!! Swing by and check it out!!!

kim said...

Katy, Katy...Wherefore art thou, Katy? MWAHAHA!

kim said...

I'm getting errors on Monkling's site, too! I was able to get in a little earlier and leave a comment, but I had problems before and now, again. I'll bet it has something to do with the police blazing down the street, going the wrong way, because they need to confiscate her computer. Because apparently Frank is a cannibal. It's a good thing we still have each other, Katy--so make sure you don't float away in your rain rampage! You might want to attach an anchor to DD; she's pretty tiny, and I worry she really could float away :)!